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Values?  See them in your hands!
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Values? See them in your hands!

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With these fingers I can teach...

With these fingers I can teach...

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  • 1. Values? I see them in your hands.
  • 2. Play along with me. Show me yours!
  • 3. Move little finger only. Can’t stop your palm and the rest of your fingers moving too, right?
  • 4. Let’s test our index fingers. Come On. Move it!
  • 5. Yes! We have more control. Only the middle finger is moving along with the index finger.
  • 6. This is what I see. People People Child Environment People
  • 7. In her ignorance, her actions will affect more people in her environment. The little finger is just like a child.
  • 8. Move this finger. So, what’s the story about the index finger?
  • 9. Someone who is mature and more conscious about the effects his or her actions can create. I see a strong figure in the index finger.
  • 10. Thumbs up, if you can! Can all your fingers touch the thumb?
  • 11. The thumb looks like someone of authority.
  • 12. I see the ability for each finger to bend forward to touch the thumb…
  • 13. … a good support system to lead one on the right path.
  • 14. Can you see a a THUMB and a LITTLE FINGER ?
  • 15. a green message FOR YOU! Do you want to be a little finger forever?
  • 16. Save Paper Save Trees
    • Paper is the most often used
    • material in a classroom
    • environment. You see paper in
    • books, posters and notes. So,
    • save some trees.
    • Show others how to make use
    • of their ever ready fingers as
    • teaching aid about keeping our
    • environment green.
    Be a thumb!
  • 17. Let’s Talk Morality Hang on! I am not done yet! Show me a finger.
  • 18. Yes, the middle one!
  • 19. What about the middle finger? I see in it, a wife and mother who cares for family members around her.
  • 20. Move any of your fingers and the middle one will be affected.
  • 21. Husband Wife Children Got the message? Now move middle finger. Noticed the effect?
  • 22. Think About The Effects Stay faithful to your partner!
  • 23. Before you stray… Take a look at your fingers. Move them!
  • 24. Remind yourself…
  • 25. … who will be…
  • 26. AFFECTED
  • 27. “ Is it time to seek help?” Be on the right track.
  • 28. VALUES?
  • 29. The thumb can also remind us of a higher self who will be ever present watching over our actions.
  • 30. Feel The Presence
  • 31. Be blessed and Guided Say Your Prayers
  • 32. Equations of Values Shared on: http:// greenbeingnancy.blogspot.com http:// philosophyrecycled.blogspot.com / http:// www.slideshare.net/GreenBeingNancy
  • 33. Created with thanks to: Microsoft clipart artists discovered Share Yours At: http:// www.slideshare.net /group/shared-values