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Handbook: Power Panel on Apps you need to give you more time to serve your clients


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The handbook associated with the QuickBooks Connect Power Panel on the apps you need to give you more time to serve your clients.

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Handbook: Power Panel on Apps you need to give you more time to serve your clients

  1. 1. 100% Cloud – Your Action Plan for Success 2 © 2020 Innovation Training Limited 2017 QuickBooks Connect London 2017 Power Panel Apps to give you more time to serve your clients Panelists Clayton Oates, Founder, QA Business Pty Ltd Diane Lucas, Accounting Consultant, Direct Management Kane Munro, Director, Accountancy Online Facilitator Wayne Schmidt, Accounting Practice Advisor, Karbon Inc. Contributor David Leary, Small Business Ecosystem Evangelist, Intuit Inc. QuickBooks Connect Sydney 18May2017
  2. 2. Copyright Copyright 2017 Intuit Ltd. All rights reserved. Trademarks © 2017 Intuit, Inc. All rights reserved. Intuit, the Intuit logo, Intuit ProLine, Lacerte, ProAdvisor, ProSeries and QuickBooks , among others, are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intuit, Inc. in the United States and other countries. Other parties’ marks are the property of their respective owners. Notice to Readers The publications distributed by Intuit, Inc. are intended to assist accounting professionals in their practices by providing current and accurate information. However, no assurance is given that the information is comprehensive in its coverage or that it is suitable in dealing with a client’s particular situation. Accordingly, the information provided should not be relied upon as a substitute for independent research. Intuit, Inc. does not render any accounting, legal or other professional advice, nor does it have any responsibility for updating or revising any information presented herein. Intuit, Inc. cannot warrant that the material contained herein will continue to be accurate nor that it is completely free of errors when published. Readers should verify statements before relying on them.
  3. 3. QuickBooks Connect Sydney 2017 Power Panel: Apps 1 Panelists Clayton Oates, the Inspired (Ex) Accountant, teaches accountants and bookkeepers to successfully transition from a Trusted Advisor to a true Difference Maker both for their clients and for themselves. As Chief Solutions Officer at QA Business, Clayton and his team have helped more than 25,000 SMB's and their ABC's (Accountants | Bookkeepers | Consultants) use technology to buy back precious time from their businesses. Diane Lucas brings her passion for accounting to her bookkeeping practice, where she specialises in QuickBooks Online. The first Australian ProAdvisor to be certified in QuickBooks Online, a Top 100 ProAdvisor 2015 and 2016, and the International ProAdvisor of 2016, Diane is also a Member of the elite Intuit Trainer/ Writer Network. Helping business owners effectively use technology in their business is what Diane and her staff focus on at Direct Management. A registered BAS Agent, Diane also enjoys supporting fellow bookkeepers and educating the business world about what it means to use a Registered BAS Agent in their business. Founder QA Business Pty Ltd @clayton_oates Accounting Consultant Direct Management @dianelucasau
  4. 4. QuickBooks Connect Sydney 2017 Power Panel: Apps 2 With a background at larger accountancy firms Kane founded Accountancy Online with a view to delivering a proactive and prospective service to clients by using the right tools from the growing crowd of digital tools. Adopting the same perspective in his own business allowed Kane to escape the grind and granted him the freedom and flexibility to operate with full autonomy from anywhere and anytime. Director Accountancy Online @kanemunro
  5. 5. QuickBooks Connect Sydney 2017 Power Panel: Apps 3 Facilitator With over 25 years of experience in the accounting industry spearheading Australian expansion for all leading accounting software vendors, Wayne is now focused on his passion: enabling accounting firms to unleash their growth potential, embrace change and be more profitable, via his role as Accounting Practice Advisor at Karbon. Based in Australia, Wayne is a popular speaker in the US and Australia and brings his humor to the stage as well as his understanding of the needs and wants of accountants. Contributor David Leary is a Small Business Ecosystem Evangelist at Intuit and an innovative force in the small business accounting world. His business sense, vast technical knowledge and domain expertise have helped bridge the gap between developers, small business owners and accountants. In 2015, David was named by Accounting Today as a "One to Watch" in their Top 100 Most Influential People issue. Accounting Practice Advisor Karbon Inc. @wayne_schmidt__chmidt Small Business Ecosystem Evangelist Intuit Inc. @davidleary
  6. 6. QuickBooks Connect Sydney 2017 Power Panel: Apps 4 Small Businesses that Use the Cloud are More Successful • Those that use cloud based solutions have 25% more revenue • An app can save a small business three hours a week… • Two apps can give a small business a whole extra month a year HOW TO DEFINE APPS
  7. 7. QuickBooks Connect Sydney 2017 Power Panel: Apps 5 HOW TO FIND APPS and QuickBooks Online Apps Tab Google Searches Word of Mouth • Online Reviews • Online Discussion Groups • Conferences • Webinars • Over Lunch
  8. 8. QuickBooks Connect Sydney 2017 Power Panel: Apps 6 POWER PANEL TOP TAKEAWAYS According to Kane Munro 1. Automate what you can afford to — Your time is the most precious resource you have. Use technology to automate as many repetitive and time consuming tasks that you can. 2. Outsource what you can afford to — Your time is the most precious resource you have (yes, it’s that important I’ve mentioned it twice). If technology can’t do exactly what you need, find cheaper time than yours to do tasks. 3. Go Mobile — You likely have pockets of time you didn’t even realise. If you’ve got the ability to do productive work on the go it allows you to tap into these unexpected pockets (Example: If you’re on the train or waiting for an appointment). 4. Change it — Don’t be afraid of change. If something isn’t working for you or is sucking up too much of your time, do not be afraid to change the process/app/resource to something that works. 5. Focus — You cannot afford to waste the time you have. According to Diane Lucas 1. Embrace change — It is happening whether you want it to or not. Choose to move with it or be left behind. If you aren’t the one talking to your clients about change, someone else will be. 2. Aim for simple — Apps are about creating processes that is repeatable and consistent. No one app will do it all (we wish); don’t let best get in the way of better. 3. Cost isn’t everything — Apps cost money; time is money. Find an app which makes your processes more efficient and the app will pay for itself. 4. Don’t be afraid — This works two ways. Your practice needs to step up into the new-age to remain relevant. But, don’t be afraid to define your client base. Work out your ideal client and let go of those who are holding you back. 5. Think outside the box — Don’t restrict yourself to what you currently know. Learning enables change. Always be thinking about your clients and how you can better help them to simplify their business. 6. Understand what you are trying to achieve — If you aren’t sure, then talk an expert who can help to articulate your needs/wants. Remember, your wants may be very different from your needs.
  9. 9. QuickBooks Connect Sydney 2017 Power Panel: Apps 7 According to Clayton Oates 1. If you're feeling app-overwhelm, you're not alone. This session will teach you how to overcome inertia and help you start your app selection process. 2. Building an apps-stack doesn't mean you have to know a stack of apps! Discover how to shortlist the key apps you need to better service your chosen client base. 3. Discover the key questions to ask when interviewing prospective app vendors in order to create lasting partnerships 4. Discern the big six app end-points that are needed by most businesses. Learn how the bookkeeper and accountant are perfectly positioned to add more value to the client relationship by delivering these solutions. 5. Learn how to effectively market apps to your clients 6. Apps can differentiate you and your firm in the marketplace
  10. 10. QuickBooks Connect Sydney 2017 Power Panel: Apps 8 Additional Resources DAVID LEARY’S 12 LAWS OF SMALL BUSINESS SAAS APPS 1. There is not a list of top apps; there are only smaller lists of possible apps that could be a good fit for a specific small business 2. There is no app that does everything 3. The right app today may not be the right app tomorrow 4. Using the right app can save time; time is money, justifying the cost of the app 5. The source of truth will be spread across many apps 6. Accountants, you cannot possibly learn all the apps. Pick a niche and learn the apps needed for that niche. 7. Developers, if you think your app works for every small business niche you are wrong 8. Small business owners, if your accountant says you need to be on QuickBooks Desktop, they haven't explored the numerous apps which when added to QuickBooks Online are a better solution 9. Apps keep small business owners and their employees out of the accounting software, returning it to its natural home in the domain of accountants and bookkeepers 10. It's Software as a Service (SaaS). Service is all that matters. 11. Commodity apps will get cheaper in price, niche apps will increase in price 12. It's not a conversion from Desktop; it's an upgrade to a better cloud ecosystem of solutions
  11. 11. QuickBooks Connect Sydney 2017 Power Panel: Apps 9 APP CHECKLIST CHOOSE q Screen Shots q Upfront Pricing q Free Trial q Self-Signup q QuickBooks integration TEST q Collaboration q Learning Curve q Pricing q Platform q Support IMPLEMENT q Test on its own q Add to demo account q Test with client q Get feedback and adjust q Train, support, rollout