Physician ratings sites & doctors reputations


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Physician ratings sites & doctors reputations. New technology available at Healthcare Marketing Center of Excellence: revolutionizes how physician reputations can be earned.

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Physician ratings sites & doctors reputations

  2. 2. METHODOLOGY USEDHMCOE performed detailed market research about patient & referring physician online behaviors.  Analysis is supported by our data gathered over 11 years of medical practice marketingHMCOE created website content and internet marketing for specific patient & referring physician demographicsHMCOE tested engagement on content via targeted ads. ROI tracked with analytics system & patient appointments WHAT DID WE FIND?
  3. 3. PATIENTS & REFERRING PHYSICIAN BEHAVIORSPatients and referring physicians alike were leaving websites for “background” checks on: #1 = Physician Ratings Sites #2 = GoogleBehavior Analysis:In May/June 2012 – 80% of website traffic was diverted (60% to physician rating sites)Comparison: In 2011, 10-15% of all website traffic was diverted to Google (only 1-2% to physician rating sites)
  4. 4. What does that mean? That’s a change of 65%in a specific behavior in less than 1 year!
  5. 5. IMPORTANT FINDINGSOnce a visitor Googled the doctor with bad reviews he was not coming backROI from internet marketing improved while costs decreased for all campaigns with reputation management platform
  6. 6. Case Study #1 - One review spells DisasterResult: Surgical-patient volume dropped by 15 patients the following month Could this review have been prevented if the doctor asked for feedback during the follow up?
  7. 7. Solution by HMCOE - Case Study #1 Doctor subscribed to HMCOE’s reputation management Within 7 weeks he was able to gather 55 great reviews from his patients, and caught one complaint before it was published He now dominates 2 first pages of Google results Result: in 8 weeks his new surgical-patient volume increased by ~9 patients per month – without spending ANY money on advertisements.
  8. 8. Case Study #2 - “group mentality”Once a bad review is posted, other bad ones are sure to follow
  9. 9. Same Doctor … Another review… Is it Credible?This was written by a staff member to do “damage control” (this is illegal)
  10. 10. Case Study #3 - Patients Google the doctor of choiceHMCOE ran two well-tracked Google advertising campaigns for a 50-practice-group  One for brand advertisements (i.e. “best doctors in …” +brand)  One for each doctor’s expertise & reviewsResult: Campaign for Doctors’ Expertise resulted in 200% increase in new appointments.
  11. 11. Case Study #4 Increasing Out-of-Network patient volumeHMCOE ran a 2 month advertising campaign for a 3- surgeon Orthopaedic practice resulting in 40 new patients, 5 of which were out-of-networkNext month we ran an ads specific to the reputation of each doctor (Average of 30 new reviews/doctor)Result #1: $84,000 profit from out-of-networkResult #2: Only 5% of traffic was lost to Google after seeing the published verified reviews.
  12. 12. ROIThat equals to 1766% ROI on a $4500 investment
  13. 13. Fee-For-Service Patient #1 FactCustomer service & background checks matter to educated shoppers who pay out of pocket!
  14. 14. Streamline Reputation Management ProcessTraining per doctor about our technology – 2 minutesAsking a patient “Please write about your experience as it’s very important for me” and handing iPad with our App… 3 seconds.A doctor showing his patient that he cares about their experience … Priceless.
  15. 15. What you Get: iPad App to gather patient reviews (either for internal purposes or to be published) We verify each & every patient wherever the reviews are written from. Updates to physician ratings sites & online listings where reviews can be published Ultra-targeted SEO campaign to dominate page 1 of results. Oh yes… it is possible. Google Advertising Campaign to get new patients Mobile-ready, QR-integrated website for your location Facebook page with integrated patient reviews GPS submission (to get directions via mobile phones) Monthly Reports showing your growing reputation and new patient leads
  16. 16. What you Get:
  17. 17. What do you need to Succeed?Make the Call & arrange overview of our technology & reputation program (646) 648 – 1355 Or email: