Day 4 training


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CRW Day 4 Training

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  • Day 4 training

    1. 1. PCS Curriculum Review Week June 18-21, 2012 Ridgewood Elementary School Day 4
    2. 2. Welcome Back!It’s the Last Day!
    3. 3. Group ActivityFind someone from another team and share: 1. Something you are proud you accomplished yesterday 2. Something you hope to accomplish today 3. Something you have a question on from yesterdayAs you listen to your partner… 1. Congratulate them on their accomplishment 2. Answer their question (if you are able)
    4. 4. Day 3 Reflections/FeedbackStill laughing and having fun Unexpected expectations in a new formatHow much work has been accomplished Anxiety over completing the workChocolate No donutsEngaging ConversationsEnd in sightHelp from Media, ESL, and EC StaffHelp from Connie, Pat, and VanessaESL PresentationHow hard everyone is still workingNew relationships are being formed
    5. 5. 3-2-1 Reveals (Day 3) Expectations Surprises ClarificationsHard work M a and Pa Year at a GlanceClarification More principal visits Who’s reviewing the docs? Positive reinforcement CSI attendance by teachers At a Glance Docs CSI We’re almost done! Viewing of the guide Delivered Water & Can we leave when we’re Chocolate done? Easy to see how the days What happens if we don’t build on each other finish? Flexibility New knowledge of how the guides work
    6. 6. Norms for the Week• Start & end punctually• Dress appropriately• Listen actively• Disagree respectfully• Participate enthusiastically• Focus completely (monitor your technology)• Have Fun
    7. 7. Remember…What is learned here leaves here
    8. 8. Schedule: Day 4• 8:00-8:30 – Opening Session• 8:30-12:00 – Work Session• 12:00-1:00 – Lunch (on your own)• 1:00-4:15 – Working on the Work • Complete Guides • Review sample unit plans & assessments to identify exemplars• 4:15-4:30 –Debrief Session
    9. 9. Direction for Today1. Review Yesterday’s Work2. Understand how to incorporate ELA standards throughout your guide3. Continue the Work
    10. 10. Deliverables for Today1. Embed ELA integration ideas (6-12)2. Create final version of the draft guide 1. Pacing for benchmarks (mid-marking period and end of marking period) 2. Learning targets 3. Essential Questions & Big Ideas 4. Assessment suggestions 5. ESL suggestions3. Identify unit & assessment exemplars from March PD days
    11. 11. ELA Integration
    12. 12. Literacy Integration: The Work• Refer to the ELA Common Core Standards pg 59-66• Integrate the appropriate standard (by writing it out) for the unit/time period it addresses• Do this throughout your guide
    13. 13. Group WorkFor each content area/grade your group is responsible for:1. Embed ELA integration ideas (6-12)2. Create final drafts of all guides including… 1. Pacing for benchmarks 2. Learning targets, essential questions, big ideas, and criteria for success 3. Suggestions for ESL integration, ELA integration, and Assessment format3. Identify unit/lesson and assessment exemplars (created at March PD days)
    14. 14. Concluding Directions• Turn in all work to your facilitator• Collect your check• Sign-up to present at CSI if you are interested ($100 per session per presenter)• Give yourself a pat on the back• Have a wonderful summer!