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Chinese Social Media and Internet facts (July, 2012)
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Chinese Social Media and Internet facts (July, 2012)


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A good presentation outlining Chinese Social Media and Internet facts.

A good presentation outlining Chinese Social Media and Internet facts.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Chinese Social Media Fast Facts July 2012
  • 2. [Fast Facts [From 2004 to 2011, the number of Chinese Internet users has increased by 462%. China now has over 513 million Internet users, which is 22.5% of the world’s total Internet population.1 [ Fast Facts
  • 3. [Fast Facts [The amount of time Chinese spend on the internet has been steadily increasing and is now almost as much time as they spend watching TV.2 [ Fast Facts
  • 4. [Fast Facts [Internet penetration in China is only at 38.3%. Compared to the USA, there is a lot more room for growth.3 [ Fast Facts
  • 5. [Fast Facts [The most popular online activity for Chinese netizens is instant messaging followed closely by search Travel Booking Group Buying Shopping SNS Weibo Email Gaming Video News Music Search IM 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 4504 Number of users in millions [ Fast Facts
  • 6. Social Media Facts
  • 7. [Social Media Facts [Qzone is the largest social network with over 500 million active users. Over 80% of social media users in China have more than one social media account.5 [ Social Media Facts
  • 8. [Social Media Facts [Chinese netizens spend an average of19.8 hours online in a week, of which, the largest amount of time is spent on portals (24.4%).6 [ Social Media Facts
  • 9. [Social Media Facts [We can see that very quickly after a western social platform is created a Chinese version is created.7 [ Social Media Facts
  • 10. [Social Media Facts [It is expected that by 2014 43% of the total digital spending in China will be for display ads. In 2011, 61% of Chinese social media users have admitted that they have made a purchase decision because of a digital marketing campaign. 2010                      2011                            2012E                                    2013E                      2014E  8 [ Social Media Facts
  • 11. [Social Media Facts [In 2011 many platforms (Sina, Jiepang, Shanda, Tencent, Dianping) upgraded their Location Based Services to include; coupon downloads, QR code scanning and location based social networking. The reason most Chinese people use LBS is due to convenience followed by social needs.9 [ Social Media Facts
  • 12. E-commerce Facts
  • 13. [E-commerce Facts [There are over 195 million online shoppers in China that spent over 6 trillion RMB in 2011 & make 11 million online transactions made per day. 44% of online shoppers in China make a purchase once a week ¥   ¥   ¥   ¥   ¥   ¥   ¥   ¥   ¥   ¥   ¥  ¥   ¥  10 [ E-commerce Facts
  • 14. [E-commerce Facts [Male and female online shoppers are almost half and half (male 51.7% vs. female 48.3%). The youth are the main force of online shopping, 60.8% of online shoppers are aged between 18-30. 48.3 51.7 % %11 [ E-commerce Facts
  • 15. [E-commerce Facts [There are over 3000 group buying sites in China. The top 4 group buying sites have over 45% of the market share.12 [ E-commerce Facts
  • 16. [E-commerce Facts [Payment for online purchases are typically made through 3 rd party services, Alipay is the largest with over 600 million registered accounts.13 [ E-commerce Facts
  • 17. Mobile Facts
  • 18. [Mobile Facts [In 2011, mobile e-commerce in China reached 11.5 billion RMB and is expected to continue growing. Amazon China Dangdang Vancl 1% 1% 360buy 3% 9% Taobao mobile 86% 11.5 billion RMB Percentage of Mobile e-Commerce Market14 Share (2012 Q1) [ Mobile Facts
  • 19. [Mobile Facts [In 2011, China’s mobile internet users topped 360 million and the number of 3G subscribers hit 120 million. Smart phone users check their phones, on average, every 6 minutes with 92% of youths admitting to using their mobile phones on the toilet Mobile expected to overtake PC by 201515 2008                    2009                        2010                          2011                    2012E              2013E                2014E   [ Mobile Facts
  • 20. [Mobile Facts [China’s smartphone users reached 190 million.16 [ Mobile Facts
  • 21. [Mobile Facts [In 2011, China became the 2nd largest app downloading county, only behind US. In 2011, 613 445 apps were available in China, 74% of which were available for free, versus 25% globally.17 [ Mobile Facts
  • 22. Search Facts
  • 23. [Search Facts [There are over 35 million web searches made every hour in China 35  million     web  searches  per   hour  18 [ Search Facts
  • 24. [Search Facts [The size of Chinas search engine market hit 5.53 billion yuan ($877 million) in the first quarter of 2012 with 95% of search market share owned by Baidu and Google. Others Soso 0% Google Sogou 1% 18% 3% Baidu 78%3 [ Search Facts
  • 25. [Contact Us Follow on Twitter @digitaljunglecn Follow on Weibo: Like us on Facebook Presentations on SlideShare Connect on LinkedIn Internet Network Information Center, 2012 Statistical Report on the Internet Development in China. Flurry App Circle, October 2011. iResearch. China InternetWatch. Synthesio. China Daily