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Social media in politics 2010


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Social media in politics 2010

  1. 1. politics SOCIAL MEDIA GUIDE FOR 2010How is Social Media Shaping Political Campaigning? content that they distributed across email, and technology continues to progress, more“..social media strategy is a social media platforms and their own and more politicians will leverage the mediumcornerstone of any modern websites. By synchronizing the messaging in in new ways to give them the edge in traditional and social media they were able to connecting with their constituents.political campaign..” achieve a seismic shift in the delivery of Social Media is an evolutionary political messaging. Even more important wasdevelopment that has transformed the way the way they encouraged and enabledthat individuals, organizations and political citizens to share their voice from smallcampaigns are able to communicate. The personal meetings to online forums and mass contents:2008 US elections were a defining moment rallies, they galvanized people to their cause.for the use of social media in politics. As how campaigns are changing 1opposed to previous decades where the The 08 elections heralded a turning pointprimary methods of human contact included in how political candidates, and indeed common uses and benefits 2in-person dialogue, phone calls, and (in governments themselves communicate withrecent years) email, individuals are now able their citizens. Given this information, it is case studies 3to connect with one another in a viral way. clear why deploying an effective social media strategy is a cornerstone of any politicians mistakes and next steps 4 For example, The 08 Obama campaign modern campaign, whether that be at thegenerated a plethora of motivating, engaging local, state or national level. As the medium social media solutions Todays web and the new media that underpin it are known for the ability to create instant sensations. From Diggs social news to CareerBuilders Monk-e-Mail campaign, guide for politicians companies can advance from zero to 20 million viewers practically overnight. The viral 2010 nature of this highly social, user-driven environment enables complete strangers to connect over common beliefs, desires or interests and together create winners and losers. It empowers both the individual and collective voice. And isnt that what a political election is all about?
  2. 2. Candidate checklist Five things your social media team should be doing 1. Develop a Facebook Profile Create a Facebook page- be sure to continuously add new content and respond to posts 2. Join the Conversation on Twitter Actively Involve yourself in a Twitter account, & show participation by following others 3. Communicate With Your Audience Create a blog where citizens can communicate their opinions on current issuesMost Commonly Used Types The most common types of social media 4. Don’t Forget MultiMediaof Social Media in Politics used for politics includes: Use sites such a Flickr and YouTube to ★ Social Network Profiles on sites such promote your message, by uploading Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other as Facebook, Myspace, & Ning photos/videos for the public to accesspopular sites for publishing online have ★ Media Sharing sites such as and link to their own accountsbecome ubiquitous in the news media, if not in YouTube, Flickr, and MetaCafeeveryones actual day to day lives. Recently, ★ Microblog Profiles on Twitterpublic officials have successfully made it onto ★ Campaign Blogs & Wikis 5. Remember it’s a Conversationthe bandwagon by adopting these tools in ★ Podcasts & Vlogs Talk to your readers like you wouldpromoting their campaigns, raising funds, talk to real people in professionalrecruiting volunteers, and, of course, garnering situations. Avoid overly pedantic orpublicity. "composed" language, & dont be Barack Obama certainly made hayonline, with plaudits, publicity and private Key Benefits of Social Media afraid to bring in your own personality and say whats on your mind. Postcontributions rolling in over the course of the on Politics content thats open-ended and invitescampaign thanks in part to a popular Twitter As the industry continues to progress, response. Encourage comments. Talkstream, Facebook profile, and a customized, more and more politicians have seen the back.public social network, MyBarackObama.com. Local politicians who are "tweeting," or impact it can have on their campaigns. Theregularly posting messages to Twitter, include following is a list of possible benefits that canState Attorney General Jerry Brown, San result by the use of an effective social mediaFrancisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, San strategy:Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera, State Don’t Forget...Senator Leland Yee, State Assemblywoman ★ Allows for politicians to connect with Using these tools incorrectly can doFiona Ma, and San Francisco Board of citizens on an intimate level more damage to a candidatesSupervisors Clerk Angela Calvillo, on the ★ Provides a cost-effective alternative reputation than botching an interviewBoards behalf. Befitting a brand new form of to raise public awareness or debate, and the damage is muchcommunication, theyre all using it differently. ★ Offers a quick, yet effective way to harder to un-do.    As politicalThe one common thread is that they would communicate new information candidates reach into the social mediapresumably all be relatively easy to reach, ★ Helps identify target audiences and tool bag, they must be aware of theespecially by a constituent and member of the track their opinions impact of their actions, and understandpress. ★ Has a viral effect- strong supporters exactly how these tools work. will spread the word through the use of their own social media accounts
  3. 3. the right newspapers or journalists to reach public opinion regarding state budgetPoliticians Using Social out to, the Obama campaign began to think proposals. Arnold also his FacebookMedia in terms of how they can engage today’s account to post videos and create discussion youth. The result was record-breaking - boards to encourage community feedback. The presence of politicians in the social Obama used social networking to raise over Now, trying times call for creativity andmedia realm is becoming increasingly high at $1.5 million in this month of September alone, breaking away from the norm. Facing alocal, state, and national levels of and continued to increase funding throughout massive budget crisis and difficult economicgovernment. In fact, many individuals believe his campaign by utilizing these tools to times; the state of California is reaching out tothat social media is must for politicians to connect with his citizens via Twitter. Governor Arnoldengage in. According to political consultant With podcasts, viral videos, twitter Schwarzenegger launched the Twitter forumJim Ross, “It’s [social media] a very effective streams and Flickr groups there seemed to be MyIdea4CA. Twitter users can tweet theirorganizing tool and it’s a way to mobilize the no corner of the Internet where Obama opinions, leave comments and providecampaign and the candidate... Using social wasn’t being talked about. The result is all feedback on different ways to fix the Statemedia as a politician is no longer optional.” the social networking that Obama started has Budget using the hashtag #myidea4CA. On the local level, Coronado Mayor nurtured and developed throughout this Schwarzenegger is asking forCasey Tanaka uses social media tools to campaign in the primaries and general Californians opinions, suggestions and ideasaddress community concerns and gather “no matter howfeedback from his constituents, while radical” theyCouncilman member Kevin Faulconer may be. It is apersonally logs into his Facebook account very progressivemultiple times per day to actively reach out to and forwardhis district, and keep them involved in his thinkingagendas. approach by the On the State level, we are seeing an governor, callingincreasing number of politicians using social upon the peoplemedia to announce & promote their directly affectedcandidacy for Govenor. Illinois comptroller by the problem toDan Hynes utilizes Facebook and Twitter as a help fix themeans to promote his campaign for the 2010 problem, withGovernor of Illinois, and San Francisco social media asMayor Gavin Newsom used his Facebook, Comparison of Obama/McCain Myspace friends and blog posts the medium ofTwitter, and YouTube pages to announce the communication.news that he will be running for the 2010 election. Below are some key statisticsGovernor of California. Both candidates use detailing just how successful Obama’s socialsocial media to post news and information media campaign was. Case Study: Adriel Hamtonabout their campaign to (1) encourage public Obama Currently has a presence in over for Congressmansupport & (2) involve voters in their 16 social media websites Adriel Hampton works as an investigatorcampaign. At the time of the 2008 election, Obama for the San Francisco City Attorneys office Nationally, the most famous social media had 350 million more blog mentions, and has kicked off a congressional campaigncase involves our current President Barak 625,523 more friends on MySpace, and for Californias tenth district. An avid user ofObama, who is the first president to correctly 113,165 more followers on Twitter than John Twitter personally, he maintains a profile onemploy the use of a social media strategy, McCain did during election period. (Visual Facebook, and is an active participant in awhich strongly contributed to his win of the representations of these successes can be social network called GovLoop, where publicelection. (For additional information on seen in the charts below.) employees are exploring ways to betterObama’s social media success, please see the The Obama team utilized sites such as connect public service with private taxpayers.case study below.) YouTube to promote his “Message of Hope” It was at his urging that the City Attorneys By evaluating both past and current campaign and encourage viewers to do the office created an account on Twitter.politicians’ participation in social media, we same "Were trying to be transparent andcan clearly establish a positive relationship Lastly, Obama created a website apolitical in a way that advances the publicbetween level of involvement and political (Change.gov) with the sole purpose being to interest, the publics right to know and buildssuccess. Listed below are a few examples of prompt supporters to blog about their public trust in the office," Hampton said of thegovernment officials who have effectively opinions on the election and spread the word tone and impetus of discussion on the site.implemented the use of social media to other individuals Transparency and authenticity seem to be twostrategies to improve their current positions in benefits most often cited by proponents usingthe eyes of the community. these new communications tools in Case Study: Governor government.Case Study: Barak Obama, Arnold Schwarzenegger The star of The Terminator movies hasn’t2008 Presidential Election just made a half hearted attempt but is fully Social media changed the future of committed to using tools such as video,political campaigns and engaged a new Twitter, Twitpic, blogging and podcasts toaudience when Obama announced his vice help get his message directly to the peoplepresidential nomination with a vast text who matter. Schwarzenegger currently usesmessage at 3 a.m. Instead of thinking about his Twitter account to collect information on
  4. 4. Case Study: TexasGovernor Rick Perry Gov. Rick Perry has employed newtactics, such as Twitter, Facebook and blogs,to attract young supporters for hisgubernatorial campaign. Currently, Perry’sWeb Site has about 1,300 new visitors everyday and his Twitter site has over 10,600followers and grows by a hundred each day.Perry Personally “tweets” using his BlackBerryrather than delegating it to his representative,and pushes out content that involves bothpersonal as well as political marks to allowfor a more intimate connection with hissupporters. On Facebook, Perry is connectedto roughly 7,500 people. The campaign alsohas a text message platform in which 12,000people have opted to join. Perry’s campaignadvisors have said that Perry has alreadymade significant political decisions based offof constituent feedback & comments on hissocial media sites.Mistakes Politicians AreMaking with Social Media So what does this all mean? While it is How Should YOU Use clear that political campaigns are constantly Given the viral nature of social media, it looking for new technologies to reach voters Social Media?is inevitable that some individuals or entities and appear tech-savvy, there are pitfalls thatmay find that the incorrect use of it has Social Media is an excellent tool to candidates and representatives need to beactually damaged their reputations. Two of positively promote your campaign to the aware of. Using these tools incorrectly canthe most widely known examples of this citizens of your community, by allowing them do more damage to a candidates reputationoccurrence are with Republican Attorney to become actively involved. We have created than botching an interview or debate, and theGeneral Mark Shurtleff, and Michigan a list of tools that we recommend you engage damage is much harder to un-do. AsRepresentative Pete Hoekstra. in, which will better shape your political political candidates reach into the social Republican Attorney General Mark standing and increase your popularity: media tool bag, they must be aware of theShurtleff announced he will be challenging impact of their actions, and understandSen. Bob Bennett (R-Utah) in a Republican ★ Create a Facebook page- be sure to exactly how these tools work.primary – by accident. He posted a series of continuously add new content and To help politicians understand themessages announcing his campaign on Twitter respond to posts potential pitfalls of social media, we havewhile on a trade mission to Israel, but he ★ Actively Involve yourself in a Twitter identified common mistakes that politiciansdidn’t realize that his feed was available for account, & show participation by have made which have had a negative impactthe public to see. He quickly tried to delete following others on the way they are viewed by thehis posts, but the damage was done. ★ Create a blog where citizens can community: Representative Pete Hoekstra landed in communicate their opinions onhot water this week after using his Twitter current issues ★ Not interacting enough withpage to update the public on his precise ★ Use sites such a Flickr and YouTube supporterswhereabouts while traveling through Iraq and to promote your message, by ★ Waiting too long to engage inAfghanistan. The revelation prompted the uploading photos/videos for the social media during election periodsPentagon to review its policy, which regards public to access and link to their ★ Being inconsistent or unreliable withsuch information as sensitive, and lit up the own accounts posting new contentliberal blogosphere with accusations of ★ Making negative references abouthypocrisy. other candidates or parties "Just landed in Baghdad," the ★ Unintentionally releasingcongressman declared on Feb. 5 at 9:41 p.m. confidential informationBy 11:56 p.m., the public was given this more ★ Having someone other than theprecise update: "Moved into green zone by politician posting and respondinghelicopter, Iraqi flag now over palace.Headed to new U.S. embassy. Appearscalmer, less chaotic than previous here."Hoekstra later told reporters that his postsmight not have been accurate. When asked ifthey were, he said he didnt remember.
  5. 5. Politicians Using Social Barak Obama, President of the United States John Kasich, Ohio Congressman Bill McCollum, 2010 Candidate for Florida Govenor Media Arnold Schwarzenegger, John McCain, 2008 Governor of California Presidential Candidate Alex Sink, 2010 Candidate for Florida Rick Perry, Governor of Sarah Palin, former Govenor Texas Alaska Govenor Mark Shurleff, Attorney Adriel Hampton, John Edwards, 2008 General (R) Congressional Candidate Presidential Candidate Pete Hokestra, Paul Sanford, State Charlie Crist, Governor Representtive Senator of FloridaCase Studies and Real World Examples About UsYouTube Goes to Russia Many social media campaigns transcend across channels such as marketing, public relations and Barack Obama has it, Nicolas Sarkozy has it, Pope Benedict XVI has it, and now sometimes even customer service depending on theRussian President Dmitry Medvedev has one: his very own YouTube channel. goals of the campaign. To effectively manage these Medvedev is using social media in one of the best ways possible; reaching out to needs, a social media agency must essentially be antoday’s youth to educate & involve them in their country’s politics. The channel is extension of the client, involved with various located over at www.youtube.com/kremlin, and communication channels within the client’s its main purpose is to reach out to Russian youth. organization in order to communicate the right Medvedev covers a wide array of topics on this content at the right time. page: the first video on the site addresses schoolchildren and talks about good neighborly Social Media Solutions prides ties, while in the latest Medvedev talks about the itself on becoming an extension of Second World War and its outcome. your business. Not only will we work your account as if we were promoting our own business, but we will also continue to brainstorm and develop new online marketing and social mediaConclusions strategies to optimize your Recently, a local government employee in California declared his run for the U.S. business.House of Representatives – on Twitter. In full-blown ‘Government 2.0′ style, heappears to be communicating his message in a very personal manner, largely throughnew media technologies. Will that be enough to carry him to Congress? Only time willtell. The world has seen a U.S. President underdog nominee overtake the competitionand ultimately win the Presidency by utilizing these new media channels, and noweverybody wants to learn how to use social media to boost the success of theircampaign. What must be remembered, however, is that candidates need platforms,personalities, financing, timing, and hard work to pull off a successful run, and in theend, a campaign is a campaign, and new media tools are just that – tools. Tools that ifused properly, can provide a candidate with a formidable secret weapon in theirarsenal, but if used incorrectly, they can shut out a candidate’s chance of success within SOCIAL MEDIA SOLUTIONSminutes of posting. Fail or succeed, the choice belongs to the campaign teams who are devising their WWW.SOCIALMEDIASOLUTIONSLLC.COMcandidate’s strategy. With proper planning & education, social media can be one ofthe most powerful campaign tools a candidate has. What will your choice be? ORLANDO, FL TEL: 407.256.9233 FAX: 407.539.6191