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  1. 1. I W A N T T O B E E M P O W E R E D
  2. 2. Pre birth Infancy ChildhoodAdolescence Reproductive Age Sex selective abortion Female Infanticide Neglect (health care & nutrition) Child abuse , rape & malnutrition , trafficking , forced labour in farmland Honor killing, Dowry killing , rape Intimate partner violence, Sexual abuse, Homicide, Sex work, Trafficking, Sexual harassment , forced labour in farmland Forced prostitution, rape, trafficking , forced labour in farmland Woman Life In Quick Sand
  3. 3. Realties of India at a glance Crime rates against women Political and Judicial Participation • 8 in 74 members union council of ministers. • 2 among 26 judges in supreme court. • 54 among 634 judges in high court. • Of total members in parliament women constitute only 10.9%.  Women are most effected by crime in india.  According to a report ,in 2011 43.4% of women were victims of cruelty of their husbands and relatives.  Of total women in india 10.6% were raped,15.6% were abducted and 18.8% were molested(in every 34 min. one woman is raped).  Women victimised by sexual harrasment were3.7%(in every 42 min one woman is sexually harassed).  Women forced to die because of unnecessary dowry demands were 3.8%(in every 90 min. one woman is burnt to death over dowry ). Literacy Rate Of Women Higher Education
  4. 4. • Every single reason why the women are the ones to suffer comes down to the patriarchal society monster running amok. • Be it the lack of education , health , nutrition, basic facilities, economic sustenance, security issues, low self esteem or the right to decision making, all zero in to the monster named above.  Etymologically, the men & women lived in the Hunter-Gatherer society.  Men hunted and women gathered food and other amenities. Till now no major problems.  Later on with the advent of developments , men came to be the ones to plough the fields and women were coined the child bearers and were supposed to look after the house and its inmates. From here began the division of labour that was detrimental to their future.  From that moment onwards it is a well accepted fact that the women are the dependent sector. Thus in one way or the other the women are themselves responsible for being deemed submissive and docile with appropriate augmentation by the male ego.  Along with the patriarchal problems intra-gender brutality also has equal blame to take . Even if certain women get some support from their male counterparts ,they have to accept defeat in front of the other females who try to manacle them in the bonds of traditions .  Problem of pedagogy originates from the male dominant society. Whatever behavior the boys of a family watch their fathers administer to their mother and sisters is what they assume to be apposite and emulate them.  Economic instability – the next in the hierarchy of all the causes is also the reason of women’s dependency on their male counterparts. Even in case of domestic violence she never revolts as she is much too concerned about her children to play with their future which could be easily spoiled in case of a split between their parents.
  5. 5.  “ROSHNI ” is a govt. monitored awareness group which is to be set up.  It’s branches will be at village , block & district level respectively.  In every branch there will be working committee .  It’s work comprises of – Basic level education. Vocational training Awareness Which will comprise of simple mathematics (addition , difference, etc) . In this women will be given sewing crafts and handicrafts training according to the need of the regional area. Making women aware on different fronts in life. Such as health, intellect, education , self respect , etc. This organization aims at employing all those women who have been ostracized by the society and have nowhere to earn a living along with girls who have passed their high school and intermediate. Generates employbility
  6. 6.  Every Indian woman above eighteen years of age is to be provided with a basic mobile phone(with inbuilt FM radio).  These phones will be provided after one week of basic training regarding it’s operations. The cellphone literacy will be rendered by the organization ROSHNI.  All these above activities will be monitored by village panchayat and government school teachers. Complaint platform A special number that acts as a forum for registering complaints regarding domestic violence and other such atrocities which the women feel ashamed to discuss with the local police. Health Counseling A virtual community of doctors who give medical advice on the phone itself thus eradicating the hassle of finding and going to a doctor. Enhance Safety A module of an emergency call to be there in all these mobile phones. Ex: pressing the menu button 4 times transfers the call to a reliable person so that one can shout out one’s whereabouts even when the phone keypad is locked! Social Connectivity This would greatly help in enhancing social connectivity amongst the women as well as with the relatives of these women. Thus in case of any kind of emergency they can contact their allies.
  7. 7.  In every state woman radio station will be set up.  These radio stations will be presenting programmes in regional languages.  These programmes will be aimed at raising the status of women.  Radio jockeys will comprise of both male & female.  There will be contests organised by the other existing radio stations for the recruitment of the radio jockeys  Women can contact the radio jockeys through their mobile phones & participate in question – answer hour session.  Radio will be accessible through mobile phones which they are provided.  In every state woman radio station will be set up.  These radio stations will be presenting programmes in regional languages.  These programmes will be aimed at raising the status of women.  Radio jockeys will comprise of both male & female.  There will be contests organised by the other existing radio stations for the recruitment of the radio jockeys  Women can contact the radio jockeys through their mobile phones & participate in question – answer hour session.  Radio will be accessible through mobile phones which they are provided. Radio Station Entrepreneurship enhancement Health & Awareness programmes Increasing dignity Safety & security Counselling programmes Health counselling Counselling on family violence Security counselling WOMAN RADIO STATION Counselling will be provided on toll free number
  8. 8.  Crime is omnipresent, the best savior for women is their own defenses.  Self Defense to be added in the curriculum of all school & colleges as a mandatory subject.  Institutions that specialize in training girls on self defense ought to be established.  The course in this field should be given the epitaph of a recognized degree.  Provision of employment as instructors of the women who graduate from these colleges to be made. They will be employed by the schools and the colleges(including the specialized self defense colleges)  Seminars and educational workshops to be held routinely in these colleges to keep up the morale of its students and to instill in them the confidence that they can fight. ERADICATING CRIMES  This policy is concerned with having an eye on heinous acts of aborting girl child and trafficking of women.  This policy will include the common man himself keeping a track of unnecessary abortions of girl child and girls being thrown into brothels for the rest of their life. WORKING • The person who exposes illicit aborting centers and doctors involved in this act would be rewarded. • The reward will be given only after the case goes through standard judicial process and the verdict comes in his favor. • If the claim is found to be fraudulent then there should also be a penalty (lesser than the reward).
  9. 9. ECO-FEMME  Objective- o Providing reusable and affordable sanitary napkins to women in rural areas. o These napkins are made up of soft flannel cloth that can be easily washed and reused for upto 5 years. o The local women of the area given basic tailoring skills for the stitching of these pads. o Addressing the issues of gender based stereotypes associated with menstruation. Advantages- o Improving sanitary conditions. o Employment opportunities provided to local women. o Invigoration of self esteem and confidence. o Environment Friendly. This is a women’s self help group doing a great job in Auroville (Tamil Nadu). We wish to see this radicalization spread to the other parts of the country as well .
  10. 10. Mentality Matters Pictorial representations leave everlasting marks on a person’s mind. Its frequently noticed that the school text books depict doctors, engineers, musicians, politicians etc. as male figures. Why not represent the involvement of females in these fields as well ? Images depicting both gender representations will impose upon young boys and girls the impression of an egalitarian work force and encourage more girls to strive hard to qualify for such jobs.  Victims of rape , trafficking , prostitution etc. ought not to be victimized by the society and media. Their mental and physical anguish should not be attenuated by the volley of shame and tongue clucking that comes complimentary.  The women subjected to such heinous crimes should be encouraged to disclose their identities as they were no where wrong and the only allegation ever proven against them is that they were at the wrong place at the wrong time or that they were not “RESPECTABLY” dressed.  One cannot change the mentality of people who rape but we can assuage the society to accept the girl. Ousting her will neither solve the growing problem of crimes nor benefit the girl and her family.  For this before the commencement of every television series in an hour there should be a short film briefing people about the power of thought and mentality
  11. 11. SOLUTIONS:A COMPARITIVE STUDY EXISTING GOVERNMENT POLICIES SOLUTIONS PROPOSED BY US  Small defence camps are organised which do not reach to most women and are also short termed.Instructors in this field have no job insurance.  Various government organisations and policies like sarva shiksha abhiyaan aim at providing education and awareness but are not that effective in their approach.  There is no such provision for providing free cell phones to all the women in India or a radio frequency exclusively for the women.  There are no provisions for healthy sanitary conditions during menstruation.  The school text books depict the involvement of only men in all the conventional job opportunities .  The establishment of self defence colleges will include a large no. of women and train them to the fullest .The instructors have job insurance and a degree.  The organisation ROSHNI will recruit women whose value has appparently devaluated in the market is also making women mobile literate.  The provision of equipping women with cell phones and giving them a radio channel will give them a sense of belonging and aid in their upliftment.  Eco femmey the self help group of Tamilnadu should be encouraged all over the country for the enforcement of healthy menstrual sanitary conditions.  Our proposal appeals to the government to review their book illustrations to include both the male and women for these conventional occupations.
  12. 12. REFERENCES a) NSSO b) Frontline magazines. I. Data Card(January 2013) II. Many faces of gender inequality by Amartya Sen(2001) c) d) The Hindu e) Times of India f) The Parliamentary Committee on Empowerment of Women report. g) National Commission for Women reports. h) Disappearing Daughters by Gita Aravamudan.
  13. 13. SR. NO NAME PHONE NO. e-mail ID 1. RAASHI AGARWAL 9005735656 2. SURAJ SHARMA 9044796046 3. JYOTI SINGH 7376600480 4. HIMANSHU TOMAR 8791551658 5. ARUN SINGH BHADORIA 8726647556