Higher Logic Learning Series - How to Engage Your Audience Through Content Marketing (07-23-14)


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Content is about more than just white papers, case studies, and what your marketing department creates. Your customers and members are taking information into their own hands to create, curate, and share what they want—they no longer rely on you to get what they need. Now the best content marketers, they use resources such as Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, personal blogs, and push out influential testimonials on a daily basis.

So how can businesses use this content to truly find success in building more traffic, leads, and customers? In this passionate webinar, Marcus Sheridan will cover three essential topics to impact your company if you follow his precepts:

1. What is the essence of successful content marketing?
2. How can you implement a program that gets the results you're looking for?
3. What impact will this have on the company when done right?

Educate your customers and prospects with content they are already seeking and creating. From current blogs, photos and infographics, to the oft-forgotten books and presentations, develop a system for creating what people crave.

THOUGHT LEADER: Marcus Sheridan, Founder, The Sales Lion

Learn more about this interactive webinar series: www.higherlogic.com/resources/learning-series.

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Higher Logic Learning Series - How to Engage Your Audience Through Content Marketing (07-23-14)

  1. 1. How to Engage Your Audience and Get Big Results with Content Marketing Marcus Sheridan, www.TheSalesLion.com
  2. 2. “Be honest with me Marcus, were businesses oversold on all this social media and content marketing hype?” @TheSalesLion
  3. 3. “Marcus, I just can’t get management to see the potential in this. Getting buy-in has been impossible…” @TheSalesLion
  4. 4. We’ve been talking about this stuff the wrong way. @TheSalesLion
  5. 5. “I really think we should be blogging…” (said by no one that ever got company buy-in) @TheSalesLion
  6. 6. “When prospects(members) visit our website, do we help solve their problems better than anyone else in the world?” @TheSalesLion
  7. 7. I’d suggest you stop using these words:
  8. 8. • Social Media Marketing • Content Marketing • Inbound Marketing • Blogging (What are we really talking about?)
  9. 9. •Listening •Communicatin g •Teaching •Helping @TheSalesLion
  10. 10. The companies that truly understand these principles are the ones doing incredible things online…and off. @TheSalesLion
  11. 11. Your company/association’s ability to be the best and most helpful teacher in the world at what you do…digitally speaking. What is “Content Marketing”
  12. 12. 70%This number is literally affecting every business in the world
  13. 13. “Great Website”
  14. 14. “I want to find what I’m looking for…and I want to find it quickly.”
  15. 15. 1 More impatient than we’ve ever been. 2 More demanding than we’ve ever been. 3 More loyal than we’ve ever been…potentially. The Facts: As Consumers, We Are…
  16. 16. Don’t be the exception to everything I’m getting ready to say…embrace the possibilities.
  17. 17. Picking a Restaurant
  18. 18. When I say “buying a used car,” what are the fears and emotions you experience?
  19. 19. 1 Buying a Lemon 2 Paying too much 3 Negotiating 4 Buyer’s remorse The Top 4 Fears of Buying a Used Car:
  20. 20. It doesn’t matter how Daddy did it. It doesn’t matter how it has always been done. What matters comes down to a simple question: Is there a better way? The Reality of the Digital Age
  21. 21. Look beyond the “Rules”
  22. 22. How many questions are there about what you do?
  23. 23. How many of these questions are currently answered on your website?
  24. 24. Burying your head in the sand is officially a dumb marketing strategy
  25. 25. They ask. You answer.
  26. 26. Insourcing, Emails, and Community
  27. 27. Web Design that gets results
  28. 28. What is the purpose of your website’s home page?
  29. 29. To get the visitor to Page 2. 1. A clear headline about the problems you solve. 2. A clear pathway for the visitor
  30. 30. www.TheSalesLion.com Marcus1@thesaleslion.co m Get the book. It’s free. It’s awesome. But you already knew that.