Dr3 - Social Media Marketing in China


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“Dr.3” event will feature leading Chinese digital marketing practitioners who will present their views on the Chinese market and discuss way for companies to gain value from using social media in their marketing strategies.

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Dr3 - Social Media Marketing in China

  1. 1. Conducting Social Media Effectively in China Tactics for monitoring, measuring and analyzing social media campaigns Dr Mathew McDougall CEO, SinoTech Group
  2. 2. Today’s Social Media Marketing Discussion
  3. 3. Web 2.0 Adoption In China Comparison Index to Global Average Share of Daily Usage on Various Categories Reading Blogs Writing Blogs Korea China France Germany Japan UK US China ranks above daily Global average in reading & writing blogs, Source: Universal McCANN
  4. 4. Comparison Index to Global Average Share of Daily Usage on Various Categories Social Network Uploading Photo Korea China France Germany Japan UK US China ranks above daily Global average in social networks & photo upload. Source: Universal McCANN
  5. 5. Comparison Index to Global Average Share of Daily Usage on Various Categories Uploading Video Watching Video Clips Korea China France Germany Japan UK US China ranks above daily Global average in uploading & watching videos. Source: Universal McCANN
  6. 6. Comparison Index to Global Average Share of Daily Usage on Various Categories Downloaded Podcasts Subscribed RSS Korea China France Germany Japan UK US China ranks above daily podcast download & RSS subscribes. Source: Universal McCANN
  7. 7. What about the BBS landscape in China.. Per Day Time Spent on BBS Sites 60% of users- at least 3 BBS sites more than 3 times each week. 98% of Internet users have contributed to a BBS by publishing articles, replying to posts, participating in polls, etc.. Time Spent/Day % of Users 1-3Hrs 36.3% 3-8Hrs 44.7% More than 8 Hrs 15.1% Source: iResearch The BBS in China acts as a medium that can rapidly spread ‘buzz’ either positive or negative… remember “Carrefour” or “Fu Rong- ”
  8. 8. Online Entertainment: Video Sites Top 10 Video Sites by Unique Visitors CNNIC Stats   Over 180 million online video users in China by the end of 2008.   65.9% user view online videos by visiting video site, 63.7% through recommendation by friends, 56.3%though search engine, and 42.5% through links of other websites.   Over 86.3% users would like to watch movies and TV episodes online.   About 94.1% users tend to use IM, as QQ or MSN, to share videos with friends. Source: Comscore CNNIC
  9. 9. China IM: Market Share & Demographics 1.  QQ is the undisputed leader(40.3M peak concurrent users). 2. IM is popular among 18-30. Source: CNNIC Analysis International
  10. 10. What Does This Mean for You? • Word of Mouth will always be the best form of advertising for your organization • Friends will always take advice from friends (trust) • But with Social Media, the definition of “Friends” has changed drastically • It’s not a question of if but when you will join the conversation • More importantly, how will you be able to determine if social media has been effective
  11. 11. Regular Members Best Members Influencers
  12. 12. Example: Social Velocity
  13. 13. Identify Personas –  The success of your viral campaign will depend greatly on how well you have researched the marketplace and analyzed your target demographic •  Creating customer personas allows you to determine one or more key target groups into a simple demographic profile Characteristics Persona 1 Persona 2 Persona 3 Gender Ethnicity Zip Code Age Education Level Internet Usage Habits Goals Problems/Needs
  14. 14. Social Media Plans The success of your social marketing campaign will depend also on how well you have planned the campaign.
  15. 15. Social Messaging Plans Understanding of what your core messages are for the various social media channels.
  16. 16. What To Consider When Measuring SMM Each SMM campaign needs relevant measurement criteria There is not ONE single KPI for all Social Media campaigns
  17. 17. What to Measure? Before determining what the measurement criteria should be.. Think about what you are trying to achieve. Brand building Relationship management Service development Reputation management Audience interaction Audience feedback Customer support Community building
  18. 18. Consider a Variety of Factors −  WHO: Personas of Participants (Demo & Psychographics, Credibility) −  HOW: The “Action” (Social Velocity, Conversation Volume & Share) −  WHAT: The “Item” (Timeliness, Clarity, Depth) −  WHERE: Location (Reach, Awareness, Audience) −  OUTCOME: Key Performance Indicators (Goals, ROP)
  19. 19. How to Measure- What can I Use? 1.  Automatic Monitoring products (don’t forget Google Alerts) 2.  URL Analytics Tracking of Website Visitors 3.  Email Analytics Tracking 4.  Refer-A-Friend/Send-To-A Friend Tracking Platform (i.e., Add Me Widget) 5.  Blog Reader Surveying
  20. 20. My Personal Favorite Return on Participation With 3 Key Element Sentiment Reach Authority
  21. 21. Sentiment Measurement What Is It? −  Sentiment: “an attitude toward something; regard; opinion” −  Positive sentiment actively recommends/promotes products/services to others… Monitor the negative side. −  Sentiment Measurement: processes used to apply an index against content based on natural language Where Should I Measure? The online discussion is not limited to Blogs in China so sentiment measurement should not be restricted to just Blogs….. You also need to measure sentiment on: –  BBS –  Websites –  Search Engine
  22. 22. Authority- The Nature of Conversation Authority- What Is It? −  Authority: “right to respect or acceptance of one's word, command, thought, etc.; commanding influence” Example- “Authority” News sites are greater than blogs, Specific bloggers for a specific topic area are higher than an other bloggers in another topic area…
  23. 23. Reach: The Referability •  Who knows about me? What’s my share of voice? •  Another element is the Referability Score with the audience: Sum of all referrals that come from an initial advocate •  For Example: Consumer 1 referred 2 people 1 of those 2 people was Consumer 2 who referred 5 people Consumer 1’s Total Participation = 2 + 5 = 7 Important to monitor each level to determine best advocates
  24. 24. Final Measurement Points To Remember •  Traffic to site can be measured by referral sites, organic listings, etc. •  Amount of conversation threads – number of comments you receive •  Overall brand image - if one month they slam your brand, and the next they are singing your praises, that is a success •  Amount of times something is shared with other people •  Using analytics, set up goals to track conversions through KPI paths •  Number of inbound links to a page or site – which can subsequently affect your natural search rankings
  25. 25. Helpful Tool # 1: SinoBuzz •  Unique tool to evaluate the online sentiment, reach and authority of content being generation on the web. Absolutely critical measure in determining useful measures of success in social media. •  http://www.sinotechgroup.com.cn/index.php/product
  26. 26. Helpful Tool # 2: Twitalyzer •  Unique tool to evaluate the activity of any Twitter user and report on relative influence, signal-to-noise ratio, generosity, velocity, clout, and other useful measures of success in social media. •  http://www.twitalyzer.com/twitalyzer/index.asp
  27. 27. Helpful Tool # 3: Facebook Grader •  Helps you measure the power and reach of your Facebook user account or business page •  http://facebook.grader.com/
  28. 28. For More Information Twitter: www.twitter.com/sinotechgroup Blog: insight.eyetraffic.com To learn more about how to Measure Social Media Effectively– please contact: Dr Mathew McDougall E-mail: matt@sinotechgroup.com.cn Twitter: @sinotechian Toll Free: 1-888-868-MKTG (6584)
  29. 29. Sponsored by: Mark your calandars…The Beijing Dr.3 Event is Coming…. Time: 16th November