Narrative & film theory research assignment 7 (edited)


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Narrative & film theory research assignment 7 (edited)

  1. 1.  A narrative is a way that you present a story to an audience. There are many types of narrative:
  2. 2. e.g. The story follows Perseus in time order as he journeys to find Medusa in order to defeat the kraken.Explanationsof a few: The story starts off Linear and splits into four different segments of the same story making it Non-Linear As Chucky grabs Glen’s neck, the movie ends and you don’t know what happens.
  3. 3. Tzvetan Todorov is a narrative film theorist who looks at narrative structure. o He was born in 1939 and is a Franco-Bulgarian philosopher. o He had three main points under the idea of narrative theory. Equilibrium: He suggested that stories begin with an equilibrium where everything is in balance.Disequilibrium: This is disrupted by something small that sets of a chain of events. Problems are then solved so that everything in the movie gets back to normal.
  4. 4. Examples of Equilibrium films: The girls at the school have things the way St Trinians they want them (Equilibrium) until the MP comes to inspect the school and wants to shut the school down. (Disequilibrium) The girls win a show based on intelligence and find a stolen painting. They are now heroes. (New Equilibrium)
  5. 5. Watchmen You find out at the very beginning that Superhero’s are banned. (Equilibrium) One of the ex superhero’s is murdered and parts of his old team try to find out who killed him. (Disequilibrium) They find the killer but another member of the old team is blamed. (New Equilibrium)
  6. 6. Claude Levi-Strauss is a narrative film theorist who looks atnarrative content.o He was born in 1908 and was a French anthropologistand was called ‘The Father of Modern Anthropology’o He looked into the narrative view called BinaryOpposition. Binary Opposition • It is the way we interpret and understand text
  7. 7. Vladimir Propp was a Russian scholar who looked at Russianfolk stories to explain the simple narrative elements.o He was born in 1895o He was also a film theorist who looked into characterprofiles. He divided the characters in the stories into 8 parts:The The HerVillain Dispatcher Father• The • The • The The False person person The person Hero The who Princess The The Hero *The against (Magical) who sends the or Prize Donor *The person the hero Helper * The gives *The person who takes in the hero off. * The the task person the person who credit for story person to the prince who marries the Hero’s who helps Hero. marries at prepares the actions or the hero in the end of the hero. princess. tries to his quest the story. marry the princess.
  8. 8. Examples of films with character theory: The Villain is the voodooThe Princess and the Frog man who tricks and transforms the prince. He is also the false hero as he tries to marry the Princes intended princess. The Dispatchers are unseen but are Prince Naveen’s parents who send him to marry a rich girl. The magical helper is the blind old lady. The princess or prize is Tiana. The donors are the alligator and firefly. The hero is Naveen.
  9. 9. Sleeping Beauty The Villain is Maleficent the witch. The Dispatchers, Donor and Magical helpers are the fairies who find the Prince and give him a sword and shield. The Princess or prize is Sleeping Beauty (Aurora). Her Father is King Stefan. The Prince is Prince Phillip. The False hero is N/A.