A day with an industry expert at galgotias university


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A day with an industry expert at galgotias university

  1. 1. A day with AN Industry Expert at Galgotias UniversityThe last week before the study break for fall semester exams was the eventful for the students ofGalgotias School of business,there were 8 companies that stopped over our campus for the placementof Final year MBA Students, juniors were engaged with Industry Experts and Business fest throughoutthe week.Mrs. Rita Laurel from the United States was our guest during the week;the last day of that week wasvery special for us when she shared her 27 years Industry experience in US with all the students of BBAand MBA. It was a treatto listen to her and the meeting turned into an immediate success when theaudience started chipping inspontaneously.We found a great teacher inside her who can connectimmediately with anyone.Her motherly figure was so influential that the cross cultural differencemitigated immediately.She talked about the role of Modern day managers with a global perspective, their cross functional roleand responsibilities and her personal insights to how to be a good manager.We came to know about thehuge scope of IT and Business analytics in today’s scenario.She talked about certain attributes that oneshould possess being a Management student like Multi-tasking, Hardworking, Positive attitude and mostoff all broader mind that can grasp all the good things around. Mrs.Laurel shared her experience withHewitt and Packard as an Organizational manager where she solved various managerial problems andshared the tricks and tips behind the solution of those problems. We also came to know how shemanaged more than 300 people who were working under her and how she connected with them bothprofessionally and personally to yield a better output as a whole team.Our respected Pro Vice chancellor Mr.Balaji was also present there encouraging the students along withMrs. Swati priya madam from Business communication department. The hour passed in no time whenshe concluded that learning should be the first priority than any other thing after entering incorporateworld.We, the students felt exalted when she said “I found the students Bright, engazing and enthusiastic as alistener and quick learner”. In my part it was a wonderful experience in such a time when I am on thethreshold of entering into the corporate world from my 22 years of apprentice life.Kantinath BanerjeePlacement CoordinatorGalgotias University