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Summary charts etc. for Study Day evaluation, 6 October 2012

Summary charts etc. for Study Day evaluation, 6 October 2012

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  • 1. Evaluation of Year 1 First Study Day PGCE/Cert Ed (PCE) University of Bedfordshire 6 October 2012
  • 2. Notes• All figures based on 102 returns: if figures don’t add up it is because not everyone answered everything.• Pie charts are used where respondents had to choose just one answers from several alternatives• Column charts are used for “tick all that apply” questions• Spreadsheet with raw data available on request.
  • 3. 1: I knew what to expect
  • 4. 2: Overall the day...
  • 5. Write-ins about the day overall:• More enjoyable than expected• Had a wonderful day!• Great day! Thanks• Really great time with enthusiastic staff• Thank you to staff for how you looked after us, helped us and made the day enjoyable• Excellent day!• Fantastic Study day and great introduction to the course• Thanks a million• Went quickly; good to interact with others• Really enjoyed the day
  • 6. 3: Registration
  • 7. 4: Library and BREO induction
  • 8. 5: The “Low-Down”
  • 9. 6: Technology forlearning and teaching
  • 10. Write-ins on the “carousel”• Already use library, so knew about that• Tech. session was brilliant• Low-down; would have liked a group Q and A
  • 11. 7: Allocation to Interest Groups
  • 12. 8: The Interest Group task...
  • 13. 9: the first meeting was...
  • 14. 10: The time given to Interest Groups was...
  • 15. Write-ins on Interest Groups• Not enough time• Break before to catch up, please• Why?• OK--once the tutor finally appeared• Could have gone into several groups• Not all subjects catered for• Time too short• Offender learning group would be useful
  • 16. 11: Was Sue Cowley’s session stimulating?
  • 17. Write-ins on Sue’s session:• Great!• Brilliant!• I want to be like her!• Hope I remember it all• Incredible!• Fantastic!• Excellent! repeated frequently
  • 18. 12: Did you leavewith ideas you can use?