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  1. 1. Manthan Topic- Walk To Equality: Ensuring Safety And Empowerment Of Women Team Name: Vibrant Youth 2013 Team Members: • NITISH KUMAR RAI • RAHUL KUMAR • TUSHAR SRIVASTAV • SHUBHAM SRIVASTAVA • VARUN SINGHAL 1
  2. 2. India talks of Women Empowerment and Equality but still the condition of women is pathetic……….. A. Increasing rate of crimes against women > Incidents of rape, acid attack, dowry death have increased in recent years B. Low literacy rate > Female literacy rate in India is even less than 50 %(43.2%) C. Lack of awareness > Most women don’t know their rights and the schemes being run for them D. Lower participation of women in policy & decision making > Representation of women in Parliament ,Legislatures and other government bodies . > Less voice in households and in societal decision making E. Poverty > Women perform nearly 2/3rd of the work however they earn only 1/3rd of the remunerations F. Gender Inequality > Low status of women in the society is the outcome of our patriarchal system which is in force by traditions 2
  3. 3. Addressing the problem of increasing rate of crimes against women Crimes & their proposed solutions: 3 Rape • The criminal should be punished on the basis of sensitivity of the crime and not the age of the criminal • FIR can be lodged in any police station irrespective of the place of the crime • Speedy justice to be ensured • Victims to be given all essential treatments free of cost Acid Attack • Distribution and sale of acid be strictly regulated • Schools and Colleges to monitor the use and storage of acids and other chemicals in their labs Dowry • Both giving and receiving of Dowry should be punishable • Provision for imposition of monetary fine and rigorous imprisonment for the accused
  4. 4. 4 Sexual Harrasment of Women at workplace • Every organization/company must have Complaints Redressal Committee having a woman as its head. It must have atleast 50% female members. • Every employer should make anti-harrasment policy and provide anti-harrasment training to all employees Female Foeticide • Doctors carrying out sex determination must be prosecuted and their degree must be cancelled •Parents indulged in female foeticide must be forced to undergo vasectomy or tubectomy Human Trafficking • Special anti-trafficking units should be constituted at district, state and central level
  5. 5. Implementation Model  640 Fast track courts (1 in each district) to be set up to deal with cases of violence against women. These courts to conduct the trials on daily basis  These courts to report directly to the special unit of High Courts  Compensation of atleast Rs. 3 Lakh to be paid to each victim of rape and acid attack by the concerned state government or union territory .This compensation would be for the after care and rehabilitation of the victim  Creation of special women cell in every police station  Establish anti-trafficking units in every district  Creation of the post of special woman magistrates in every district. This magistrate will be the head of women cell/units of the district. Special woman magistrate will report directly to Women Affairs Ministry of the state government  Creation of single database management system for 1. keeping the district wise data of missing/kidnapped girls and the list of all the crimes against women 2. keeping the track record of all the criminals  Provide compensation to the dependents of the victims  Employers to be made accountable for any sexual harrasment of women at workplace.  Provide minimum financial assistance of Rs. 10 Lac to the dependents of rape and acid attack victims 5
  6. 6. Advantage over existing system  Special dedicated team to help the victims  Easier to lodge the complaints  It will be easier to trace the criminals with the help of centrally managed single database system  Time gap between the lodging of FIR and delivery of judgment will be reduced  It will provide financial aid to the victims for their post operative treatment and rehabilitation  Victims of sexual harassment at work place will be able to get a better platform for redressal of grievances  Dependents of rape and acid attack victims will get much needed financial help. 6
  7. 7. Problems In Empowerment of Women • Low literacy rate : Around 35% females in India are illiterate Causes 1. Lack of awareness about the importance of education 2. Due to poverty 3. Patriarchal system Proposed Solutions 1. Make education free for girls who’s parents income is upto Rs. 3 lacs p.a. 2. Provide counseling to the girls and their parents about the importance of education in life • Lack of Awareness : Most women are unaware of the welfare schemes run by the governments Causes 1. Illiteracy 2. Non availability of means of communication such as Radio, Newspapers, T.V. 3. Lack of development in far-off areas such as North-Eastern region 7
  8. 8. Proposed Solutions 1. Awareness can be created through ads in electronic and print media, radio and street plays. 2. Satellite communication system should be established in those villages where means of communication are not available. 3. Radio and newspaper facility should be provided at each Gram Panchayat center. • Lack of participation of women in policy and decision making : Women have less say in households and societal decision making Causes 1. Women earn only 1/3rd of the remuneration. 2. Perception of having lack of income generation capacity. 3. Lesser representation of women in Parliament and State Legislature. Proposed Solutions 1. Provide adequate vocational training to women to increase their income generation capacity. 2. Provide 30% reservation for women in Parliament and State Legislature. 8
  9. 9. •Poverty : Poverty is one of the major reason for dropouts of girls from schools and colleges. Causes 1. Unequal access to economic opportunities 2. The labour force participation rate of women in rural areas is only 20.8 and 12.8 in urban areas 3. Traditional perception of having lack of income generation capacity Proposed Solutions 1. Provide equal wages to women for equal work in comparison to men 2. Work done by housewives must not be neglected 3. They should be given ownership and control over productive assets. • Gender Inequality: The women are stilled discriminated and their status in society is low . Causes 1. Patriarchal system. 2. No respect of women not only in society but also in houses. Proposed Solutions 1. Gender sensitization should be carried out. 2. Include gender studies in curriculum. 9
  10. 10. References • National Legal Research Desk • Chandigarh High Court Judgement in Swatika Negi acid attack case • Kurukshetra magazine • Census of India-2011 10