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Matrix Cosec Tam Presentation V1 R1


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Gateway Business Solutions, A Solution provider in Telecom, Access Control, Time Attendance, Digital Security and Surviellance and Office automation. Pioneers in VOIP solutions like IP PBX, CALL CENTRE SOLUTIONS etc.
Gateway Business Solution is a Distributor to M/S Matrix Comsec Pvt Ltd, for their Range of Telecom and Security Products and solutions. MATRIX Analog, Digital and IP Pbx solutions and Security products such as Door Access and Time Attendance Products (Proximity and Biometric)

Gateway is also Channel Partner for M/s Intellicon Pvt Ltd for their range of Telecom Products. Transtel, Karel, NEC IP EPABX systems and Radvision and Lifesize Video Conferencing Solutions.

Gateway is also a pioneer in offering VOIP solutions ranging from Soft IP PBX, Call Centre Solutions, Automatic Voice Campaigner etc.

Contact :

Gateway Business Solutions
2nd Flr, Sai Krupa, 33 Durga Nagar Colony
Hyderabad 500 082
Ph: 93978 20222

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Matrix Cosec Tam Presentation V1 R1

  1. 1. Hearty Welcome
  2. 2. Presentation Agenda COSEC Time Attendance Applications COSEC Solution  Software Solution  Hardware Solution Key Features  Time-Attendance  Leave Management  System Features Reports and Charts
  3. 3. COSEC Time Attendance
  4. 4. What is Time-Attendance System? It is a Automatic Attendance Marking System Combination of Hardware and Software Hardware is Used to Record Time of an User from a Credential Software is Used to Process the Time According to Attendance Policy System Generates Attendance Reports or Send Attendance Data to Payroll Software for Further Action
  5. 5. How Attendance System Works? Access Collect Compare Process System ProcessEmployee Access System Compare Reader Collects the Data andthe System Using User Data with User Time from Generate ReportsFingerprint, Card his Attendance the Credentials or Send to Payroll or PIN Policy Software
  6. 6. What is COSEC Time-Attendance? Comprehensive Solution for SOHO, SMB, SME and Enterprises Time-Attendance and Leave Management Fingerprint and Card based Attendance Marking Various Attendance Policies Creation Manual Entry and Correction of Attendance Data Integration with Existing Payroll Software Attendance and Leave Reports and Charts
  7. 7. Benefits of Time-Attendance Eliminate Human Error in Employee Time Records Prevent Buddy Punching and Fraudulent Time Keeping Records Significantly Increase Employee and Manager Satisfaction Cut Down on Administrative Time and Cost Monitor and Analyze Absence to Reduce Impact on Productivity Graphical Representation of Attendance for Easy and Fast Interpretation Significantly Cut Down on Payroll Processing Time Adapt to Existing HR Policies Eliminate Payments for Unapproved or Fraudulent Overtime Give Employees Self-service Access
  8. 8. Why COSEC Time-Attendance? Comprehensive Time-Attendance Solution Accurate Time Record Leave Management Configurable Attendance Parameters Integration with Payroll and HRM Proactive SMS and Email Alerts Completely Scalable, Flexible and Modular On Demand Report Generation
  9. 9. Target Customers…Small Offices Corporate Offices Shopping Malls R & D Labs Factory Remote Sites Hotels
  10. 10. Target Customers…Large Enterprises Government Financial Institutes Clubs Organisations And Many More..... Educational Institutes Retail Stores
  11. 11. Applications
  12. 12. Small Office Application Ethernet User COSEC Application Server COSEC Door Controller• 1-100 Users• COSEC Door Controller is Used for Attendance Marking• Door Controller is Connected with COSEC Server through Ethernet• Events are Transferred to COSEC Server in Real Time• Reports can be Generated from COSEC Server• Ideal for Private Office, Clinics, Retail Shop, Factory and More
  13. 13. Campus Application Head Office CanteenR&D Lab COSEC Server Door Controller Factory
  14. 14. Campus Application COSEC is Installed in an Organization having Four Separate Offices in a Campus Door Controllers at each Office are Directly Connected with the COSEC Server Installed in a Main Building via LAN Door Controller Records Employees Time-Attendance Details and Send it to COSEC Server in Real Time HR can Generate Reports from a Single Place and Send Data to Payroll Software for Further Processing
  15. 15. Remote Location Application
  16. 16. Remote Location Application COSEC is Deployed in a Large Enterprise having Offices Located at Different Geographical Locations COSEC Application Server is Installed at Corporate Office (CO) to Manage Attendance of all Employees Centrally COSEC Door Controllers at each Location are Connected Directly or via PANEL with COSEC Server using Available Connectivity (GSM, Wifi or WAN) DOORs Records User Attendance from Fingerprint or Card and Send it to the COSEC Application Server in Real Time COSEC Server Processes the User Attendance Data and Sends it to the Payroll Software or Generate Reports Using Web Application, Proper Person can Generate Report or Configure the System from any Location at any Time
  17. 17. COSEC Solution
  18. 18. COSEC Layered Architecture
  19. 19. COSEC Solution Component COSEC Add-on PLATFORM Software Modules COSEC Additional PANEL Hardware Door Readers Controller Software Hardware
  20. 20. Software Solution
  21. 21. COSEC Application Software Complete and Powerful Web based Application Software Controls up to 1000 PANELs and 10,000 Door Controllers Manage up to 1 Million Users Time-Attendance, Access Control, Leave Management, Visitor Management and Employee Self Service Real Time Monitoring and Control Comprehensive Reports Generation Integration with ERP, HRM and Payroll
  22. 22. COSEC Software Modules Visitor Employee SelfAccess Control Time Attendance Management Service PortalModule(ACM) Module (TAM) Module (VMM) (ESS) Admin User Devices COSEC PLATFORM Built-In Add-On
  23. 23. COSEC PLATFORM Available with basic Time Attendance and Access Control Features 4 PLATFORMs with Different User and Door Controller Capacity Compatible with all COSEC Hardware Optional Software Modules can be Added Depending on Requirements Expandable in Terms of Users USERS DOOR CONTROLLER PLATFORMs Built-in Expandable Built-inCOSEC PE PLATFORM 100 NA 4COSEC GE PLATFORM 100 500 16COSEC ME PLATFORM 500 1000 32COSEC LE PLATFORM 1000 1 Million 10000
  24. 24. Admin Module Perform Administrative Functions Create User Roles for the Organization Assigning Role based Access Rights to Users Export and Import Data Backup and Restore Database Maintain Software Licensing Information
  25. 25. User Module Perform Human Resource Functions Create Full Fledge User Profile Maintain User Database User Enrollment Assign Door Controllers to User
  26. 26. Device Module Add New COSEC Hardware and Configure Various Parameters  COSEC PANEL  COSEC DOOR CONTROLLER Define Features and Functions
  27. 27. Enrollment Management Desktop based Application Software Fingerprint and Card Enrollment USB based Enrollment Station Show Image of Finger Print while Enrolling a User Show Finger Print and Card Details Fingerprint Verification User Photo Browse, Upload and Capture Facility User Photo Adjustment Built-in Module with COSEC PLATFORM
  28. 28. Time-Attendance Module (TAM) Define Organizational Hierarchy Create Various Attendance Related Policies Manual Entry and Correction of Attendance Events Attendance Authorization Holiday and Shift Schedule Management Generate Time-Attendance Reports Separate Time Attendance Module (TAM) for each COSEC PLATFORM Time Attendance Module COSEC PE TAM COSEC GE TAM COSEC ME TAM COSEC LE TAM
  29. 29. Leave Management Module New Leave Creation Accurate Leave Balance Management Leave Carry Forward and Encash Leave Request and Approval Automatic Leave Report Generation Comes Along with COSEC Time Attendance Module (TAM)
  30. 30. Employee Self Service Portal(ESS) Portal for Employees and Reporting Officers Employees can Check their Time-attendance and Leave Details Leave/Tour Request and Approval Manual Attendance Marking Attendance Summary for the Month Company News/Notice/General Information on Web Page Monthly Shift and Schedule
  31. 31. COSEC Hardware Solution
  32. 32. COSEC PANEL Controls up to 75 Door Controllers  Maximum 75 Door Controllers on Ethernet  Maximum 32 Door Controllers on RS485 Ethernet, RS485, WiFi and 3G Interface 10,000 Users Capacity Store 1,00,000 Events in Log Built-in Battery Backup Provision Supervised Alarm Input Port and Auxiliary Output Relay Contact Built-in USB Port Audio Visual Indication in terms of LEDs and Buzzer
  33. 33. COSEC PANEL Connectivity
  35. 35. COSEC DOOR 128×64 Dot Matrix Display with Backlit 16 Touch Sense Keys Fingerprint and Card Reader Ethernet, RS485 and WiFi Interface 50,000 Events Storage Built-in Auxiliary Input, Auxiliary Output and Relay Port 4 LEDs and Buzzer USB Port for Data Transfer and 3G Connectivity Two Power Supply Options  Adaptor based Local Power Supply  Power Supply from PANEL
  36. 36. COSEC DOOR Connectivity
  37. 37. COSEC Time-Attendance TerminalsCOSEC DOOR CAT COSEC DOOR FOT
  38. 38. COSEC DOOR Models CAS FOS FCS Standard Models
  39. 39. COSEC DOOR ModelsCAP FOP FCP CAW FOW FCW Premium Models
  40. 40. COSEC ReaderExit Reader Fingerprint or Contactless Card Reader Wiegand and RS232 Interface Allowed, Denied, Status and Alarm LEDs Built-in Buzzer Power Supply from COSEC DOOR
  42. 42. COSEC Enrollment Station Enrollment Stations for Easy User Enrollment Card and Finger Enrollment USB based Devices Enrollment Software for Enrollment
  43. 43. COSEC Card Personality Module Pluggable Card Reader Module Inserted at the backside of COSEC Door Controller and COSEC READER CA EM PROX HID PROX HID iCLASS Mifare COSEC CPM
  44. 44. Key Features
  45. 45. Time Attendance
  46. 46. User Creation with Details Create New User Profile with Complete Details Edit Existing User Details Add User Details Like-  General  Personal  Contact  Attendance  Access  Device  Photograph Assign Door Controllers to Users
  47. 47. User Creation with Details
  48. 48. Enrollment Enroll New User with Card and Fingerprint Enroll Special Function Cards Enroll Up to 10 Fingerprints and 2 Cards per User Enrollment Initiated from-  Directly Door Controller’s Key Pad  From Enrollment Station  From Software (Giving Command from Software and Showing Credentials on Door Controller)
  49. 49. Automatic Fingerprint Distribution Intelligent and Unique Feature Enroll User Fingerprint on any Door Controller Software will Distribute Fingerprint Template to all Connected Door Controllers Automatically No Need to Enroll Finger on Each Door Controller Saves Lots of Time
  50. 50. Multiple Profiles Creation Flexibility to Create Multiple Profiles Under One Company Create Multiple Profiles Like:  Organizations  Branches  Sections  Departments  Categories  Designations  Grades Assign a Profile Against Each User Software Access to only Particular Profile Only
  51. 51. Multiple Profiles
  52. 52. Holiday Schedule 4 Holiday Schedules 32 Holidays in each Schedule Assign any Schedule to a User Group Define Continuous Holidays Using Only one Holiday (Important for School Vacation) Restricted Holiday List
  53. 53. Holiday Schedule
  54. 54. Late-In and Early-Out Policy 99 Late-In and Early-Out Policies Creation Assign Policy to Each User Depending Upon Work Profile Flexible Programming to Meet Diverse Attendance Requirements Rounding-off Option
  55. 55. Late-In and Early-Out
  56. 56. Overtime Policy Various Overtime Parameters for Diverse Requirements Daily and Weekly Overtime Calculation Overtime Rounding-Off Option Automatic Authorization Option Overtime Calculation based on Working Hours and Shift Time Multiplication Factor for Week Off and Holiday
  57. 57. Overtime Policy
  58. 58. COFF Policy Compensatory Off Policy for Extra Working Hours Define Minimum Hours Required for COFF Conversation Automatic COFF Authorization Option 99 COFF Policies
  59. 59. Absentee Policy Absentee Policy for Clubbing the Leaves Option for Single Side or Both Side Absent for Week Off and Holiday
  60. 60. Bus Route Define Bus Route with Unique ID i Assign Bus Route to a User If Bus Arrives Late to Office, Employees Assign to that Particular Bus can be Condone for Late Coming Admin can Generate Bus Route Report and Manage Employees
  61. 61. Shift and Schedule Shifts Creation with Numerous Optional Parameters to Tackle Complexity of Organizations Shifts 99 Schedules 6 Shifts per Schedule Auto Shifts Correction Option if Employee Comes in Other Shift instead of Regular Shift Define Rotation and Week off for the Schedule Define Start Time, End Time, Break Time, Late-In, Early-Out and Other Options in Every Shift
  62. 62. Shift and Schedule
  63. 63. Manual Entry and Correction Manual Entry and Correction of User Attendance Details Manual Entry of:  Absent  Late In / Early Out Allowed  Personal / Official Marking  Overtime / COFF  Change Group for Single User and Multiple Users  Change Policy for Single User and Multiple Users  Change Schedule Group for Single User and Multiple Users  Previous Adjustment  Week Off Change  Change Shift Manual Correction of Attendance Events
  64. 64. Manual Entry and Correction
  65. 65. Past Adjustment Past Adjustment of Data after Attendance Period is Closed Automatically Calculated in Next Month’s Salary Processing Very Useful Attendance Feature
  66. 66. Authorization Authorization of Attendance, Overtime, COFF, Personal and Official Marking Authorization for a User or a Group of Users Any Change will not Occur without Admin/HR Authorization
  67. 67. Attendance with Fingerprint Only Useful Feature where both Card and Fingerprint are Used System will Mark Attendance only with Fingerprint Card is Used for Access Control Only Reduce Proxy Punching
  68. 68. Integration with Payroll COSEC can be Integrated with HRM, ERP, Tally and Payroll System will Send Attendance and Leave Data to Payroll Software Define Required Fields for the Payroll API for Automatic Payroll Integration Generates Salary at the End of every Month/Week
  69. 69. Special Function Card User can Access Various Predefined Functions Quickly with this Card Need not to Dial or Remember Code for Routine Functions User has to Show his Identity after Showing this Card Various Predefined Functions like late in, Early Out, Lunch In/Out, Overtime, Enrollment etc Enroll Up to 4 Cards per Function
  70. 70. COSEC SMS and Email Alerts SMS and Email Notification for the Attendance and Leave Status Alerts for the:  Punch Time  Forget to Punch  Leave Rejection  Leave Approval  Monthly Attendance Customized Message for Special Announcement Automatic and Instant Notification to Multiple Users Important Feature for School, Colleges, Offices and more
  71. 71. COSEC SMS and Email Alerts
  72. 72. View Attendance Details View Daily and Monthly Attendance of an User Attendance Details for Current Date, Current Month, Last Month and between Defined Dates Monthly Attendance in Colorful Calendar View Attendance Summary for the Month
  73. 73. Leave Management
  74. 74. Leave Creation Create Various Leave Types like CL, PL, ML etc Provision to Define Detailed Leave Parameters Like  Maximum Allowed at a Time  Allowed Users  Allowed with Other Leaves  Prior Leave Entry Allowed Leave Encashment, Leave Balance and Leave Accumulation Option of Single Side or Both Side Leave for Holiday or Week Off Leave Grouping
  75. 75. Leave Creation
  76. 76. Leave Application and Approval Employee can Apply for Leaves Using this utility Reporting Officer/HR can Approve or Reject Application Web based Application and Approval Process Reduce Time and Increase Transparency
  77. 77. Leave Balance Management Automatically Leave Credit in User Account in Every Month Leave Encashment or Lapse Option at the End of Year Automatically Update Balance Upon Employee Timing and Leave Approval
  78. 78. Leave Balance Management
  79. 79. System Features
  80. 80. Unique Hardware Design Attractive Vertical Look Built-in Controller and Reader Touch Sense Key Pad and LCD Display Screw Less Push Type Connector for Easy Wire Insert Pluggable Card Reader Module Easy Wall Mounting with Back Plate Built-In Tamper Detection
  81. 81. Operations from Door Controller Easy Operation from Door Controller with Touch Sense Keypad and Dot-Matrix Display 16 Touch Sense Numeric and Function Keys Functions from Door Controller Admin Attendance Enroll Regular User Profile Break Late In Overtime Early Out Official Short Leave
  82. 82. USB Connectivity USB Port for Various Applications Connect Memory Stick, Internet Dongle or WiFi Dongle Easy Data Transfer from Controller/Panel to Server Easy Firmware Upgrade of Door Controller and Panel Connect Remote Sites with 3G/2G USB Internet Dongle No any Physical Connectivity is Required between Door Controller and Server Ideal for Remote Applications
  83. 83. WiFi Connectivity Simple Connectivity between Controller and Server No Wiring is Required Real Time Events and Report Generation Ideal for Applications where Ethernet is not Possible because of Aesthetic Purpose or any Architectural Limitations
  84. 84. Easy Backup and Data Restore One Click Backup of System Database Helpful in Case of System Crash Restore Database Easily from File
  85. 85. Import and Export Data Import Data from File and Restore in COSEC Software Export Data in ERP, Payroll and HRM Export in Various File Formats  Excel  Text  CSV  XML
  86. 86. Message Board Virtual Notice Board for All Users Three Separate Messages: Notice, News and General Advanced Editing Options Reduce Possibility to Miss any Important Communication
  87. 87. COSEC Live Monitoring Window Real Time Events Monitoring and Control Live Status of Door Controllers and Panels Alarm Monitoring and Control Firmware Up Gradation Temporary Deactivate Function/Features Automatic Events Download
  88. 88. Web Based Application Built-In Web based Application Software Program the System and Generate Reports from any Location View Attendance and Access Detail of Users Remotely Apply for Leave/Tour and Check Attendance
  89. 89. Password Protection Separate Password for all Login User Password Change Option Expire Old Password after Predefined Days and ask for New Password Option for Account Blocked when it is Unused for Predefined Days
  90. 90. Software Access to User Web based Application Software User can Access COSEC from Anywhere with his Login ID and Password Generate Reports, Change System Parameters and View Attendance Details User can Access only those Details in which he has Access Rights
  91. 91. COSEC Integration
  92. 92. Web Application Program Interface Ideal Tool for Payroll/HR Software integration Each Event can be transferred Useful tool for SAP Integration Backward integration support for User Creation Different API possible like:Add or Delete Device , Assign or Revoke DeviceAdd User, Daily Attendance, Monthly Attendance, Daily T&A Events
  93. 93. MS SQL Integration Useful Integration Tool for Payroll having SQL database Each Event can be transferred Transferring with Field Mapping Facility Daily Attendance, Attendance Events, Monthly Attendance Possible
  94. 94. Active Directory Integration Active Directory is an useful Microsoft Windows Server Operating System Active Directory is a Database that keeps track of all the User Accounts and Passwords in an organization and from which we can Import user data in Cosec database
  95. 95. PostGre SQL Integration PostGre SQL is a Proprietary SQL for Government usage purpose PostGre SQL must have predefined tables like devices and device logs Device table hold the basic data like device ID,MAC & IP. This table holds information on last Ping Time and last Log Download Event logs for a particular device can also be obtained in device logs table
  96. 96. Tally Integration Tally is one of the powerful Accounting and Inventory Software Importing attendance data from COSEC Server into Tally would allow user to directly generate attendance vouchers Vouchers can be used to maintain Employee accounts. Integration through Export tool with required file format by Tally
  97. 97. Reports and Charts
  98. 98. COSEC Reports and Charts Wide Range of Reports and Charts for Divers Needs of the Organizations 100+ Reports and Colorful Charts Reports with Month, Day and between Defined Dates Print Report Reports of Time-Attendance, Access Control, Leave, Visitor, User etc.
  99. 99. Report GenerationPrint Export Search ZoomPage Select Page Select File Format
  100. 100. Reports in File Format Export Report in Various File Formats  PDF  XML  Rich Text Format  MS Excel  MS Excel (Data Only)  Crystal Report (RPT)  MS-Word  MS-Word Editable
  101. 101. COSEC Reports Time-Attendance Late In  Weekly Work and OT Early in  Continuous Absenteeism Overtime  Special Function Punch Absent  Department wise Absent Exception  Shift Schedule Attendance  Muster Summary Attendance Summary  Salary Data Shift Change  Attendance Register Late Arrival Memo  Overtime Register Absent Memo  Yearly Performance  Schedule Group Report
  102. 102. COSEC ReportsView Leave User Personal Information  Leave Application Activity Log Viewer  Leave Register Event  Leave Balance Monthly Shift Schedule Daily Attendance Monthly Attendance
  103. 103. Report-Late-In
  104. 104. Report-Over Time
  105. 105. Report-Absent
  106. 106. Report-Attendance
  107. 107. Report-Muster Summary
  108. 108. Report- Salary Data
  109. 109. COSEC Charts Time Loss Overtime Absent Late In Irregularity Month wise Overtime Attendance Summary
  110. 110. Chart-Late In
  111. 111. Chart-Overtime
  112. 112. Chart-Absent
  113. 113. Thank You Copyright © Matrix Comsec 2009-2010
  114. 114. For Further Information Please Contact:Email ID: Security@MatrixComSec.comTel: +91 265 2630555Visit us at www.MatrixComSec.comVersion: V1R1