Fueling Innovation and Growth in the Cloud


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Intuit CIO Ginny Lee delivered a keynote at the SIIA 2011 All About the Cloud event in San Francisco. Her topic, a look at how Intuit is fueling innovation and growth in the cloud.

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Fueling Innovation and Growth in the Cloud

  1. 1. Fueling Innovation and Growth in the Cloud Ginny Lee SVP/CIO @IntuitInc
  2. 2. Mission: Why we exist as a company… To be a premier innovative growth companythat improves our customers’ financial lives so profoundly… they can’t imagine going back to the old way We serve these end customers “Better Money Outcomes” Financial… making & saving money, grow & profit Consumers Small Businesses Productivity… turning drudgery into time for what matters most …and those who serve them Compliance… without even having to think about it Health FinancialAccountants Care Institutions Confidence… from the wisdom & Players experience of others @IntuitInc
  3. 3. @IntuitInc
  4. 4. Woven into the Fabric of the Economy ImprovingHelp families put up to $1,000 ~ 50M Lives Help small businesses be 20% back in their pockets… more profitable… Customers $550M in consumer savings revenues ~20% of U.S. GDP, identified to date pay 1 in 12 American workers Help people get themaximum tax refund… Improve FI profit per Help accountants be 20% $33B in tax refunds, customer by 20%… more productive today… 1 out of every 3 1B customers equal to the Serve half of all tax returns e-filed 5th largest U.S. bank accounting firms @IntuitInc
  5. 5. Connected Services By the Numbers30+ apps In the cloud 15+ in mobile – one in every business $2B Connected Services Revenue for FY ’10 @IntuitInc
  6. 6. Fueling Innovation and Growth in the CloudMindset Innovation Data @IntuitInc
  7. 7. Mindset @IntuitInc
  8. 8. Transforming the CIO Role From: To: Service Provider Change Agent Enabling growthDriven by cost and and great customer efficiency experience E2E systemic IT “plumbing” thinking @IntuitInc
  9. 9. Transforming IT at Intuit 2008 Today Transform Creating new business 1% 15% strategies and new innovative connected services to drive additional revenue growth Succeed Deploying robust business and technology solutions that delivers 4% 40% great customer experience and business scalability Fundamentals• Improving Employee Productivity• Ensuring Regulatory Compliance 95% 45%• Keeping the Servers Up and Running @IntuitInc
  10. 10. Customers Strategy Rev Growth TechnologyThink business first, tech second @IntuitInc
  11. 11. Our Customers Intuit Business Units & Product ExternalEmployees Functional Groups Developers Customers“My workplace “Our processes and “I have the right “My personaltechnology makes technology help my environments to relationship withme more business grow.” support innovation Intuit and ‘always-on’productive.” and scale with access to its products security, and services helps redundancy and me accomplish my reliability.” important tasks.” Customers define value @IntuitInc
  12. 12. Scalability Reliability Security Inside-Out: Systems @IntuitInc
  13. 13. Scalability Reliability Security Inside-Out: Outside-In: Systems Customers Confident & User Tools On-Going Use Experience Put customers at the heart of everything you do @IntuitInc
  14. 14. Business Units Product Development Solve Develop and important create new customer products & problems services Operational excellence in IT service delivery & infrastructure Be explicit about roles… @IntuitInc
  15. 15. Layer Tech Stack Examples Roles BUs: Ultimate Offering Offering Offering Ownership of Offerings Customer Experience Web Product Shared Prdt Emerging Accountable: CTO Hosting ... Infrastructure Components Platform Technology Business Integrated Core IT Accountable: CIO Core Biz Svc ... Infrastructure Layer Svcs Data Center Computing Networking Storage Accountable: CIO Infrastructure Tools & Automation … and make everyone accountable @IntuitInc
  16. 16. Innovation @IntuitInc
  17. 17. Intuit Hosting Platform PD FY11 FY12 Pharos ExternalFull Internal CloudAutomation/Self-Serve 2-3 Hours • Self-service internal cloud • Full scale internal and external hosting cloud computing with elastic metering PD IT FY09 FY10 2-3 MonthsManual / • Creation of hosting standards • Dedicated IT engineering teamBuild to … production scalable in partnership with PD toOrder create standards and enable • Deploying environment and rapid prototyping data center automation Dev QA Performance Production Break down barriers to innovation @IntuitInc
  18. 18. Rapid timeCloud Managed to marketHosting Hosting and productivity @IntuitInc
  19. 19. @IntuitInc
  20. 20. End Users Intuit Developers “I have real Partner “I have a greatbusiness needs” Platform business idea” “I want to serve & benefit from the whole ecosystem” Build successful businesses together @IntuitInc
  21. 21. Data @IntuitInc
  22. 22. Data-as-an-AssetFor Intuit/Our Employees: For Our Customers: @IntuitInc
  23. 23. Competitive Advantage Insight to Action Personalization Never Enter Data/ Just Do It For Me ReportingShift from basic reporting to data driven actions and insights @IntuitInc
  24. 24. Use data to create customer delight @IntuitInc
  25. 25. Unlock the value of data @IntuitInc
  26. 26. Fueling Innovation and Growth in the CloudMindset Innovation Data @IntuitInc