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RTB update 3 - Tom Jenen & Christine Nielsen, Google
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RTB update 3 - Tom Jenen & Christine Nielsen, Google


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Premium Programmatic on Google’s AdExchange Tom Jenen Head of Marketplace Development, Northern Europe Google
  • 2. Why programmatic? Data and technology better connect the right buyers with the right audience Targeting Massive Scale . Performance Transparency Operational efficiency Google Confidential
  • 3. The Exchange Ecosystem Incentivising Demand and Supply Google Confidential
  • 4. Important Trends Already Here Formats: Media, Mobile & Video Buyers: Deals & Creative Management Inventory: Rules & DFP+AdX Google Confidential
  • 5. Formats: Media, Mobile & Video Rich Media More engaging formats with seamless support for third party expandables Video In-Stream video support for all video ad lengths with demand for 15s, 30s, and longer formats Mobile Full mobile monetization including mobile web, optimized web and app inventory Google Confidential
  • 6. Formats: Media, Mobile & Video Non-PC impressions as percentage of DFP: 3X We use an average of three different screen combinations each day 81% 66% Smartphone & Television Smartphone & Laptop/PC 66% what they were a year ago Laptop/PC & Television Google Confidential
  • 7. Buyers: Deals Exclusive & Reduced Demand Open & Liquid Open Auction Programmatic, thousands of buyers Ad Network Optimization Private Auctions Preferred Deals Direct Premium in DFP Maximize yield from tag-based networks Programmatic, Multiple buyers, invitation only Programmatic, one buyer, fixed price Guaranteed direct sales (martini lunches optional) Google Confidential
  • 8. AdX Programmatic Options Pricing Pricing # of Buyers Description Negotiated, fixedprice, pre-auction deal with one buyer. Preferred Deals Publishers Fixed Price Deal One Buyer Private Auction Publishers 2nd Price Auction w/ price floors Select Buyers 2nd price auction with select group of buyers. Auction model with set floor. Standard auction with all buyers. Open Auction Many Publishers 2nd Price Auction All Buyers Google Confidential
  • 9. Danish Publishers Continue to Expand Options Google Confidential
  • 10. Buyers: Creative Management Integrated Google Technology Ads Review Centre, now with Image Search ● Quickly block creatives ● Integration with DFP coming soon Publisher Toolbar, across Products Google Confidential
  • 11. Inventory: Rules Rethink Your Inventory New publisher controls with more power and less setup! Management • Before: Manually configure individual ad units • Now: Make bulk changes with a few clicks, sync with DFP Pricing • Before: Set floors per unit, and only based on buyer • Now: Set floors in bulk based on any combination of buyer/advertiser. Transparency • Before: Sell inventory in a branded or anonymous fashion • Now: Semi-transparency, branded & anonymous Google Confidential
  • 12. The Future of Exchanges: Upcoming Trends Google Confidential
  • 13. Trend 1: Audience Nothing drives value like users Before: Buyer-driven Now: Publisher-supported ● Create User Segments ● Across Devices (PPID) Google Confidential
  • 14. Trend 2: 1st Party Data Not just Audience Before: drives significant value only in direct Now: also for programmatic ● Combining data signals multiplies targeting ● Already powerful in deals, soon to be powerful for advertisers Google Confidential
  • 15. Trend 3: Programmatic Direct Efficiency, but also larger market reach Before: two distinct types of selling Soon: spectrum of selling Sidebar: definition of Programmatic Direct • The market is unsure of implementation, but it’s inevitable o Cost reduction o Revenue uplift (for sellers and buyers) Google Confidential
  • 16. Preparing for the Future What Should You Be Doing Now Experiment with Deals Experiment with Data Rethink Your Inventory Google Confidential
  • 17. Thank you! Questions? Google Confidential