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Conversation guide: Forming deep relationships with your clients


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Conversation guide: Forming deep relationships with your clients

  1. 1. 100% Cloud – Your Action Plan for Success 3© 2020 Innovation Training Limited 2017 QuickBooks Connect London 2017 Conversation Guide Alex Davis Business Development, Intuit UK QuickBooks Connect London 6–7March 2017
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  3. 3. QuickBooks Connect London 2017 Conversation Guide 1 Presenter Alex works within the Business Development team at Intuit, partnering with our strategic accounts within the UK. He is fortunate to work with some of the most innovative and forward thinking accountancy practices in the country and specializes in helping firms attract and retain clients through developing cloud based services. Alex Davis Business Development Manager Intuit UK
  4. 4. QuickBooks Connect London 2017 Conversation Guide 2 Remember, the deep relationships that you hope to build with your clients start with good questions. Try to be open minded when asking the questions and do not jump to the solution too quickly. Structure your questions in 4 areas1 : TODAY Help me understand your biggest challenges today. • Which challenge is causing the biggest issue? • If you could change 1 thing now to make your business better, what would it be? • What takes up most of your time? • What are your expectations of an accountant? • What has been your experience of accountants in the past? • What has worked well and not so well in the past? TOMORROW • What are your plans over the next 6-12 months? • What are your priorities over the next 6-12 months? • What is the ultimate aim for your business? • You mentioned some challenges that you are currently facing, will these continue? • What outcomes do you want to achieve through working with me? • How will you measure success in 12 months’ time? • What do you need to put in place to hit those success measures? 1 * TTFF framework –Conversations that sell, Nancy Beeke
  5. 5. QuickBooks Connect London 2017 Conversation Guide 3 RISKS • What will happen if you don’t make any of the changes we have discussed? • What would happen if you don’t achieve any of the success measures we have identified? • What is going to get in our way? • What has got in your way in the past and did you overcome it? • If you make these changes, what don’t you want to happen? • What concerns you? • Do you think your staff will be concerned about any of the changes we have discussed? REWARDS • What could you do with the time savings we have discussed? • How do you see this affecting your profits? • How will you gain from some of the improvements we have discussed? • What will the impact be if we hit the success measures outlined? • What competitive advantage will this create? • What difference will this make to you personally?