Phrasal verbs oficina flir


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Phrasal verbs oficina flir

  2. 2. • We often use verbs with the following wordsIN ON UP AWAY ROUND ABOUTOVER BY OUT OFF DOWN BACKTHROUGH ALONG FORWARDLook out / get on / take off / run away
  3. 3. • Often the second word (on/off/out etc.) gives a special meaning to the verb. For example:Break down - Sorry I’m late. The car broke down. (= the engine stopped working)Look out – Look out! There is a car coming.(= be careful)Take off – It was my first flight. I was nervous as the plane took off(went into the air)Get by – My french isn’t very good, but it’s enough to get by(= manage)
  4. 4. • Sometimes a phrasal verb is followed by a preposition.Run away from – Why did you run away from me?Keep up with – You’re walking too fast. I can’t keep up with you.Look up at – We looked up at the plane as it flew above usLook forward to – Are you looking forward to your holiday?
  5. 5. • Sometimes a phrasal verb has an object. Usually there wo possible positions for the object.I turned on the light or I turned the light on.If the object is a pronoun (it/them/me/him etc. ) only one position is possibleI turned it on. (not I turned on it )
  6. 6. Phrasal verbs + upBRING UP a topicIntroduce it in a conversationI don’t want to hear any more about this matter. Please don’t bring it upCOME UP = Be introduced in a conversationSome interesting matter came up in our discussion yesterday
  7. 7. MAKE UP - make something upInvent something that is not trueWhat Devin told you about himself wasn’t true. He made it all upCHEER UP = Be happier, cheer somebody upMake somebody feel happierHelen is depressed at the moment. What can we do to cheer her up?
  8. 8. SAVE UP for something / to do somethingSave money to buy somethingDan is saving up for a trip round the worldCLEAR UP = Become bright (for the weather)It was raining when I got up, but it cleared up during the morning
  9. 9. BLOW UP – explode, blow something upDestroy it with a bomb etc.The engine caught fire and blew upThe bridge was blown up during the warTEAR UP – TEAR something UPTear in to piecesI didn’t read the letter. I just tore it up and threw it away.
  10. 10. BEAT UP – BEAT somebody UPHit someone repeatedly so that they are badly hurtA friend of mine was attacked and beaten up a few days ago. He was badly hurt and had to go to hospitalBREAK UP / SPLIT UP (with somebody)= separateI’m surprised to hear that Sue and Paul have split up. They seemed very happy together when I last saw them.
  11. 11. DO UP a coat, a shoelace, buttons etc.= fasten, tie etc.It’s quite cold. Do up your coat before you go outDO UP a building, a room etc.= Repair and improve itThe kitchen looks great now that it has been done up
  12. 12. LOOK UP – LOOK something UP in a dictionary/ encyclopaedia etc.If you don’t know the meaning of a word, you can look it up in a dictionaryPUT UP WITH somethingTolarate itWe live on a busy road, so we have to put up with a lot of noise from the traffic
  13. 13. HOLD UP a person, a plan etc. = DelayDon’t wait for me. I don’t want to hold you upMIX UP people/things, get people /things mixed up= You think one is the otherThe two brothers look very similar. Many people mix them up. (or ... Get them mixed up)
  15. 15. ADJECTIVE + PREPOSITIONADJECTIVE + OF (1)Afraid/frightened/terrified/scared OF ...Are you afraid of spiders? Yes, I’m terrified of them.Fond/proud/ashamed/jealous/envious OF ...Why are you always so jealous of other people?Suspicious/critical/tolerant OF ...He didn’t trust me. He was suspicious of my intentions.
  16. 16. ADJECTIVE + OF (2)Aware/conscious OF ...Did you know he was married? No, I wasn’t aware of that.Capable/incapable OF ...I’m sure you are capable of passing the examination.Full/short OF ...The letter I wrote was full of mistakes.I’m a bit short of money. Can you lend me some?Typical OF ...Hes late again. It’s typical of him to keep everybody waiting.
  17. 17. Tired/sick OF ...Come on, let’s go! I’m tired of waiting.Certain/sure OF or ABOUTI think she’s arriving this evening, but I’m not sure of that.
  18. 18. ADJECTIVE + at/to/from/in/on/with/forGood/bad/brilliant/better/hopeless etc. AT ...I’m not good at repairing things. (not good in)Married/engaged TO ...Linda is married to an American. (not married with)Similar TO ...Your writing is similar to mine.Dfferent FROM or different TO ...The film was different from what I’d expected. ( or different to what I’d expected.)
  19. 19. Interested IN ...Are you interested in art?Keen ON ...We stayed at home because Chris wasn’t very keen on going out.Dependent ON ... (but independ OF ...)I don’t want to be dependent on anybody.Crowded WITH (people etc.)The streets were crowded with tourists. (but full of tourists)
  20. 20. Famous FOR ...The Italian city of Florence is famous for its art treasures.Responsible FOR ...Who was responsible for all that noise last night?
  21. 21. GAME!I don’t want hear anymore about this matter. Please don’t ______ it ______ again.Beth is vey creative. She always ___________new ideas
  22. 22. Martin is depressed at themoment. What can we do to _______ him_____
  23. 23. In the morning the weather wasrainning but it __________during the afternoon.
  24. 24. I didn’t read the letter. I just____it ____ and threw it away.
  25. 25. I’m surprise to hear that Angelina andBrad have _______. They seemed very happy together.
  26. 26. We live on a busy road, so we have to______________ a lot of noise from the traffic.
  27. 27. Don’t wait for me. I don’t want to _______ you _______
  28. 28. These two Actress look very similar. Many people _____them _____
  29. 29. Are you afraid ________spiders?I’m not good ____ playing football.Why are you always so jealous _____ other people?Tatiana is married ____ a British man.I’m a bit short _____money. Can you lend me some?I don’t want to depedent ____
  30. 30. Thank you! Mary do Socorro Aby Martins Currículo de Língua Inglesa