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  1. 1. WALK TO EQUALITY Team Details Aryan Raj (Team Coordinator) Ayush Devan Rupesh Solanki Harsh Vijayvargiya Kartik Arora Ensuring safety and empowerment of women
  2. 2. 0 20000 40000 60000 80000 100000 120000 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Crime Against Women during 2007-11 Rape Dowry Prohibition & Death Sexual Harassment Molestation Domestic Violence Today the prettiest creation of the creator is nothing more than a centre for a bunch of Crimes and Discriminations Female feticide is a curse to Indian society. Discrimination in children on the basis of their sex is common even in educated societies. Women are not provided proper education facilities and are abstained from schools. Women are tortured upon the “PARDA” system. Women get paid low compared to men for the same Job mainly in private sectors. A widow is considered as a taboo in Indian society.
  3. 3. Crime Against Women % Distribution in 2011 Domestic Violence(43.4 %) Others(0.2 %) Dowry Prohibition Act(2.9 %) Immoral Traffic Act(1.1%) Dowry Death(3.8%) Sexual Harassment(3.7%) Kidnapping & Abduction(15.6%) Rape(10.6%) Molestation(18.8%) Illiteracy Lack of awareness Loopholes in administration CONTRIBUTING FACTORS Casual reaction of Bureaucrats and Democrats Judicial Delay Ill mentality of people Instead of expecting everything from the government, we should take stand individually against the issue, as Mahatma Gandhi has said – “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.
  4. 4. SAFETY AND EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN CAN BE ENSURED AT 3 STAGES Ensuring Proper Education and Self Defence Training Empowerment and Employment Opportunities to Women Making strict amendments in laws and judicial system for Crime Against Women ENSURING PROPER EDUCATION AND SELF DEFENCE TRAINING 1 • Education should be made compulsory for every girl mainly at primary level. 2 • Separate recruitments (supervisors) should be done just to ensure that every eligible girl is coming to school. 3 • Quality staff should be hired in schools in order to ensure quality education.
  5. 5. 4 •Self defense training should be given to every girl accompanied with awareness camps. 5 •A higher level of vigilance should be made which will watch over the process of recruitments of staff and working of the whole system. Quality Education Self Defense Training Awareness Vigilance Department Quality Teaching Staff Families/Girls Supervisor PRIMARY SCHOOL
  6. 6. ADVANTAGE OVER EXISTING SYSTEM  There is no supervision on the fraction of girls attending the school to the total number.  Due to lack of an active vigilance the recruitment of teaching staff involves corruption resulting a very poor quality of education.  Only a very small fraction of the schools have self training facilities and it is yet to be made compulsory. FUND REQUIREMENTS Number Of Districts in India = 671 Number of Vigilance Officers = 671 Number of Vigilance Staff = 6710 Number of Supervisors = 638596 Fund Requirements 671*4.80 = 3220.8 3355*1.44 = 4831.2 127719*.72 =91957.68 INR 1000.0968 cr Government funding is the only way to meet the fund needs for this system. Government have been spending way more on similar schemes.(Only the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan received Rs. 25,555 cr allocation.)
  7. 7. EMPOWERMENT AND EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES TO WOMEN • Government owned Women Employment Centers in remote areas with training facilities will create skilled women workforce. 1 • Awareness camps for skilled women to share their talent to unskilled and uneducated women will create women workforce without any expense. 2 • Encouragement to household industries and handicrafts industries as they possess employment opportunities for women. 3 4 •Equal opportunities to all the women. •An all round empowerment of women is the most crucial concern for the Walk To Equality i.e. Economic Empowerment , Educational Empowerment and Political Empowerment . 5 •Compulsory monthly awareness camps introducing the rights of women will probably be a big step towards empowerment of women.
  8. 8. • Skilled women will volunteer to teach their skills to women in Women Employment Centers in their free time. • Handicrafts industries and household industries are loosing their identity because of a very narrow market. • Government must modify the current export policies and it should encourage more production from household and handicrafts industries by creating a wider market. • Weekly women meetings in villages making them aware of their rights will be a big step towards empowerment of women in remote areas. IMPLEMENTAION MODEL • Women employment schemes do exist in India but women can not get any benefit because of lack of skill. • Government has been neglecting household and handicrafts industries and is instead more interested in promoting industrial production goods , minerals etc. • There is no active scheme being run by the government which aims on making illiterate women aware of their rights. ADVANTAGE OVER EXISTING SCHEMES
  9. 9. MAKING STRICT AMENDMENTS AND LAWS AND JUDICIAL SYSTEM FOR CRIME AGAINST WOMEN •Punishment for rapist should be from 7 years imprisonment to death varying over circumstances. •Highest punishment for acid throwing should be 20 years. •Registering women complains must be made easier. •Marriage registration must be made compulsory. PROPOSED AMENDMENTS •The government needs to take a stand and make the suggested amendments for the punishment of different crimes. •All the complains of Crime Against Women should be handled by female police. •Every district must have an active marriage registration department to ensure registration of every marriage. IMPLEMENTAION •Maximum sentence for rape is 7 to 20 years and no death penalty. •Highest punishment for acid throwing is 7 years. •Women face a lot of problems while registering complains in police stations. •There is a department named Marriage Registration Bureau but it is almost inactive. ADVANTAGE OVER EXISTING SYSTEM
  10. 10. 1. Education at primary level will teach the importance of education to girls. 2. Self defense training will make women capable to protect themselves. 3. Women Employment Centers will produce skilled women. 4. Market widening of household and handicraft industries will create employment for illiterate women. 5. Women awareness meetings to make women aware of their rights will help in women empowerment. 6. Amendments in punishment for Crimes Against Women will effectively decrease the number of crimes falling in this category. 7. Female police will be more understanding towards the complaints of Crimes Against Women hence reporting complains will be more easier for women. 8. An active marriage registration department will decrease crimes involved during marriages. IMPACT OF THE SOLUTION
  11. 11. CHALLENGES Corruption in the recruitment of staff and distribution of fund. Improper execution of the schemes started and funded by the government. Selfish politics is a hurdle to the suggested amendments. People disobey the rules and restrictions by the government. Casual behavior of people towards getting their marriage registered. Ill mentality of people is among the biggest challenges. MITIGATION FACTORS A well designed process for recruitment of staff and direct transfer of fund to the corresponding person or department. Monthly monitoring of the activities involved in the schemes and submission of the reports to the higher authorities. Active participation of the administration in establishing law and order. Marriage certificate should be made a compulsory document in every official work related to anyone of the couple after marriage. Awareness campaigns and media advertisements can be helpful to improve the Mentality of people.
  12. 12. 1. 2. Number_of_Village.htm 3. 17/news/31204564_1_education-sector-higher-education-allocation 4. 5. 6. 7. APPENDIX