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Matrix cosec acm_presentation_v1_r1

  1. 1. Warm Welcome
  2. 2. Presentation Agenda COSEC Access Control Applications COSEC Solution  Software Solution  Hardware Solution Key Features  Advanced Access Control  Emergency Handling  Monitoring and Controlling  Hardware Access Control Reports and Features List
  3. 3. COSEC Access Control
  4. 4. What is Access Control? Prevent Unauthorized Entry Protects and Preserves Enterprise’s Resources Allow Authorized People Entry at Specified Time Round the Clock Security
  5. 5. What is COSEC Access Control? Advanced Access Control for SOHO, SMB, SME and LE Fingerprint, Card and PIN Time, Zone and User based Access Control Access Zone, Access Level and Time Zone Employee wise Access Rights Higher Security in Sensitive Area Alarm Monitoring and Supervision
  6. 6. How Access Control Works? Access Read Process RespondUser Access the  Reader Reads  Compare User  Respond with  System with  Information from  Identity with Its  Allow or Deny  Credentials  Card, Biometric  Database Command to  ID or PIN User /Door
  7. 7. Benefits of Access Control System Higher Security for Organization and Employees Protects Enterprise Assets Restricts Unauthorized Access Eliminates Lock and Key Problems Provides Audit Trail Complete History Logging Monitor Status of Devices throughout a Facility Reduce Cost of Security Personnel
  8. 8. Why COSEC Access Control? Deliver Advanced Security Features Centralized Monitoring and Control Superior Control over Employees and Visitor Access User Wise Access Rights User, Zone and Time based Access Control Input and Output Port Linking Integration with Fire Alarm Panel, Surveillance System etc.
  9. 9. Target Customers... Homes Small Offices Corporate Offices R & D LabsGovernment Financial Institutes Shopping Malls FactoriesOrganizations
  10. 10. Target Customers… Hospitals Retail Stores Clubs Educational Institutes And Many  More…Remote Sites Hotels Server Rooms
  11. 11. Applications
  12. 12. Basic Access Control Application COSEC Application Server EM Lock EthernetExit Reader COSEC Door Controller
  13. 13. Basic Access Control Application Fig Shows COSEC Connectivity with Door Lock and Exit Reader for an Access Control Application without any Complex Wiring Door Controller is Connected with COSEC Application Server through Ethernet Whole system is Centrally Monitored and Controlled by COSEC Application Software in Real Time
  14. 14. Multi Floor Application
  15. 15. Multi Floor Application Fig. Shows Simple Installation of COSEC in a Multi- Floor Building for Access Control Direct Door Controllers with Exit Reader or Exit Switch Installed at Each Floor to Control Access of Users and Visitors with Various Access Control Policies This Complete System is Monitored and Controlled by COSEC Software in Real Time
  16. 16. Campus Application
  17. 17. Campus Application Fig. Shows the COSEC installation in a Medium Organization Campus for Access Control Application Different Biometric and Card based Door Controllers are Installed at Various Divisions of the Organization and They are Centrally Connected with PANEL LITE over WiFi Different Access Control Policies such as 2-Person Rule, First-In User, Anti-Pass Back etc. Can be Applied to Each Door Controller
  18. 18. COSEC Solution
  19. 19. COSEC Layered Architecture
  20. 20. COSEC Solution Component COSEC  Add‐on  PLATFORM Software  Modules COSEC  Additional  PANEL  Hardware Door  Readers Controller Software Hardware
  21. 21. Software Solution
  22. 22. COSEC Application Software Complete and Powerful Web based Application Software Controls up to 1000 PANELs and 10,000 Door Controllers Manage up to 1 Million Users Time-Attendance, Access Control, Leave Management, Visitor Management and Employee Self Service Real Time Monitoring and Control Comprehensive Reports Generation Integration with ERP, HRM and Payroll
  23. 23. COSEC Software Modules Visitor  Employee Self Access Control  Time Attendance  Management  Service Portal Module(ACM) Module (TAM) Module (VMM) (ESS) Admin Users Devices COSEC PLATFORM Built-In Add-On
  24. 24. COSEC PLATFORM Available with basic Time Attendance and Access Control Features 4 PLATFORMs with Different User and Door Controller Capacity Compatible with all COSEC Hardware Optional Software Modules can be Added Depending on Requirements Expandable in Terms of Users USERS DOOR CONTROLLER PLATFORMs Built‐in Expandable Built‐inCOSEC PE PLATFORM 100 NA 4COSEC GE PLATFORM 100 500 16COSEC ME PLATFORM 500 1000 32COSEC LE PLATFORM 1000 1 Million 10000
  25. 25. Admin Module Perform Administrative Functions Create User Roles for the Organization Assigning Role based Access Rights to Users Export and Import Data Backup and Restore Database Maintain Software Licensing Information
  26. 26. User Module Perform Human Resource Functions Create Full Fledge User Profile Maintain User Database User Enrollment Assign Door Controllers to User
  27. 27. Device Module Add New COSEC Hardware and Configure Various Parameters  COSEC PANEL  COSEC DOOR CONTROLLER Define Features and Functions
  28. 28. Enrollment Management Desktop based Application Software Fingerprint and Card Enrollment USB based Enrollment Station Show Image of Finger Print while Enrolling a User Show Finger Print and Card Details Fingerprint Verification User Photo Browse, Upload and Capture Facility User Photo Adjustment Built-in Module with COSEC PLATFORM
  29. 29. Access Control Module (ACM) Define Various Access Policies  Access Zones  Functional Groups  Time Zone  Access Groups Define User-Wise Access Rights Configure Input and Output Ports and Linking Access Control Module Generate Access Reports COSEC PE ACM COSEC GE ACM COSEC ME ACM COSEC LE ACM
  30. 30. Visitor Management Module(VMM) Visitor Pre-Registration Visitor Access Rights Block Unwanted Visitors Maintain Visitor Database Visitor Photograph and Document Record Visitor Reports
  31. 31. COSEC Hardware Solution
  32. 32. COSEC PANEL Controls up to 75 Door Controllers  Maximum 75 Door Controllers on Ethernet  Maximum 32 Door Controllers on RS485 Ethernet, RS485, WiFi and 3G Interface 10,000 Users Capacity Store 1,00,000 Events in Log Built-in Battery Backup Provision Supervised Alarm Input Port and Auxiliary Output Relay Contact Built-in USB Port Audio Visual Indication in terms of LEDs and Buzzer
  33. 33. When COSEC PANEL/PANEL LITE is required ? When More than 2000 Users per Door Controller are Required Greater than 50,000, Local Events Storage is Required When below Additional Security Features are Needed:  Access Groups  Home Zone  Access Levels  Visit Zone  Day Light Saving  Input-output Ports Link  Dead-Man Zone  Man Trap  Do Not Disturb  Soft Override  Duress Detection  Time Zone based Access  Facility Code  Guard Tour  Who’s In
  34. 34. COSEC PANEL Connectivity
  36. 36. COSEC DOOR 128×64 Dot Matrix Display with Backlit 16 Touch Sense Keys Fingerprint and Card Reader Ethernet, RS485 and WiFi Interface 50,000 Events Storage Built-in Auxiliary Input, Auxiliary Output and Relay Port 4 LEDs and Buzzer USB Port for Data Transfer and 3G Connectivity Two Power Supply Options  Adaptor based Local Power Supply  Power Supply from PANEL
  37. 37. COSEC DOOR Connectivity
  38. 38. COSEC DOOR Models CAS FOS FCS Standard Models
  39. 39. COSEC DOOR ModelsCAP FOP FCP CAW FOW FCW Premium Models
  40. 40. COSEC ReaderExit Reader Fingerprint or Contactless Card Reader Wiegand and RS232 Interface Allowed, Denied, Status and Alarm LEDs Built-in Buzzer Power Supply from COSEC DOOR
  42. 42. COSEC Enrollment Station Enrollment Stations for Easy User Enrollment Card and Finger Enrollment USB based Devices Enrollment Software for Enrollment
  43. 43. COSEC Card Personality Module Pluggable Card Reader Module Inserted at the backside of COSEC Door Controller and COSEC READER CA EM PROX HID PROX HID iCLASS Mifare COSEC CPM
  44. 44. Electronics Lock COSEC Door Controller Supports Various Electronics Lock  Electro Magnetic Lock  Bolt Lock  Strike Lock
  45. 45. Key Features
  46. 46. Advanced Access Control
  47. 47. Access Group Group of Persons Carrying Similar Work Profile Easy to Assign Same Access Policies Supports up to 99 Access Groups Access Group-1 Access Group-2
  48. 48. Access Zone Controlled Area to Keep Out Unauthorized Users Multiple Zones can be Created on Requirement Creation of Sub Zones or Logical Zones Inside a Single Zone Various Time based Access Policies can be Assigned to a Zone Dispatch Documentation Main Zones Sub Zones QC Hardware Production R&D` Manufacturing Software
  49. 49. Access Levels Give Rights to a User to Enter into a Controlled Area or a Zone Up to 15 Access Levels for Zones and Users If User Access Level is Higher than or Equal to Zone Access Level, User is Allowed in that Zone Different Access Levels During Working Hours, Break Hours and Non- working Hours
  50. 50. Access Level based AccessZone Access Level 8 User Access Level =>8
  51. 51. Home Zone Pre-defined Area for an User to Work Allow User to Access the Zone without Checking his Access Level during Working and Break Hours User’s Access Level is Checked During Non-Working Hours
  52. 52. Zone Access Mode Various Zone Access Modes to Enable Users to Access a Zone Administrator can Select more than One Mode for Higher Security Flexibility to Select Zone Access Mode  Card  Card + Fingerprint  Fingerprint  Card + PIN  PIN + Card + Fingerprint  Fingerprint + PIN  Any
  53. 53. 2-Person Access Access is Allowed only when Two Authorized Persons Use their Access Rights within a Defined Amount of Time Maximum 16 Groups with 6 Users in Each Group Useful for High Security Areas like ATM, Record Room, Safe Deposit Vault etc.
  54. 54. First-in User Door Opens Only after Designated Person Make the First Entry 4 First-in User Lists with 25 Users in Each List Useful for Areas where Supervisor needs to Make First Entry followed by Workers
  55. 55. Occupancy Control Controls Number of Users in a Controlled Area or a Zone Users are Restricted after Pre-defined Number is Reached Great Use in Conference Hall, Canteen, Public Hall etc., where Limited Space is Available
  56. 56. Man-Trap Useful for Multiple Doors, Arranged in a Sequence Regulate Opening and Closing of Doors Second Door will Open only After First Door has Closed Manage Traffic and Control Dust and Heat Useful to Restrict Intruder from Escaping the Premises Quickly
  57. 57. Do Not Disturb(DND) Zone User Entry is Restricted in a DND Zone Administrator can Declare any Zone as a DND Zone Zone Access Level is Changed to Highest VIP can Override this Zone Useful for Business Meeting, Seminar, Operation Theater etc. where Privacy is Vital
  58. 58. Anti-Pass Back Prevent a Card Holder from Passing his Card back to a Second Person to Gain Entry in a Controlled Area Card Holder can Make Re-entry only after Exit Mark Useful for Maintaining Accurate Record of the Number of People in a Controlled Area Two Modes:  Anti-Pass Back Local System Verifies User’s Exit Marking on Local Zone only before Re-entry  Anti-Pass Back Global System Verifies User’s Exit Marking on All Zones before Re-entry Two Types:  Hard Anti-Pass Back: Does not Allow User but Keep Log in the System  Soft Anti-Pass Back: Allow User with Log In the System
  59. 59. Blocked User Blocked Users are Restricted from using their Access Rights Access Privileges are Withdrawn Temporarily, but not the Deletion of Identity from the Database System Blocks User for  Absentee User  Consecutive Attempts to Access Unauthorized Zone (Programmable)  Consecutive Attempts per Minutes in a Authorized Zone (Programmable)
  60. 60. VIP Access Empower User to Access any Controlled Area or a Zone Any Person Holding VIP Label has Highest Access Level(15) Administrator can Assign VIP Access to any User
  61. 61. Guard Tour Ensures that Security Guard makes Round of the Facility During Non Working Hours Guard has to Show his Identity on Various Check Points on Specified Time Record can be viewed later by System Administrator System can assign up to Four Cards
  62. 62. Facility Code Unique Number String Encoded on Card Common Code for Entire Organisation System Identify User based on his Basic Identity(Facility Code) to Grant Permission Very Useful when System is in a Degraded Mode Facility Code
  63. 63. DVR Integration Dahua DVR can be Integrated with COSEC Capture Photograph of an User on Allowed or Denied Administrator can Check from Software who have Access the Door Very Important for Security and Attendance Purpose
  64. 64. Dead-Man Zone Zone or Area where there is a Threat of Person’s Physical Safety Administrator can Declare any Zone as a Dead-Man Zone User has to Show his Identity every time before Expiration of Predefined Time Period Once Timer is Expired, Alarm Gets Activated Very Useful Feature for Users who are Working in Mines, Chemical Plants, Nuclear Lab etc.
  65. 65. Tamper Detection System Generates Alarm on Detection of any Tampering Tamper Detection on PANEL, Door Controller and Reader Generates Alarm on PANEL and Door Controller Can be Disabled Temporarily for Maintenance Purpose Useful Security Feature
  66. 66. Emergency Handling
  67. 67. Degrade Mode System Switch into Degrade Mode when PANEL and DOOR Communication Fails System Scales Down its Security Level and Degrades its Operation System Allows Users with their Basic Identity Like Facility Code Events are Stored in the DOOR Events are Transferred to PANEL when System Operation is Restored System will Switch  into Degrade Mode
  68. 68. Duress Detection Useful Feature when User is Forced to Use his Access Rights Under Threat User Need to Dial his Access Code Followed by a Secret Code for Duress Detection System Opens the Door and at the Same Time Informs Concerned Person without Giving any Local Alarm Great Security Feature
  69. 69. Soft Override Feature Deactivate Various Functions Temporary from Monitoring Window Temporally Deactivate Functions Features can be Disable like:  2-Person Rule  First-In User Rule  Open Door Lock  Lock Door
  70. 70. Who’s In Generate List of Users Inside a Controlled Area at that Particular Time Useful in Emergency
  71. 71. Monitoring and Controlling
  72. 72. COSEC Live Monitoring Window Real Time Events Monitoring and Control Live Status of Door Controllers and Panels Alarm Monitoring and Control Firmware Up gradation Temporary Deactivate Function/Features Auxiliary Input and Output Status Automatic Events Download
  73. 73. Input-Output Groups and Linking Link Input and Output Port of the COSEC Door Controller and PANEL Automatically Activate Output Port on Activation of Input Port Program Various Functions Like-  Unlock Door on Fire Detection  Capture User Photo when he is Allowed  Start Video Recording on any Motion Detected
  74. 74. Alarm Various Alarms on the Occurrence of Predefined Situations Available on both PANEL and Door Controllers Built-in Alarm Detection and Management Admin can Control, Acknowledge, Clear and Monitor Alarm in a Real Time Various Alarms Like Tamper Alarm, Mains Fail, Battery Fail Alarm etc. Audio Visual Indication in terms of LEDs and Buzzer
  75. 75. Time-Trigger Function Automatically Activate Output Port based on Predefined Time Used for many Time based Applications School Bell, Siren, Camera etc can be Activated without any Manual Involvement
  76. 76. Hardware
  77. 77. Auxiliary Ports Auxiliary Input and Output Port Input Port for Connecting Smoke Detector, Sensor etc Output Port for Connecting Siren, Strobe etc. Available on both PANEL and Door Controllers Can be Programmed for Various Applications Like Camera should Start Recording when any Motion is Detected in the Premises
  78. 78. USB Connectivity Easy Data Transfer from Controller/Panel to Server Easy Firmware Upgrade of Door Controller and Panel No any Physical Connectivity is Required between Door Controller and Server Ideal Application for Remote Applications For Connecting Wi-Fi or 3G Modems
  79. 79. WiFi Connectivity Simple Connectivity between Controller and Server No Wiring is Required Real Time Events and Report Generation Ideal for Applications where Ethernet is not Possible because of Aesthetic Purpose or any Architectural Limitations
  80. 80. 3G Connectivity Wireless Connectivity between DOORs/PANELs and Server Faster Data Transactions over 3G Communication Speed Real Time Events and Report Generation Perfect for Remote Location Applications where Ethernet or RS485 is Not Possible
  81. 81. Access Control Reports
  82. 82. Access Control Reports ListReports List Access Zone Access Group Access Group-wise Time Zone Functional Group Time Zone 2-Person Rule First-In User Guard Tour Input Port Group Output Port Group Door Held Open Zone Accessed by User
  83. 83. Access Zone Report
  84. 84. I/O Linking Report
  85. 85. Guard Tour Report
  86. 86. Panel wise Users Report
  87. 87. User wise Controllers Report
  88. 88. Date wise In/Out Report
  89. 89. Access Denied Report
  90. 90. Door Accessed by User Report
  91. 91. Door Usage Report
  92. 92. Feature ListAccess Control Bypass Finger2-Person Rule Zone-wise Card, Finger, PINBlocked UserFirst-in User Rule Access PoliciesDo Not Disturb (DND)* Home Zone*Occupancy Control Visit Zone*Guard Tour* Access Levels*Fire Alarm Integration Physical Zones Short DurationAccess Mode Time Zones*Card Only User GroupsFinger Only VIP AccessCard + Finger Dead-Man Zone*Card + PINFinger + PINCard + Finger + PINCard or Finger or PINVerification 1:1 or 1: N
  93. 93. Feature list Anti-Pass Back Alarm Hard/Soft Door Communication Local/Global Door Controller Tamper Forgiveness Door Fault Door Forced Open Door Management Door Held Open Door Auto Relock Door Lock Tamper Man-Trap (Door Interlock)* Duress Detection External Reader Tamper Input-Output Ports Network Fault Control PANEL Battery Fail# Linking* PANEL Mains Fail# Status PANEL Tamper# Zone Monitor (Dead-Man)* Monitor, Acknowledge and Clear#These features are available With COSEC PANEL*These features are available with COSEC PANEL or COSEC PANEL LITE
  94. 94. Feature ListSMS and Email Alerts forCustomized MessageMissing In/OutMonthly AttendanceLeave/Tour ApplicationLeave/Tour ApprovalLeave/Tour RejectionUser Events-Entry/ExitPresent/AbsentBlocked UsersAbsenteeUnauthorized AttemptsUsage Count
  95. 95. Thank You Copyright © Matrix Comsec 2010-2011
  96. 96. For Further Information Please Contact:Email ID: Security@MatrixComSec.comTel: +91 265 2630555Visit us at www.MatrixComSec.comVersion: V1R1