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When cycling is power assisted


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What should you note when you buy an electric bicycle in Malaysia.

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When cycling is power assisted

  2. 2. What you need to ask your supplier! the classificationof Electric Bicycle electric bicycle = e-bike = bicycle powered by electric motor
  3. 3. The speed limit. Is helmet required? The power limit. What is legally acceptable in your country?
  4. 4. Registration Is it a requirement? Cyclist’s license Is it required?
  5. 5. VERIFIED BY Deputy Director-General, Datuk Ismail Ahmad Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan The Amended Road Transport Act 1987 New amendments change status of 4,500 electric bicycle owners overnight
  6. 6. acceptable electric bicycles classification speed limit not exceeding must also be pedal-assisted
  7. 7. Electric Motor Power Output Maximum: 250W Riding it in Singapore? Maximum: 200W
  8. 8. Electric Bicycles Classification Not required • Pedal and power-assisted • Maximum power output: 250W • Maximum speed allowed: 25kph Registration License Helmet
  9. 9. Let’s be earth- friendly.
  10. 10. Go for lightweight and rechargeable lithium-ion (Li-ion) powered bicycles… …to reduce our reliance on fuel
  11. 11. speed reducer Can cut down the power by 40%! elderly and young cyclists a great feature for Ensure that e-bike is equipped with
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