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  • Increase people to the course Raise awareness Raise money
  • Much more public Everyone is talking
  • A conversation is a conversation You must reach out
  • Content creation important
  • People helping you in community to post get friends Write to other people Write about the class Post on wall Digital camera and post photos Podcast it launch Take notes and post
  • Mcgill social media cmis542

    1. 1. What Is SocialMedia Marketing?
    2. 2. “Social Media Marketing: Enables Others to Advocate for Your Business Through Compelling Content”Image credit: Ian Sane
    3. 3. Social media sites are websites that allow for two-way conversations, commenting, connecting orfriending other users and sharing media
    4. 4. • Friendster 2002•, linkedin, myspace 2003• Facebook 2004• Youtube 2005• Twitter 2006
    5. 5. • Social shopping• Craigslist• Etsy, polivore
    6. 6. • Social tagging• Kickstarter• Microlending kiva
    7. 7. SOCIAL MEDIA | THINGS TO STRIVE FOR |• BE AUTHENTIC. People can spot a fake from miles away.• BE CONSISTENT. Commit time and resources necessary to do it well.• LISTEN + RESPOND. This is a two-way conversation.• ADD VALUE in relevant ways.• SHARE stories and pictures.• BE PATIENT. It takes time to build a network in person. Same thing applies in social media. marketing + public relations evolved
    8. 8. 13
    9. 9. 10 Billion+ Tweets Sent on Twitter Since 2006Photo Credit: Rosaura Ochoa Source: Mashable
    10. 10. 16
    11. 11. 17
    12. 12. 126 Million The number of blogs on the Internet.Source: Jess3
    13. 13. 2 Billion Videos Are Streamed Each Day On YouTubePhoto Credit: jonsson Source: Techcrunch
    14. 14. Social media influences people 91% say consumer reviews are the #1 aid to buying decisions - JC Williams Group 87% trust a friend’s recommendation over critic’s review - Marketing Sherpa 3 times more likely to trust peer opinions over advertising for purchasing decisions - Jupiter Research 1 word-of-mouth conversation has impact of 200 TV ads - BuzzAgent * Slide courtesy of Digital Influence Group
    15. 15. People are using social mediaSocial media sites are the fastest-growing category on the web, doubling their traffic over the last year. o73% of active online users have read a blog o45% have started their own blog o57% have joined a social network o55% have uploaded photos o83% have watched video clips Universal McCann’s Comparative Study on Social Media Trends, April 2008. 17,000 respondents from 29 countries, *using internet at least every other day
    16. 16. Trends of Social Media Juniper Research Study showed that … − 77% of online shoppers read consumer product reviews and ratings before making a purchase − $2 Billion of online travelText purchases a year are affected by social media − 24% of online car shoppers have changes their mind about a vehicles purchase based on social media − 51% of journalists read blogs for story ideas − 28% of top search engine results are social media sites11
    17. 17. SOCIAL MEDIA DEFINEDSocial media marketing is growing
    18. 18. 24
    19. 19. Social Media DefinedUser-generated content, Consumer-generated media User-generated content (UGC) refers to various kinds of media content that is produced or primarily influenced by end-users; as opposed to traditional media outlets. Consumer-generated media (CGM) describes word-of-mouth behavior that exists on the Internet. Typically, consumer-generated media encompasses opinions, experiences, advice and commentary about products, brands, companies and services—usually informed by personal experience —that exist in consumer-created postings on Internet discussion boards, forums, Usenet newsgroups and blogs.8
    20. 20. Social Media DefinedSocial bookmarking, Social Media Optimization Social Bookmarking is a method for Internet users to store, organize, search, and manage bookmarks of web pages on the Internet with the help of metadata. Social media optimization is about implementing changes to a site (or blog) so that others can easily link to it, tag it, post a comment to it; and then submit it to social bookmarking sites; making it social media ready!9
    21. 21. Valentine’s Day: Jet Blue passengers are stranded for up to 8 hours on runway. They film and blog their ordeal.Jet Blue understood how its reputation was being hurt online and so CEO David Neelman quickly crafted a YouTube apology.
    22. 22. • Imagine my surprise when I came home from the hospital and found the box from Pro Flowers on my deck. Thank you so very much for your thoughtfulness and kindness. I will never, ever forget your gesture to me. Mom came through the surgery like a trooper. When I saw her afterward she was glowing. For the first time in months and months she had no pain. Im anxious for her physical therapy to begin so that I can hopefully bring her home this weekend.Again, with all my heart, thank you. (Im wearing my rings as I type this. They make me so happy because of the beautiful rainbow colors.) 39
    23. 23. June 2010BP spills millions of barrels of the oil into the Gulf of Mexico. Finds its online PR response clogged by Facebook outrageand a fake, hilarious Twitter account.Social Relevance: While BP spent £93m on ads, social media kept the pressure on. 350 ―Boycott BP‖ Facebook groupsformed and 188,000 followed fake @BPGlobalPR.
    24. 24. Avoid puffery (people will ignore it) Avoid evasion and lying (people won’t ignore it)Companies have watchedtheir biggest screw-ups rise to the top 10 of a Google searchAdmit your mistakes right away
    25. 25. February 2010 Southwest Air’s ―Customer of Size‖ policy receives a high-profile roasting when the airline targets director Kevin Smith and he tweets his experiences. Social Relevance: Forcing obese passengers to buy an extra ticket had taken a back seat on the news agenda until Smith’s tweet to millions hit the headlines.
    26. 26. September 2010McDonald’s wasn’t overly concerned by this local TV ad made by a community nutrition group linking its burgers to heartdisease. That’s before they took it to YouTube.
    27. 27. October 2006 Folksy ―Isn’t Wal-Mart great‖ travel blog ―Wal-Marting Across America‖ hits a reputation pot-hole when unmasked as being paid for by company. Social Relevance: Black eye for Wal-Mart amid accusations that it was trying to shift attention away from criticism of its labor practices.
    28. 28. Social Media is not freeResources required for social media may include: o Strategic consultation o Training o Creating content o Integrating tools o Distributing content o Relationship management o Measuring value
    29. 29. We look at these categories: • Brand monitoring • Competitive intelligence • Industry monitoring • Thought leadership • Lead generation and sales • Customer service • Search engine optimization (SEO) • Crisis communication • Product development • Advertising and marketing effectiveness
    30. 30. Listening Tools
    31. 31. Listening• Nearby tweets
    32. 32. 79
    33. 33. 80
    34. 34. Our #1 Complaint• Bizrate• Compliant #1 doesnt represent• 900 number
    35. 35. Bandwidth
    36. 36. Call centre volume down
    37. 37. Before
    38. 38. Add to Cart up %25
    39. 39. Conversion up by %11
    40. 40. Returns down• Returns down• Conversion up
    41. 41. 90
    42. 42. 91
    43. 43. 92
    44. 44. 104
    45. 45. Dont shout. Dont broadcast. Don’t brag. Speak like yourself – not a corporate marketing shill or press secretaryPersonify your brand – give people something they can relate to.
    46. 46. 113
    47. 47. The social media conversation• The conversation is not: – controlled – organized – ―on message‖• The conversation is: – organic – complex – speaks in a human voice• Social media is not a strategy or a tactic – it’s simply a channel.
    48. 48. Building relationships…
    49. 49. 116
    50. 50. Fix Great Fan Pages• for Threadless T- shirts. Very engaging, great use of video, a weekly center of community engagement• Federation/212360145318? UJA- Federation of Toronto. Regular updates, comments from fans and a mix of events, current events, and news items• for Jewish Climate Campaign. Sharing links to news, commenting on posts, growing daily
    51. 51. 119
    52. 52. ZAPPOS – Customer service iscentralZappos, an online shoe retailer, makes customer service central with a focus on ―making personal and emotional connections.‖ Divert marketing budget to customer service (they outsource marketing to their customers; they don’t outsource their call centre) Use Twitter to promote their brand o Website displays any public tweets mentioning of their brand o CEO has over 400,000 followers o 430 employees on Twitter $1billion in sales last year and their expanding into new product categories
    53. 53. QuickTime™ and a decompressorare neede d to see this picture.
    54. 54. Bookmarking
    55. 55. Blogs
    56. 56. BlogsWhat is it? What is it good for?• Frequently updated online •Connecting with global journals, published in reverse community of Jews chronological order •Personally connecting with• A blog is a platform for communities big and small writing, not a style of writing •Provides perspective and• Popular platforms include context to a company– Wordpress, Typepad, Blogger •Delivering insight into– Posterous and Tumblr influential mindset •Great for SEO
    57. 57. How to
    58. 58. Polyvore and Rich Media Content
    59. 59. Blogs
    60. 60. Sharing
    61. 61. The third largest website in the worldThe 2nd most popular search engine425 million unique visitors a monthIn the U.S., 134.4 million viewers watchedmore than 13 billion videos on YouTube inDecember 2009
    62. 62. Arnel Pineda QuickTime™ an d a decompressorare need ed to see this p icture .
    63. 63. 58
    64. 64. QuickTime™ an d a MPEG-4 Video decompressorare need ed to see this p icture .
    65. 65. Blentec QuickTime™ and a decompressorare neede d to see this picture.
    66. 66. QuickTime™ an d a decompressorare need ed to see this p icture .
    67. 67. QuickTime™ and a Photo - JPEG decompressorare neede d to see this picture.
    68. 68. The Thing to Keep in Mind
    69. 69. Do’s and Don’ts
    70. 70. Social Networks
    71. 71. Facebook: Profile, Group, Fan PagePersonal Profile The primary account on Facebook and it is how individuals connect with individuals. Some professionals maintain two accounts – one to connect with friends, family; one to connect with colleagues. Do not create a personal profile for your organization, that is against terms of service and you can lose the profile.Group Mulitple admins can create events, message members and update the group status. Updates to the group do not go into Newsfeed and event invitations come from individuals, not the group. People come to associate events with the fellows and not with orgFan Page Multiple admins can create events and message members. Updates from a Fan Page show up in Newsfeeds and event invitations come from organization instead of the individual fellow. That helps secure the relationship and branding of organization. Fan Pages can favourite pages of other groups to show affiliations. You can also add applications and make ―bespoke tabs‖ on your Fan Page. Fan pages can be connected to the blog and out to your Twitter account to make it easier to communicate.
    72. 72. News feed Top navigation bar: profile, friends, inbox, and settings Status update: Enter a short message to tell your friends how you’re doing, share a link, new photos or event. News feed or live feed is where you see updates from the people you are friends with, groups and pages. You can hide people if you think they post too much or about things you don’t care about.
    73. 73. News feed/Home PageRequests: This includes friend requests, eventinvitations, group invitations and fan pagesuggestionsSuggestions: People you might be friends with(based on mutual friends and address books);actions you can take to reconnect with peopleyou’re friends with.Events and Birthdays: A quick way to see whatevents you have RSVPed Yes or Maybe; upcomingbirthdays of people in your network.Chat and notifications: Were you tagged? Didsomeone comment after you? Was a friendrequest accepted?
    74. 74. Adding friends
    75. 75. Make sure you see everyoneThis new FB format is blocking all of your friends news feeds except for 250 people thatFacebook selects1.Go to FB Home Page.•Choose "Live Feed.‖•Scroll to the bottom & click " Edit Options.‖• You will then see your "News Feed Settings." Change the 250 to 5000, which is Facebooksfriend limit, and your feed will work correctly again.
    76. 76. Groups Updates come from members, not the name of the group. Messages go into inbox, not updates. The group symbol at the top is how you can distinguish group from page. Groups can not ―favorite‖ other groups.
    77. 77. Event CreationStart from the page or group you Begin to add information aboutwant to have be the event host the event
    78. 78. Building an Event: Step 2 Add a logo for the group or an image that people will associate with the event. Select event type and add a full description. Important: Does a Facebook RSVP count as an RSVP or do people need to use another system? Make that clear in the description.
    79. 79. Step 3: Invite Friends • Invite group members and friends that might be interested • Don’t blanket invite all of your friends to every event, segment friends by city or interest
    80. 80.
    81. 81. Fcommerce All updates come from the organization, not individuals. Fans receive updates, but not to their inbox. Changes to fan page go into news feed of fans.
    82. 82. Social Sign In
    83. 83. Leading Brands on Facebook• The Body Shop• TD Money Lounge• Walmart• BestBuy
    84. 84. Fix Great Fan Pages• for Threadless T- shirts. Very engaging, great use of video, a weekly center of community engagement• Federation/212360145318? UJA- Federation of Toronto. Regular updates, comments from fans and a mix of events, current events, and news items• for Jewish Climate Campaign. Sharing links to news, commenting on posts, growing daily
    85. 85. 243
    86. 86. Be Yourself Be yourself
    87. 87. The social media conversation• The conversation is not: – controlled – organized – ―on message‖• The conversation is: – organic – complex – speaks in a human voice• Social media is not a strategy or a tactic – it’s simply a channel.
    88. 88. Post frequetlyPost Frequently
    89. 89. 178
    90. 90. 180
    91. 91. True or False•Is it true that the Rabbi get less then 4 hours of sleep a night?•Does chabad love Israel?•Are Woman considered equal in traditional Judaism? 181
    92. 92. 182
    93. 93. 183
    94. 94. 184
    95. 95. 185
    96. 96. U: How close is the user to the person/brand that postedW: What is the weight of the objectD: How long ago was the object created 186
    97. 97. 187
    98. 98. 188
    99. 99. 189
    100. 100. 192
    101. 101. 193
    102. 102. 194
    103. 103. 195
    104. 104. 196
    105. 105. 197
    106. 106. 198
    107. 107. 199
    108. 108. Additional Facebook To-Dos• Wish happy birthday• Search for like minded people• Set your privacy settings to limit access to your account• privacy/
    109. 109. Do’s and Donts
    110. 110. Twittersphere
    111. 111. Refresher: TwitterWhat is it? What is it good for?• A social network based on 140 character • Delivering minute-by-minute updates from updates personal perspective• Messages can be public or private • Sharing information and getting feedback• A form of phatic expression, a digital water- • Following events through the eyes of enthusiasts cooler or oneg shabbat • Interacting with a diverse, global Jewish• It can be a ―tivo-ed IM‖ or group text population, journalists and company message representatives
    112. 112. Things to Have Ready• What will your username be?• Will you connect account to your phone?• What email address will you use for the account – personal or work?• What photograph or image will you use for your avatar?• How will you describe yourself in 160 characters in your profile?• What website will you link to from profile?
    113. 113. The easiest way to find friends oTwitter is to check your Gmail,Yahoo or AOL email address booagainst the Twitter database.This is safe and you won’t emailall of your friends if you do it.Don’t want to? Skip this step.
    114. 114. The suggested users listincludes celebrities likeLeVar Burton and SuzeOrman, online celebrities,news outlets and wellknown online personalities.Pick the folks you want tofollow or skip this step.
    115. 115. Type your 140 charactermessage (tweet) here.Twitter StreamWhere you seetweets from thepeople you follow.To see more,refresh the pageor scroll down.You’ll just see themost recenttweets.
    116. 116. Current Avatar and username, number of times you’ve twitteredThe number of people you follow, the number of people that follow youand the number of lists you’re on.A rotating list of Twitter applications and related web sites. @pinnyice goes to a page that shows every tweet with my username in it, aka mentions or @replies Direct Messages goes to an inbox of private tweets. Only users that you follow can send you a DM. Favorites is a list of tweets that you have starred or favorited to remember for later. Retweets: An easy way to see if you’ve been retweeted (RT) Search box allows you to search all of twitter, it is the same as
    117. 117. You can save searches to easily return to them.A selection of tweets from Trending Topicsthe @Pinnyice are the most popular words being used on Twitter at this time. Often related to celebrity news, disasters or tech.
    118. 118. Lists: Following and Creating• Lists are a way to group users together based on topics, regions, interests• If you follow a list, you’ll see a timeline of only those people when you click on the list• A way to sort and keep-up with people
    119. 119. RT or Retweeting• A form of forwarding a tweet to your followers• Easy to do with the Retweet button on twitter or many similar options on applications• It will appear from the original user, with a nore that you RT
    120. 120. This informationwill help peoplefind out moreabout you and yourorganization
    121. 121. Have a smart phone? Add an application to your phone or use a regular mobile phone?Recommend setting this up so you can send tweets from the phone, but turn off alertscoming into your phone. I only have Direct Messages come as text messages.
    123. 123. How to find interesting people?• Use Twitter search to find people talking about topics you enjoy• See who people you know are talking to and follow those people• Then go to their profile and click the follow button
    124. 124. Types of Messages• Tweet: Goes out to everyone that follows you and is searchable• @reply or @mention: Includes the @username of another user and will show up in the twitter streams of people that follow both of you• Direct Message or DM: A private message that you can send to someone who follows you and that you receive from people who follow you
    125. 125. Sending a Direct Message• d username Then the text of your message to the person• Go to their twitter page and click on ―message username‖ and a new screen will pop up and let you messge them• Go to your Direct Message inbox and use the pull down menu to select a user to write
    126. 126. So… what do we tweet about?• Upcoming events• Share links to interesting articles, posts from your blog, videos or other things on the web• Ask questions, answer questions• Anything that interests you• Remember – small talk helps build relationships and Twitter is built for small talk
    127. 127. ADVANCED TOOLS
    128. 128. ApplicationsDesktop Applications• Tweetdeck or Seesmic• Mrtweet and tweet laterPhotos• NearbytweetMobile Applications• Ubertwitter or for Blackberry, Tweetdeck or Tweetie2 for iPhone
    129. 129. Additional Vocabulary• Hashtag: a word with a # before it used in a tweet to link it directly to a search of the word. Often used when tweeting from an event or to draw attention to a topic #shabbatshalom #UJCGA• Retweet or RT: to forward another persons tweet to your list of followers• Shortened URL:, and are examples of URL shorteners that will automatically make your long URL into a short one for twitter.
    130. 130. Share links to neat things in your community 279
    131. 131. Be helpful 280
    132. 132. Throw in a few humans 281
    133. 133. What it does well
    134. 134. Do’s and Don’ts
    135. 135. LinkedIn• Grow your network • Get involved – Connect with former colleagues – Find groups that interest you and get – Connect with fellow alumni involved in the discussion forums – Connect with members of – Use LinkedIn Questions to leave volunteer organizations or ICPAS thoughtful, smart answers to help other people and build relationships – Six degrees of separation – Write recommendations for other – Build your profile people and ask for others to write recommendations for you
    136. 136. Job seekerLeedsFinding peopleJoining groupsPosting on groups
    137. 137. LinkedIn Tutorial
    138. 138. How effective are you at building relationships?
    139. 139. What does networking mean to you?
    140. 140. What does your network look like? Online connections Professional Networks Community Colleagues Family & friends
    141. 141. The main page of LinkedIn can be very confusing. The navigation across the top is very useful during a job search – jobs,companies and people all connect you to different search options. Answers takes you to a section of LinkedIn where youcan ask questions or give advice to others.In the right sidebar is quick navigation to your personal groups, profiles, contacts, inbox and applications. The inbox inthe middle is a quick view where you can accept invitations to connect. On the far right are suggested people you mightknow.
    142. 142. As you scroll down the mainpage of LinkedIn, you’ll seeupdates from people inyour networks. Statusupdates, newrecommendations, groupupdates and applications.You will also see events thatother people are joining.
    143. 143. The profile view in LinkedInwill give you an overview ofcurrent and recent job,education,recommendations fromothers about work,connections and quick linksout to web sites.You can also see recentactivity related to updates,new connections, events andsome group activity.
    144. 144. Groups: Alumni, Professional, Interest These are the groups that include the word Hebrew in the group name or description. Look for alumni groups or professional affiliations and join for discussion and events.
    145. 145. Social Check In’s
    146. 146. Reviews
    147. 147. Another reason to care about reviews
    148. 148. Do’s and Don’ts
    149. 149. Case Study