Intel Cloud Summit 2012 ODCA + NAB


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  • Green representing where ODCA is investing in usage modelsThe maturity level of each vertical segment in the industry is moving at a different pace.The goal is to understand where are the ODCA Board members are going, are at now, and ensure we are fully covered for Usage Models to enable the end goal.2012 year of enabling Security in the Cloud, Hit the Top 5 Regulators, Establish VM hypervisor interoperability
  • Intel Cloud Summit 2012 ODCA + NAB

    1. 1. Accelerating Enterprise AdoptionA Customers Perspective 1
    2. 2. Confidential NAB and the ODCAAbout Us NAB and the ODCANational Australia Bank is a financial ODCA as a Steering Committeeservices organisation with over Member since 201012,000,000 customers and50,000 people, operating more Chair of Security Workgroup andthan 1,750 stores and Service Regulation WorkgroupCentres. Development and PoC of SecurityCurrently developing our internal Usage ModelsCloud capability. Contributing to Carbon Neutral Whitepaper and Commercial MUM 2
    3. 3. ConfidentialWhy we are taking leadership on Cloud Business attractiveness Security and trust Technical capability 3
    4. 4. ConfidentialStandards promote a global market Cost effective Faster, lower cost Choice Known capabilityCompetitive global market Innovation Agility & innovation Risk Demand driven 4
    5. 5. Confidential The ODCA’s vision is matches enterprises’ requirementsDrive new levels of IT agility through delivery ofunified customer requirements for cloud computingenabling secure & federated cloud services, agilityof IT infrastructure, common management andpolicy for data center resources, and transparencyin cloud service capability and metrics. 5
    6. 6. ConfidentialWhy we’re participating Real world industry experience Build capability Credibility Engagement of our people 6
    7. 7. ConfidentialA practical lifecycle drives industry adoption ODCA defines Define new/enhanced requirements Providers invest to requirements meet demands Awareness ODCA drives Providers scale by results deliver sharing solutions Best practices fuel Lead enterprises broad deployments Enterprises adopt invest in UM solutions solutions 7
    8. 8. Confidential Development prioritised by Usage ModelsSECURE & COMMON MGMT AGILITY TRANSPARENCYFEDERATED AND POLICYProvider Virtual Machine Regulatory Service CatalogAssurance Interoperability Framework Compare serviceStandard provider Standard, Industry features & pricesecurity tiers: bronze- interoperable VM requirements & across providersplatinum deployment & compliance Standard Units management management best of MeasurementCompliance practices PerformanceMonitoring IO Control comparisonTransparent Extend QoS Commercialoversight of provider guarantees from Framework Carbon Footprintsecurity system to network Commercial “CO2 aware” Cloud agreement guidance services 8
    9. 9. ConfidentialEnterprise Cloud Maturity Model (CMM) 2010-2012 2011-2013 2012-2014 2013-2015 2014-2016 Consumers 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 End Simple SaaS Simple SaaS Complex SaaS Hybrid SaaS User Cloud Aware Apps Cloud Aware Cloud Aware Enterprise Apps Apps Application Legacy Apps Enterprise Legacy Apps Developer Legacy Apps Legacy Apps Federated Complex and Open Application Compute IaaS Cloud Private PaaS Hybrid PaaS Owner Simple Simple Compute Compute IaaS IaaS Compute,IT Operations Storage, and Compute, Full Private Storage, and Hybrid IaaS Network IaaS Network 9
    10. 10. ConfidentialDeliverablesCycles 1&2 = CMM 1.0, Cycle 3 = CMM 1.5ODCA Collateral (complete and WIP)Commercial Framework; Regulatory Framework, Standard SaaS Actionable Service Catalog (UI and API) Dynamic Management and OrchestrationUnits of Measure, Licensing Web and Data Services InteroperabilityService Orchestration; Service CatalogIdentity, Secure Provider Assurance, Security Monitoring, Cloud Aware AppsIdentity (cont’d), Data Encryption of End-to-End Services PaaS Business ProcessesInterop of Apps/Services, Data ExchangeCloud Aware App Design Best Practice Interop of Web Data Message SecurityApps/ServicesIaaS (include storage, networking)Distance Workload Migration, Scalable Storage Traditional and Cloud Aware AppsCompute IaaS; VM Interop, IaaSDistance Workload MigrationProgrammable Network Topology Compute Storage NetworkCarbon Footprint Facility Power, Cooling, Physical Space 10
    11. 11. ConfidentialSummaryFrameworkConceptual Architecture + Maturity Model to drive long-term ODCA planningand prioritizationComplete Compute IaaS and run through entire lifecycle2013 work to complete IaaS, and begin PaaSDecisions:Ratify Conceptual Architecture 1.0 for ODCARatify Board Prioritization and proposed timing 11