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Hospital Marketing


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A birds eye view of the strategic marketing for an established hospitals with bed size of 150 to 300 or any launching hospital.

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Hospital Marketing

  1. 1. Strategic Details – A View..Strategic Details – A View.. Nagarajan.P.
  2. 2. Drs Feedback..Drs Feedback.. 1. Fulcrum of any Hospital .. 2. Total Importance given to the same. 3. Coordinator to maintain record with mktg team in sync. 4. Immediate SMS to Referring Dr with Thanks. 5. After Consultation of Patient, Consulting data discussed with the Referred Dr by a Junior Doc / Consultant if need be on the patients Status. 6. ASAP the Mktg Team Rep Thanks him with details and meets if possible on further details. 7. If Dr needs to visit an IP Patient of him/her, required facilities are done with Ops in Sync.
  3. 3. Drs Feedback..Drs Feedback.. 8. Corporate / Credit cell team ensures no billing problem occurs. 9. Drs collateral taken care of with a thanks letter from marketing after discharge of patient only in select cases. 10. Data base maintained on specialty wise so that in future it can be of utility value.
  4. 4. Competitor Intelligence..Competitor Intelligence.. 1. CI is tracked on a regular basis through mktg and sales team. 2. Every week in the weekly sales meet Dr referral team, Corp Team have separate one/two hour discussion on referrals, way forward, past programs ,camps and week ahead ideas . 3. Separate CI got from hospital friends and colleagues are also tabulated into procees sheets for use during budget sessions and to give feedback by mktg head to the management on the way forward and what needs to be done to stay in the race and ahead of competition.
  5. 5. Competitor Intelligence..Competitor Intelligence.. 4. COE wise data ,Bed strength, new programs on Health calendar days, occupancy levels, Drs portfolio, Camps and Healthchecks, OHC numbers, Corporate MOUs, CM Scheme Numbers, Angios, Plasts , Cath Occupancy Levels, TKR,THR, Neuro Numbers, Delivery, Dialysis, IPS , Corp data , almost on everything details are got and processed at senior levels to arrive at a strategic consensus. 5. External and internal sources are used for the same..which are confidential info.. 6. Journals and media are also taken into consideration for getting accurate data.. 7. CI is the big step and no stone is left unturned to get data.
  6. 6. Launch of a Product..Launch of a Product.. 1. Launch of an Hospital Product gains importance like a babies arrival in a house.Same importance and personal touch is needed to make it successful.Innovation has no ends. Hence innovate…………….. 2. Months of slog to get the product and Mkt Scenario before launch – WHEN , WHERE , WHAT and HOW …. Swat is an ideal time tested way to go about it…Once Project is ready and on … Rolling in commences………… 3. Teasers on Socia Media , Press , AV in and outside Hospitals .. Should be a must.. Half the battle is won in the anticipation of a launch and rest becomes history…
  7. 7. Launch of a Product..Launch of a Product.. 4. Proper Brand Name and Icon /Logo essential.. 5. Be early to start on Product rather than as a follow up. Innovator has the largest share always.. 6. Ensure the trend setters , Media , Social magnets use the Product or talk about it… 7. A brand pneumonic should go well also… Branding should come up with the strongest plans.. 8. Press Meets and Press Releases are the order of the day with Social Media trendings… 9. Surveys , Events with Newsmakers add up the Launch… 10. Alliance ,Channel partners could come and garner more attention to the same… 11. Free / Trial Offers always suits us Indians….Do it…
  8. 8. Budget Elements…….Budget Elements……. 1. Tracking of Budget according to IPD and OPD with Surgical and Medical Specialties COE wise… 2. Cash, Insurance – Govt / Private , Private Corp, PSU , Cm Scheme , International Patient Service .. Sorting done in the tracking could be very scientific sometimes. 3. Total Tracking for an Hospital Branch can consist of Assumptions on revenue ,expenses for year with staff cost , interest ,depreciation and others coming into play… 4. Budget could be with IP , OP and other Incomes on credit..with admin ,staff on debit to yield EBITDA.. 5. No of IP admissions,discharges,OP Volume..should be a rough estimate on revenue with Lab,Health checks and other incomes into play..
  9. 9. Budget Elements…….Budget Elements……. 6. ALOS..ARPOB and ROCE could give CFO a healthy lead on things at budget perspective.. 7. Drs fees plus all Admin Expenses with Hospital and Pharmacy revenue can make up financial P L Page. 8. CREW – Cost reduction and Elimination of Waste..CAPEX and COE form finance side.. 9. Marketing would give Referral, Branding and Events details as ATL and BTL.. 10. IPS data and Admin staff data could be a separate sheet.. 11. Can be an exhaustive data .. Just given major ones.
  10. 10. Thanks for giving an OppurtunityThanks for giving an Oppurtunity to show case my Prowess…to show case my Prowess… Nagarajan.P.Nagarajan.P.