Hawaii Tourism Conference 2013 - Reputation is Everything


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A presentation delivered by Dr. Mathew McDougall at the 2013 Hawaii Tourism Conference, Aha Oihana Hoomakaikai. The presentation revealed the size of the Chinese internet and the impact reputation has on travelers intent to travel to particular destinations.

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Hawaii Tourism Conference 2013 - Reputation is Everything

  1. 1. REPUTATION IS EVERYTHING - Especially when engaging Chinese Online -
  2. 2. Dr. Mathew McDougall… • Founder & CEO – Digital Jungle • Author – Chinese Social Media Universe • Blogger – Digital Marketing Inner Circle • Speaker – Adtech, PATA, SES… many more • China - 10+ years experience living/working
  3. 3. Chinese Internet at a Glance Get ready for some BIG numbers
  4. 4. Chinese Population – 1, 343, 240, 000
  5. 5. Chinese Internet Users – 591, 000, 000
  6. 6. that’s roughly (44%)Penetration
  7. 7. There are more internet users in China than people living in all of Western Europe
  8. 8. A Changing China
  9. 9. In the Social Media Universe, we have already defined parallel universes - the Western and Chinese Web.
  10. 10. Where there is Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. in the West
  11. 11. We have, Weibo, WeChat, Youku, etc. in China
  12. 12. The Chinese Internet landscape
  13. 13. 450 Million broadband users 25.8% growth in e-commerce 167 Million Simultaneous Users on QQ 460 Million smart phone users
  14. 14. Of mobiles in China are used for internet (75%)
  15. 15. Chinese internet users to overtake English language users by 2015 Source: UN Broadband Commission
  16. 16. 80% of the country’s social media users say they use these sites to search for information about products and brands
  17. 17. (38%) Of China’s internet users refer to friends’ online comments when making purchase decisions
  18. 18. China’s social media users spend an average of 46 minutes every single day accessing social media sites
  19. 19. With so much social sharing, online reputation maybe an issue
  20. 20. Topics of Interest Identify key topics being discussed across the social sphere
  21. 21. Geographical Distribution 21 City Number of Mentions Shanghai 3765 Beijing 2950 Guangzhou 2886 Tianjing 1179 Hangzhou 1080 Jinan 877 Listen to where the conversations are occurring
  22. 22. Site Segmentation China Hawaii Buzz
  23. 23. Example Online Mentions http://blog.163.com/luoym25903@126/blog/static/139110669201 34177475832/ The beach in Hawaii is great and the sea is clear. People can enjoy the sunshine and beach here. http://hjfeng163.blog.163.com/blog/static/164669081201342993 659713/ Everyone who has been to Hawaii must have loved the food and snacks. The most famous snack in Hawaii is taro. There are more than 150 varieties of Taro, you have to give it a try. http://196712332.blog.sohu.com/264101971.html Just came back from Hawaii, I almost lost my mind there, and brought back the most precious things. http://jingyan.baidu.com/article/22fe7ced6e9f5d3003617f46.html Hawaii, one of the world's most developed island, has unique natural scenery, and is famous for the Sun, sea, beach and beautiful bikinis. Examples of conversations provide tangible insights
  24. 24. “From within the set of monitored countries, Hawaii is third most talked about destination. This follows China and Australia respectively. The largest source of online discussions featuring Hawaii are within the blog channel which accounts for 40% of all mentions”. Digital Jungle – May 2013, Social Voice Report
  25. 25. What travelers value FIT seek value from trusted brand. Business travelers seek convenience. Internet and Search Leisure travelers turn to search engines to plan travel online. Mobile FIT increasingly turn on mobile devices to plan and book travel Destinations Most leisure travelers begin researching travel online without a specific destination or mode of travel in mind. FIT are easily influenced by their peers Key Findings
  26. 26. Reputation Take Aways… Listen to what people say Talk to people like they’re people Engage people by building relationships Measure where and what is being said Reputation Management
  27. 27. @digitaljunglecn plus.google.com/digitaljungle www.digitaljungle.com.cn/blog slideshare.net/digitaljungle weibo.com/digitaljungle facebook.com/digitaljunglecn pinterest.com/digitaljungle DigitalJungle Contact