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Mobile Internet Revolution in India: All that you'd like to know


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Mobile Internet Revolution in India: All that you'd like to know.
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Mobile Internet Revolution in India: All that you'd like to know

  1. 1. Mobile Internet in India All you need to know about. -
  2. 2. • Desktop PC market is declining.• Smartphone market is exploding.• Rise of “Mobile only’ segment.• Women are more addicted to mobile web now.
  3. 3. Desktop PC MarketPC Market in India(Q3 2012 Report). 2011 4.6India missed the PC 2012 2.9revolution. 0 1.25 2.5 3.75 5 in mnSmartphones are the new access device. Rather the ‘only’ access device.
  4. 4. (Smart) Phone Penetration• 900 million mobile subscribers in India. • These connections are held by 300 million users (source) • 90% are prepaid.• ONLY 27 million smartphones users in Urban India, as of Q1 2012 [source]• 2.7 million smartphones sold in Q1, 2012.• 5.5 million smartphones sold between Jan-June 2012. Still Early Days..
  5. 5. “Still Early Days?” Think Again!‣ India is the largest market for Opera Mobile Store[link]‣ 40% of mobile internet users in India ditchnewspapers for consuming content on smartphones[source]‣40% of Google India’s search originates from mobilephones [source]‣30% of new Facebook users in India register viamobile phone ! [source]‣Indian Smartphone users are more active than theAmerican counterparts. [research]
  6. 6. Mobile Internet has surpassed Desktop Internet
  7. 7. Mobile Internet: Beyond (Smart)PhonesS40 rules. Android rising. iOS making its presence felt.
  8. 8. Say Hello.Mobile-only Generation source
  9. 9. • 41% Indians : ‘mobile only’.• 40-50 % of Indian Internet users will access the web only on mobile phones by 2015 [Report]• 40% of Google India’s search originates from mobile phones [source]
  10. 10. Mobile Internet in India: Key Stats to know.
  11. 11. - About 76% of smartphone users in India access social networking sites on their devices compared to 54 per cent in the US.- Usage: 77% of smartphone owners listen tomusic, while 33 per cent use it for playinggames and 32 per cent read newspapers ormagazine.- Over 94% of Indian smartphone users accessthe internet on their mobile:- Access point: Home is the favourite accesspoint for the mobile internet.-68% of users have made an online purchaseusing their smartphone. [report]
  12. 12. Rise of Tier 2. Plus, a gender divide55% of daily mobile Internet usershail from outside the top 8metros [report]36% of smartphone owners inIndia are in 18-29 age group.Only 17% are in the 30 to 49 agegroup.
  13. 13. NextBigWhat forMobile Internet in India?
  14. 14. Winds of Change.‣ Apple is revisiting India. ‣ Has got distribution partners onboard. ‣ Launched iTunes in India.‣ 3G hasn’t yet taken off in India. ‣ Only 4% of India’s over 900 mn mobile subscriptions are on 3G. ‣ 2013 will see action around 3G and 4G. India could become one of the world’s top five countries for smart-phones by 2016, representing almost 10 % of the entire world’s supply. In 2011, it represented 2.2 of it.