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From Social Media Monitoring to Social Business Intelligence


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From Social Media Monitoring to Social Business Intelligence

  1. From Social Media Monitoringto Social Business IntelligenceLee Bryant, Headshift | Dachis Group, June 2011
  2. IntroductionsWorld’s largest SocialBusiness Designconsultancy: 10 cities,5 countries, 250 people
  3. TL;DR:Social media monitoring will evolvetowards real-time data-driven businessimprovement based on socialisingcustomer insight within the firm as awhole, not just marcomms
  4. Looking back: marketing is a conversation, right?
  5. Well ... we’re getting there...
  6. Social Media listening tools are evolving rapidly
  7. Brand monitoring: they love me...they love me not...
  8. But what’s more important than brand? ... Utility
  9. A tale of woe and bridges:why listening should comebefore social media engagement(and why utility mattersmore than an ‘official’ voice)
  10. We love our bridge :)
  11. But one day it stopped talking & started shouting
  12. Tom built a glorious, useful twitterbot for the bridge
  13. Sometimes it would take on a ‘human’ voice
  14. But then ... how not to ‘join the conversation’
  15. It turns out people loved Tom’s twitterbot
  16. ... and were wondering why it just disappeared
  17. On the plus side, mentions were well up! ;-)
  18. But let’s just say ‘sentiment’ was through the floor
  19. Finally listening, the inevitable climbdown began
  20. And the bridge was back! (with a silly username)
  21. So, analytics cannot undo stupidity...
  22. ... but used well, they can derive actionable insights
  23. What’s next for listening:Where is social media monitoringheaded and where will it add value?
  24. How do we move from buzz to social intelligence ?
  25. First, instead of studying a microcosm...
  26. ... we should immerse ourselves in the ecosystem
  27. Gather behavioural data, not just opinions
  28. Join up internal and external conversations
  29. Involve all your people, not just marcomms
  30. Who can / should act on customer insight?
  31. Challenge: how do we organise for social ?
  32. Centralised or Podular? Amazon’s data-driven teams
  33. Move beyond time-lag reports to real-time data
  34. How can we share customer insights ‘in the flow’ ?
  35. Social analytics: applying ‘many eyes’ to action
  36. Social analytics: encouraging ownership of actions From reports to real-time action • Real-time data and activity streams • Filtering for actionable insights • Action framework for claiming issues • Open forum showing action + resolution • Immersive environments for C-suite
  37. Data-driven behaviour change:real-time data can drive positivebehaviour change internally, as wellas improve customer engagement
  38. Open data stimulates greater self-management
  39. Open data stimulates greater self-management Just the simple act of “publicizing” those numbers — not in a cruel way, but a “where are we at as a group?” way — has kept the support process on-task and, I think, made it a bit more like a video game.
  40. Game mechanics can reward action by staff
  41. Social Business Intelligence:why is it more valuable to companiesand brands than listening alone ?
  42. SBI creates the conditions for permanent evolution Key Benefits • Real-time insight not just aggregate buzz • Expose more staff to customer feedback • Encourage ownership and action by all • Make the company, not just the marketing department, more customer centric • Helps company evolve
  43. Thanks for listening
  44. I am and live athttp://www.headshift.comExcept where otherwise stated, photos courtesy of Flickr using Creative Commons license.Thanks to the following image sources:!/acton/status/46984770017697792