Do you have the Innovator’s DNA? by David Gee


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Do you have the Innovator’s DNA? by David Gee, Chief Information Officer, CUA at the 11th Annual Australian CIO Summit 2012

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Do you have the Innovator’s DNA? by David Gee

  1. 1. Do you have the Innovator’s DNA? David Gee – Chief Information Officer, CUA 11th Annual Australian CIO Summit 2012 RACV Royal Pines Resort
  2. 2. Purpose of Today’s Presentation• The changing role of the CIO• Let’s talk about Innovation• What is the Innovator’s DNA?• Do I have it - how do I rate ? (Real-time Survey) 3
  3. 3. What does CIO Stands for ……. Change Innovation Originator ? Chief Integration Focus on Officer Change & Innovation Chief Information Focus on Officer Business Process Integration MIS Career is Over Director ? Focus on Applications CommoditisedData Processing IntegratedManager Orchestrated ? Focus on Computing Focus on CIO transaction Focus on processing my next job 4
  4. 4. A Day in the life of a CIO Network or Infrastructure Poor User Quality Staff Issues Issues satisfaction issues & acceptance Getting BusinessPerformance Working on Sponsorship issues Vendor Mgt IT Strategy Issues Program Service Cost Management Delivery Constraints overruns Issues IT Security IT Leading threat too far in Can’t getTransformation front of the traction on headache business Innovation 5
  5. 5. Disruptive innovators — think and behave differently.Steve Jobs Pierre Omidyar Jeff Bezos Richard Branson Seem to possess a suite of skills that enable them to connect dots that the rest of us don’t usually perceive. Source: Innovator’s DNA 6
  6. 6. A short History of Gadgets Gaming, Music Devices, Book Readers Mobile Phones PDA’s Smartphones & TabletsInnovation of Gadgets over the last 15 -20 years 7
  7. 7. Online is changing the way we shopOnline Innovation post the Dot Com Era….. 8
  8. 8. Retailers are embracing new customer needsAdvent of Virtual Shopping + Mobile Phones 9
  9. 9. Online moves into Bricks & Mortar RetailMore richer virtual experiences in-Store 10
  10. 10. What is the Innovator’s DNA? Source: Innovator’s DNA 11
  11. 11. Innovator’s DNA Model Questioning Challenging the Associational Innovative Status Quo Observing Thinking Ideas Networking Taking risks ExperimentingCourage to Innovate Behavioural Skills Cognitive Skill to Synthesize Source: Innovator’s DNA 12
  12. 12. Where do you see yourself? Competencies Discovery-driven Discovery Leadership Delivery-driven Leadership Delivery Competencies Source: Innovator’s DNA 13Discovery v Delivery Competencies
  13. 13. CIO Example Source: Innovator’s DNA 14How different is your own self perception vs what others think?
  14. 14. Discovery v Delivery Skills Source: Innovator’s DNA 15Is this your natural comfort zone?
  15. 15. Time to participate….1st Question Source: Innovator’s DNA 16Are you perfectly balanced or at the poles?
  16. 16. Courage to Innovate Leading thru others Source: Innovator’s DNA 17
  17. 17. Discovery Skills v Leading Innovation Source: Innovator’s DNA 18
  18. 18. Time to participate….2nd & 3rd Questions Source: Innovator’s DNA 19
  19. 19. For this group of CIO’s 20
  20. 20. If you want to try this yourself Source: Innovator’s DNA 21What do others say about you ?
  21. 21. CIO – the Innovator’s DNA• CIO has many conflicting priorities• CIO doesn’t have to be the innovator• But needs to provide courage & support• How do others describe you? (Boss, peers etc)• What are you going to do about this? 22