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  1. 1. Boosting  Skillsets-­‐Increasing  the  employability  of   youth         By-­‐TEAM  CHRISTITES     Anusha  Dwivedi   Krupa  Joshi   Bhimanandham  Jaya  Madhuri   Earlu  Sirisha   Santanu  Das   Batch-­‐MBA-­‐Christ  University  Institute  of  Management(CUIM)   Bangalore,India  
  2. 2. Introduc)on   Ø The  youth  employability  is  one  of  the  largest   challenging  programme  for  the  citizens  of   India.   Ø Awareness  in  the  development  sector  has   shifted  sharply  towards  two  areas  over  the   past  couple  of  years:  youth  and  employment.  
  3. 3. Some  say-­‐   Ø Most  recently  gone  jobs  cannot  come   back  but  still  there  is  a  future  for  work   in  India.   Ø Jobs  among  youth  could  really   accelerate  the  economic  growth  of   India.  
  4. 4. Some  sta)s)cs   Ø The  ILO  reported  that  74.8  million  youth  between   15  and  24  years  were  unemployed  in  2011.   Ø It  is  an  increase  of  more  than  4  million  since  2007.     Ø Globally,  the  youth  unemployment  rate  is  almost   13%,  and  youth  are  nearly  three  times  as  likely  as   adults  to  be  unemployed  and  with  no  jobs.  
  5. 5. Unemployment  rate  in  states  
  6. 6. Con)nued…   Ø In  the  above  pie-­‐diagram  it  is  observed  that  17  percent   of  the  states  and  UT  in  India  the  unemployment  rate  is   less  than  20  persons  out  of  1000  persons.   Ø In  37%  of  states  and  UTS  the  unemployment  rate  is   between  21-­‐40  persons  out  of  1000  persons.   Ø The  figures  are  alarming.  
  7. 7. Why  should  we  focus  on  young   people   Ø Goal  oriented   Ø They  can  change  the  face  of  the  nation   Ø They  are  young,  dynamic  and  energetic.   Ø They  are  methodical  in  their  work.   Ø They  are  motivated.  
  8. 8. Reason  of  unemployment   Monetary    problem   •  Indian  economy  is  not  equally  distributed.   •  Monetary  crisis  among  families.   Lack  of  Government  infrastructure   •  Lack  of  Government  policies.   •  Unequal  distribution.   Initiatives   •  Lack  of  unique  initiatives.   •  All  the  families  are  not  educated.  
  9. 9. Some  sugges)ons   Ø Initiatives  needed  from  the  parents  as  well  as   schools.   Ø All  round  development  to  bridge  the  gap   between  education  and  employability.   Ø Only  classroom  studies  is  not  enough.   Ø Learning  through  project  work,  industry   analysis  is  necessary.  
  10. 10. Na)onal  Skill  Development   Corpora)on   Ø A  non-­‐profit-­‐company  set  by  Ministry  of  Finance.   Ø It  is  a  PPP  organization  being  set  up  to  upgrade  the   skills  of  Indian  workforce.   Ø Catalyze  skill  development  programs  among  the  youth   through  effective  learnings.  
  11. 11. Link  the  gap  effec)vely   •  NGOs  should   come  forward  to   teach  students   about  innovative   education  skills   NGO   •  Ministry  of   HRD,  India   should  come  up   with  innovative   ideas   Government   •  Students  should   be  encouraged  to   pursue  hands  on   exercises  along   with  studies   Individuals  
  12. 12. Some  recommenda)ons   Ø Increase  productivity  among  youth.   Ø Try  to  teach  them  new  areas  of  employability.   Ø Make  them  aware  of  various  job  opportunities.   Ø Create  a  holistic  development  among  them.   Ø It  is  the  youth  who  through  their  employability   skills  can  build  a  nation.  
  13. 13. Appendix   Ø   website  of  National  skill  Development  Corporation   Ø   Ø   Ø   Ø