IAEE NYC Chapter Social Media Presentation


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IAEE NYC Chapter Social Media Presentation. Overview and tactical ideas for those in the Trade Show Industry.

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IAEE NYC Chapter Social Media Presentation

  1. 1. You Can’t Afford To Be Anti Social About Social Media Social Networking for B2B The Twitter #hashtag for this presentation is #IAEENYC
  2. 2. Consider The Facts Of Digital Migration People are now getting their information, news and entertainment online   2 Billion People Online – Worldwide   Newspapers are losing circulation and many have closed their doors   Broadcast losing viewers/listeners   Direct Mail – Prices going up, services going down   Reed Business recently closed 24 industry trade publications
  3. 3. Social Media Facts   Twitter   YouTube   Over 106 million users   1+ billion views a day   600 million search queries each day   20 hours of video uploaded every   37% of users update through a mobile minute phone o  That is the equivalent of   LinkedIn 130,000+ full-length movies in theaters each week   Over 65 million members in 200 countries   Flickr   Over 50% of LinkedIn’s professionals   64 million users around the world are decision makers in their companies   Holds more than 4 billion images with   Facebook up to 3 million photos uploaded each day   Over 400 million active users   Blogging   US user base grew from 42 million to   150 million blogs indexed by 103 million in 2009, a 144.9% growth Technorati rate!   77% of of internet users read blogs
  4. 4. Social Media Is Surging   31% of B2B and B2C companies have incorporated social media into their exhibit marketing, 24% have used used it for corporate events.   1/3 of those that have used social media as an exhibit- marketing tool set measurable objectives. Nine out of 10 of those indicated the their social-media efforts met or exceeded those preshow objectives.   90% believe social media has “limitless” potential for exhibit and event marketing.   More than three-quarters expect the value and importance of social media as a marketing tool to increase “strongly” or “somewhat” in the coming year. Source: Exhibit Media Group
  5. 5. Social Media Is Surging * * Source: Exhibit Media Group
  6. 6. What Industry Professionals Say About Social Media?   “Using social media, we increased attendance at our regional meetings by 50 percent over prior years, and did so at about 50 percent of the cost.”   “We have seen a huge uptick in Twitter usage lately. We have also seen more people checking out our live events online by logging in to Webcasts and listening to podcasts.”   “By using Twitter at a recent trade show, my company was able to drive brand awareness among attendees. We were also able to increase the amount of traffic to our booth.”   “Social media has increased our search engine optimization scores/rankings. We plan to continue using it as part of our marketing efforts.”   “I wish I had the extra time needed to learn more about social media and how to harness it properly for marketing purposes.” Source: Exhibit Media Group
  7. 7. What Does This Mean To You?   Your Target Audiences Are Already Using Social Media   They are Already Talking About You & Your Competitors (Love Your Show, It Sucks)   If You Aren’t Engaged, You Aren’t Managing Your Reputation   You Are Ignoring An Important Communications Opportunity
  8. 8. 10 Social Media Truths   It’s Not A Fad – It Ain’t Going Away   It CAN Be A Very Effective Marketing Tool   It’s Just Another Marketing Tool, Not The End All & Be All   It Needs to Be Integrated With And Complimentary Of Other Program Elements   You Can’t Always Control What Is Being Said About Your Organization
  9. 9. 10 Social Media Truths   You Are Going To Need The Right Resources (People, Time and Money)   Be Aware Of The Silent Majority   Need Buy-In from Top (Create Evangelists)   Social Media May Not Be Right For You Right Now   You Need A Strategic Social Media Plan
  10. 10. Develop Strategic Social Media Plan Have Clear Cut Goals & Measurable Objectives   Drive traffic to your website & increase registration   Build pre-show, onsite and post show buzz   Increase seminar attendance   Get exhibitors involved   Create online promotions   Sell sponsorships   Integrate with other MarCom program elements   Realistically Assess Available & Needed Resources   Measure the results
  11. 11. Identify Your Online Target Audiences   Groups/Communities/Lists on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other platforms   Integrate Databases   Tools such as Batchbook and HighRise   Industry blogs   Key Allies and Evangelists   Associations   Thought-Leaders   Media Partners
  12. 12. Identify Your Content   Existing content   news releases   white papers   Videos   Etc.   Partners content   Trade magazines   Associations   Influentials   New content you need to create
  13. 13. Create Your Social Media Presence Social Networking Sites   Blog   Face book   Twitter   YouTube   LinkedIn   Flickr
  14. 14. Blogs MAY 3-7, 2010 Theme: Announcement of SM Platform   Blogger and Wordpress Ally: The News MONDAY TUESDAY Social Media WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY combined have more unique Blog Announcement worldwide visitors than any • Teaser Tweet for Blog • Tweet Link to Social Media • Tweet link to Survey Question other social networking site • Survey • Link to Live • Tweet Survey Coverage Results Twitter Question of the Week Blog Questions Reminder (possible release content) • #FF Tweeps • Possible RT   Create Editorial Calendar and • Post link to blog with • Post links to • Post links to results of survey Policy • Ally of the overview social media • Review key week post • Cross-Content • Promote Face book’s Survey of coverage by allies or other groups for sharing of   Hot Topics LinkedIn Post if necessary the Week media content • Post link to • Post links to   Compelling Content blog with results of survey • Ask Survey Question of the overview • Promote Face • Review key groups for   Industry Themes Week based on book’s Survey of sharing of Facebook weekly theme the Week • Monitor allies content   Credible Voice for potential cross-content postings aimed at   Use SEO/Keywords YouTube week’s theme   Be Flexible   Engage!
  15. 15. Twitter   “Micro-blogging” site 140- characters at a time   Set up a list for the show   Follow the attendees you can locate and add them to the list   Implement the list in an aggregator like Seesmic Desktop, Hootsuite or Tweetdeck   Listen and engage in conversation
  16. 16. Use Twitter to Brand Events and Hash Tags to Create Top of Mind Awareness #IAEENYC   Create and use a branded hash tag for your company or event   Example: #IAEENYC   Create and use a hash tag for company as a show or event   Example: #MarComProsIHA   Use both on all of your show related Tweets   Example: Was interviewed by @MarComProsIHA at #housewares and came away with a lot of great insight.   Tweeting Often while at the show creates valuable visibility!   Test Ideas, Survey Your Audience   Ongoing Customer Service/Care   Onsite Promotions!   Have a Tweetup!
  17. 17. LinkedIn   Leverage your connection to groups and create a more permanent data flow   Create, Facilitate and Moderate Groups   Ask and make Recommendations   Lead Generation   Become an expert in the Answer’s Forum   Integrate other social media platforms such as your blog feed   GET RECOMMENDATIONS – great testimonial!   Utilize a direct ad campaign – very targeted
  18. 18. Facebook   Pages Are…   Widely Accessible   More Applications   Tracking and better visibility   Actions are documented   Create a “Personality”   Add Surveys, Photos, Video, Events and try a contest   Create Individual/Group Brand Experiences   Integrate Database   Increased Business Opportunities
  19. 19. YouTube   Become a Vlogger!   Become a face in the industry   Create a Channel   AIDA   Attention   Interest   Desire   Action   Quality Counts   Many uses   Training   Testimonials   Contest
  20. 20. Flickr   Snap pictures of visitors, and send them those images as follow up   Twitpic   Yfrog   On Facebook & Flickr, tag these images with company and individual names   Be descriptive with photos and use keywords (optimize for search)   Quality and Quantity counts   Share when possible
  21. 21. Listen to the Show Outposts & Engage   Use an LCD monitor to your booth or event   Search for the name of the show, company or event on Twitter   search.twitter.com   Collecta.com   Identify Opportunities   Avoid Crisis Situations   Post Responses
  22. 22. Create Visual Experiences with Powerful Video Tools Video Goes Viral   Video interview booth visitors and customers - feature and tag them on your company blog and other sites   Capture interesting keynotes and sessions and interview the speakers   Post videos online for Brand Reinforcement   Use as a communication & sales tool   Video Tips   Able to use in multiple languages (post- production)
  23. 23. Using Your Blog as Follow Up   Write special recap posts and reactions from the show with additional information and resources   Ask select visitors to guest post on your company blog   Follow up with prospects to get more video interviews.   Use Skype Recorder for long distances
  24. 24. Consider Creating A Dashboard   Easy Access and Listening Tool for Your Content   Customizable for your Industry Applications   Revenue Generator Tools (Sponsorship)   Connect 365 (Designed to be the main framework for your show, event or even your association website)
  25. 25. Expanding Social Networking Portable Data and Mobility   ChirpE   Foursquare   Pathables   WhosHere   Use the TripIt Application to set up live visits via LinkedIn   New Applications   New Frontiers – The Future
  26. 26. Additional Social Media Ideas   Create a Twitter list of your show/organization’s staff, sponsors and speakers   Create a custom Twitter background that reflects your show/ organization’s mission and brand   Use Twitpic to share photos   Use short URLs to track link performance (bit.ly, tinyurl.com)   Use Facebook Insights to get activity and demographic data   Encourage evangelists to upload videos   Use a “share this” widget on blog posts, Web pages, etc   Promote your social media channels via Web sites, emails, footers, etc.   Display RSS feeds from a blog or Twitter account on your Web site.
  27. 27. Success Metrics Build an ROI set based on your dimensions of value. Include a mix of qualitative and quantitative.   # fans, # followers, # friends   Response Time   # of comments   Issues Resolved   # of participants on thread   Depth of Thread   # posts   Traffic Increase to Site   # of embeds   Diggs   # back links   Stumbles   # page loads   Subscriptions   # downloads
  28. 28. Your Takeaways to Solving the Social Media Puzzle   Get Started   Community before commerce   Think Strategically   Ongoing Measurement   Be Honest and Transparent   Encourage Personalities   Listen first, then Connect   What is in it for your   Participate and Contribute customer? If nothing, don’t bother.   People congregate around relevance and value   Keep Working It
  29. 29. THANK YOU!!!!! Feel Free to contact us with any questions, concerns or ideas: Roger Halligan Tim Ward socialmedia@h-a-intl.com www.h-a-intl.com @marcompros