Semiotics of Snow White & The Huntsman


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Semiotics of Snow White & The Huntsman

  1. 1. SNOW WHITE & THE HUNTSMANA DECONSTRUCTION Presented by Nur Aida & Nadiah
  2. 2. Snow White and the HuntsmanTrailer Official 2012 [HD] - Chris Hemsworth - YouTube.flv
  3. 3. Syntagm & Paradigm• Movie trailer – spatial & • Changing shots(focus, long temporal syntagm shot) . Long shots to convey• narrative, sequential ideas of journey & syntagm magnitude of war, close up• Bracketing syntagm shots on characters’ faces to (montage of brief shots) convey the emotions• Opening frame – dark • Binary – clouds & ravens; final frame black/white, natural/unnatu - doves ral leader, natural/supernatural , good/evil • Soundtrack selection/dark overtones • Deeper voice of characters • Choice of font • Choice of costume
  4. 4. Choice of shots
  5. 5. DialoguesQueen: Do you hear that? It’s the sound of battles fought and lives lost. It oncepained me to know that I am the cause such despair, but now their cries give mestrength. Beauty is my power. (hegemonic reading)Queen: Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the fairest of them all.Mirror: You are the fairest, but there’s another destined to surpass you. Consume her. Then, you shall live forever. (paradigmatic choice of words)Queen: Find me someone who doesn’t fear the dark forest to hunt her down.Huntsman: Why is she of such value?Queen: That is none of your concern.Huntsman: If I refuse? (oppositional reading, paradigmatic choice of words)Queen: Lips red as blood, hair black as night. Bring me your heart, my dear, dear Snow White. (paradigmatic choice of words)
  6. 6. Hegemonic reading & Myths• Text – movie trailer• Beauty is power• Stepmothers are the adversary/to be feared• Conventional Beauty = youth, innocence, natural, nobility• Women = witchcraft• Negative view of women in power• The men will save the day/damsel in distress• Royal succession – primogeniture• Fairy tales = magical elements
  7. 7. Oppositional Reading• Snow White as modern woman – take up warrior role, a woman fighting her own cause• The huntsman – defiant / anti- establishment, choice of weapon (axe)• The huntsman teaming up with Snow White and the dwarfs (the underdogs)• Huntsman – London’s Saville Row label, USD5000 for an entry, by appointment only
  8. 8. Intertextuality : Snow White’s costume = Grimm’s fairy tales, 1937 Disney version
  9. 9. Intertextuality: Snow White in armour = Joan of Arc
  10. 10. Intertextuality: Queen’s black robe = Madonna’s music video ‘frozen’ & turning into ravens
  11. 11. Intertextuality: The huntsman & axe = Thor (Chris Hemsworth) & hammer
  12. 12. Iconic images• Castles• Vast plains• Dark forest• The kiss• Knight’s armour• Horses and knights, battle on the beach –
  13. 13. Indexes• Facial expression – queen, snow white – Queen = anger, satisfied, distant, cold – Snow white = scared, struggling, bewildered – huntsman = serious, angry, masculinity – direction of the eyes – looking up, looking ahead• Sounds – horns – battle/ war – laugh, sigh – queen’s cruelty/ evilness
  14. 14. Symbols & Connotations• Mirror Used in traditional witchcraft, cannot lie, if broken 7 years of bad luck• Red apple Temptation, lust, sin• white horse Carries patron saints/ world saviour in the end times• Raven Evil, black magic and death Love, peace/ as• White doves messengers; in Judaism, Christianity, military & pacifist groups.
  15. 15. Symbols & Connotations• Black Evil witches; worn by religious Christian figures• Purple light/smoke Associated with royalty and nobility• Silver & gold Riches; strength; power, perfection Bleak, frozen feelings that the• Winter characters harbour; death; suggest the absence of hope• Axe Authority; fascism - ancient roman symbol of authority & strength through unity
  16. 16. Codes• Social code – Verbal language – the queen, the mirror, the huntsman – Bodily codes – the queen, Snow white, the huntsman• Textual code – Aesthetic, genre & stylistics – romanticism, narrative – Mass media