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Programmatic Marketing


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The algorithmic purchase and sale of advertising space in real time.

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Programmatic Marketing

  1. 1. PROGRAMMATIC MARKETING Changing the Way Brands Connect With Their Audience
  2. 2. What Is Programmatic Marketing?- Changing the way brands connect with their target audience Software and algorithms place targeted content in front of defined groups in specific and relevant places Big data exists: The programmatic approach acts as the glue that makes it actionable Age Gender Social standing Geographic Which Can Encompass Segments Across Demographics Compiled by author from sources: -
  3. 3. A Change From Traditional Marketing- A Buyer no Longer has to Agree to Run a Certain Number of Ads With a Publisher Nor are They Locked into a Contract Like Paid Search, You’re Able to Limit The Ads to Times of Day and Frequency You Decide Which Publishers You Want Your Ads to Show Up on You Pay For Effective Ads Only, Sent to The Right People at the Right Time Compiled by author from source:
  4. 4. Programmatic Media Buying- Programmatic Media Buying is the Algorithmic Purchase and Sale of Advertising Space in Real Time During This Process, Software is Used to Automate the Buying, Placement, and Optimization of Media Inventory Via a Bidding System 96% of marketers are using programmatic to buy display In 2015, 55% of all US display ads were bought programmatically 56.2% of all US programmatic digital display ad spend came from mobile in 2015 Compiled by author from source: Image Source: Google Images
  5. 5. Programmatic RTB?- RTB comes into play, where brands/ads set variables such as price, audience segment profiles (types of people) they are trying to reach with their message and the overall network reach When a webpage is being loaded, information that’s been gathered about both the user/visitor and the context of the site or webpage is being loaded too, it’s sent back and forth to an ad exchange and the ad is placed on that page This space gets auctioned off to the highest bidder and their ad is placed in the space – this is done in milliseconds with no detriment to page load times or user experience Real Time Buying: Compiled by author from source: Image Source: Google Images
  6. 6. Programmatic Content Marketing- Brands Can Set Triggers That Will Display Content to a Targeted Audience at Specific Times, in Specific Places or In The Event of Particular External Factors Compiled by author from source: Used to create a dynamic website experience where the information on display is directly related to the referral source If someone has visited a site after engaging with an article or video, the site owner can create a seamless user experience through associated content and messaging
  7. 7. Return On Investment: Facts- The Main Advantage of Programmatic Advertising is the Clear Shift in the Direction of ROI- focused Advertising Thanks to Programmatic Tools, Companies Will Be Shifting Their Focus Back to What Matters – Results and ROI Programmatic Advertising Includes the Ability to Monitor ROI Accurately and Has Altered the Way Budgets are Managed Compiled by author from source:
  8. 8. Fastest Growing Industry: Facts- A rise in the use of programmatic ads means that smaller companies can compete with big brands Companies will have to ensure their campaigns are more appealing in order to stand out Companies will have to spend more money on copy writing, graphic design and development of high quality converting campaigns 2/3 of all display ad spending is being allocated to programmatic The 2016 spending estimate of $22.10 billion is a 39.7% increase from 2015 Companies who do not automate media buying will be left behind with ineffective campaigns Compiled by author from source:
  9. 9. Increasing Programmatic Spending- Where Agencies Will Increase Spending Video 54% Display 58% Social 18% Search 10% TV 12% Mobile 53% Compiled by author from source:
  10. 10. Budgets On The Rise: Trends- As programmatic ad tools improve, it will continue to rise in popularity and as a result, bite a bigger chunk of digital advertising budgets Programmatic tools tend to deliver better ‘bang for their buck’ making it money well spent! Budgets will continue to shift away from traditional media Brand marketers will make a major move to programmatic Data will continue to be a major point of interest, even for savvier marketers Compiled by author from source:
  11. 11. Programmatic Ads: Trends- Programmatic Ads are Viewable at a Rate of 44% To 55%, In Line With Industry Benchmarks, the Industry Average for Suspicious Activity is Only 16% 90% of all ads will flow programmatically within a decade In 2020 programmatic could account for 85% of targeted banners and 67% of streaming video ads Compiled by author from source: Image Source: Google Images
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