06.understanding you workshop


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06.understanding you workshop

  1. 1. Behavioral Science of the Human Mind Part 1: Understanding YOU! ©2011 Applied Mind Sciences
  2. 2. If you hadyour life tolive overagain, wouldyou changeanything?I like the wayWoody Allenput it.You have toadmit, it doesmake youwonder…
  3. 3. The Wonder of Man“For You have possessed my inward parts;You wove me in the womb of my mother. Iwill thank You, for with awesome ways Iam distinguished; Your works aremarvelous, and my soul knows it very well.My bones were not hidden from You whenI was made in secret; when I was woven inthe depths of the earth. Your eyes saw myembryo; and in Your book all my memberswere written the days they were formed,and not one was yet among them. Andhow precious are Your thoughts to me, OGod! How great is the sum of them! If Ishould count them, they are more than thesand; when I awake I am still with You.
  4. 4. Human ReproductionAfter 12-weeks, the human embryo is full-developed with the exception of the brain.Fully two-thirds of a full termpregnancy is for the developmentof the brain.I will show you that the mind resides in thebrain but the brain is not the mind!At the 12-week, a baby weighs about ½ anounce and is about 3 inches long. If youcould see the baby, you’d see quite anactive little one – twisting, turning andkicking. The baby is completely engulfed inamniotic fluid at this point. This fluid isabout 1.5 ounces in volume.
  5. 5. Human GrowthThe Third Law of Thermodynamics -specifically the law of entropy - states that all ofcreation is winding down. Order is moving tochaos.As it applies to humans, we are born, grow untilabout the age of 22, then we begin to age(literally deteriorate) and eventually die. Lookaround you; some of us are deteriorating at afaster rate than others. I’m 58 years old or 36years birth rot; how do I look? the age of 22, the body produces aFrom into until approximatelyhormone called HGH – human growth hormone. If you have everwatched children at play and heard the comment, “I wish I could bottlethat energy and sell it, you would be bottling HGH!By the age of 40, HGH secretion from the anterior lobe of pituitary glandis almost nil. Ageing accelerates quickly after the age of 40.There are two things that natually stimulate HGH production – sleeping &strenuous exercise!
  6. 6. Mental DigestionIn physiology – the study of the physicalhuman body – food that is ingested ischanged into nutrients that are bio-available to the body namely carbs, proteinand fat. In essence, whatever you consumeis changed into YOU!Mental food does the exact opposite.Whatever your mind consumes will not bechanged into you, like the food your bodyeats, but you will be changed into it!You may be what you eat PHYSICALLY; butyou are what you BELIEVE MENTALLY!
  7. 7. So What Happened?How did something sobeautifully conceived getso messed up? And more importantly, can anything be done to fix the problem?
  8. 8. Man’s Finite NatureOur minds are finite in nature. However, as marvelous amachine that they are, at the same time, they are limitedwithin the confines of our time-space continuum…ournever-changing 3-dimentional world is where we exist andwhere we compare everything on the outside to what isinside our existence.We are labeling animals, and when we don’t understandsomething, we label it and make it a standard. We definewants and needs as the same thing when they actually arequite different. We strive to be different than others…to beunique even though by becoming unique we become thesame again and negate the definition of “unique”.Our minds are communal by nature yet we prefercompanionship above communion. We take more than wegive back and we label this commerce. We want to beloved but we practice lust. So the question arises… Do you want to have or do you want to be?
  9. 9. First CauseIn behavioral science, we use a term called “FirstCause.” Taking a cocaine addict as an example,we are very much interested in the EFFECT -his/her manifested behavior (addiction to cocaine)- but we are more interested in what stresses andanxieties CAUSED this person to self-medicatethemselves resulting in cocaine addiction!In the above example, the equation has becomeinverted. In a cocaine addict’s quest for relief orto “HAVE” relief, he/she has “BEcome” a druguser.In an healthy situation a person first “BEcomes”(CAUSE) and then the result is the “HAVE”(EFFECT).Wealth, for example is not a cause; it is an effect!How many of you have inverted the equation towealth?
  10. 10. QuestionsThere are always questions! They realign our minds and cause us to stopand observe.Where are you?Where did you come from?And where are you going?Do you ever eat and drink more calories than your body needs?Do you ever feel you ought to exercise but you don’t?Do you ever know the right thing to do but you don’t do it?Do you ever know something is wrong but you do it anyway?We are bombarded by questions and seek answers daily; however, theanswers we seek are usually ones best fitted to the benefit of the individualthat is asking the question. Truth has become subjective; it is whatever youwant it to be. Absolute truth – truth that never changes is shunned!But the world doesn’t always subscribe to our agendas; it has its own. Andwhen this occurs, stress and anxiety build up seeking an outlet of relief. Inour quest for answers, we have educated ourselves into imbecility!
  11. 11. In our quest to define the meaning of our existence…We ask questions and seek answersWe look for answers on the outside when all along they are not there.The meaning of life is not in the world; the meaning of life is in us! What is your truth? What is the foundation to your identity?
  12. 12. The century-old question arises, “Why do good people lose and finish last while evil-doers prevail and prosper?The good are denounced for their loving kindness and charitybut the bad guys seem to prosper and grow rich.The evil-doers cannot tolerate the idea that good people arebetter than they are.Evil-doers live within a fantasy, they are pretenders, attemptingto create in their minds an image about themselves thatdeceives.This pretend image is in conflict with a good person’s real imageso they attack and attempt to take revenge. Their goal is tocrucify the good person’s image that is in conflict with theirsSound familiar?By doing this, evil-doers crucify there own innocence, their ownfuture, their own true God-given identity.Evil–doers’ identity is mixed up in their fantasy, their gang, theirtribe or clan!
  13. 13. “What do you see?”“I see a gallant and victorious knightand soldier of God. I always wantedto be a gallant knight.”“Why is he gallant, why is hevictorious, and why do you say he is asoldier of God?”“He has fought a battle for there aredead soldiers around him and hewears the sign of the cross. He isbrave and gallant having fought thebattle and the red cross shows he is afollower of God and a defender of thefaith,”“Why, my son, do you behave as ifstupidity is a virtue?”
  14. 14. “You asked me what I see and I tell you and because of this I amstupid?”“You are responsible for what you say and do and always for what yousee. Look at the picture, my son and really look at it this time.Anybody can fight and kill; it doesn’t require gallantry or courage. Themyth of the glory and power of war is only a myth. And God doesn’tneed anybody to fight for Him. God is quite capable of fighting his ownbattles.”“Oh, and what about Gideon and his 300 men? They fought for Godand were victorious too.”“God used them to teach a lesson that the power of God, even withsuch a small force of 300 men, could defeat an army of hundreds ofthousands. The victory did not belong to Gideon; it belonged to God.The subject was not Gideon; it was God’s unfailing power.”“A man who wears a cross on his tunic is no more a man of God than apig in a tuxedo is a gentleman….” WE ALWAYS PLACE OURSLEVES IN THE CENTER OF ANY STORY AND BY DOING SO WE GET MANY THINGS WRONG!
  15. 15. “But he fights for God…”“He fights for himself, for the riches andspoils of war. He uses God as an excuseto plunder and kill. A man that fights forGod uses words and not swords.”“But how would I know this,” I asked.“When you can answer the question Iasked you – Do you want to have or do youwant to be? – then you will know.”Gaetano went back to his painting andwork as I sat pondering. I was nervous andtense as I went back to looking at thepainting.Why was I wrong in what I saw? I askedmyself.What does Gaetano see that I do not?Do I want to have or do I want to be? Whatdoes this mean?
  16. 16. The painter depicted an event in time and my response was valid insofaras this is what I physically saw. But Gaetano had just told me that I hadbeen deceived. I was right that the Templar Knight had been victorious,for his dead enemies were strewn around him.But if it was true that he fought for riches and spoils rather than for theglory of God then he may have achieved his spoils but his victory was invain.The knight could not be one thing and receive or have a reward that didnot match what he actually was.In other words, you must first “BE” before you can ”HAVE”, and althoughyou always receive something for what you are, the “HAVE” alwaysmatches the “BE”!I cleared my throat and said, “I want to be true and not a mere deceptionso that I can have a just reward.”Gaetano nodded his head without looking up, “You have finallyanswered correctly. So ends the lesson. Now please be somewhereelse so this old man can work in quiet.”
  17. 17. 1. Laying a Solid Foundation
  18. 18. Early MankindWhen man first appeared on earth six millenniumago he was SKEPTICAL! What this means isthat when he saw T-Rex eating his friend heknew he had to stay away from that big dude.Man began to understand that certain foods weremore nutritious than others. Meat had a highernutritional value than plants so early man spentmost of his time hunting. But meat could not bepreserved and stored so this gave way tofarming.Soon salting and jerking meat became knownand with this invention societies began to formgiving way to tribes, clans, and then nations.With the ability to store food, early man couldsupport larger families and population increased.Everything revolved around survival and warfaresoon developed to protect tribes, huntinggrounds, and food stocks.
  19. 19. Progressing ManAs man evolved and food supplies stabilized, man did not have to spendevery waking hour seeking food. Because of this culture developed. Man,whose minds were once skeptical, now changed to minds that are nowgullible.TO PROVE THIS I AM GOING TO PURPOSELY FOOL YOU NOW!Man initially used their advantage of high intellect to succeed and survive.As societies developed and life became easier, man began to have freetime. To fill this time space, culture gave way to entertainment.Entertainment caused man to move from his intellect to his desires,emotions and will of his psyche.Visionary man gave way to fantasy-embracing man. Man began toworship his own abilities and human philosophy gave way to psychology.
  20. 20. Modern ManToday we now have minds that areextremely gullible. We constantly want tobe entertained.We live in a society of consumerism andentertainment.We embrace the desires, emotions and willof our psyches as demonstrated by ourbelief that “seeing is believing.”We dream of the perfect but live in theflawed.It is easier to dream than to become!There is no responsibility required of thedreamer except when his fantasies areacted out through manifested behavior.Everyone is a victim of something; we live ina nation of victims.
  21. 21. Laying the Foundation to the Medical ArtsAll medical science and practices come from a religious foundation.From the 5th century B. C. up until the mid-1800s, all medicine waspracticed based on humoralistic beliefs and techniques. Thispractice is attributed to the Greek physician, Hippocrates but holdsa significant resemblance to, the ancient Hindu system called the,"Ayurvedic" system. Humors are the fluids in the human body. Thiswas the reason a person was "bled," and leeches employed, toremove excess fluids. Once this quackery was debunked, westernmedicine turned to allopathic practice, or "Allopathy."Allopathy is a method of treating disease with remedies thatproduce effects different (dissimilar) from those caused by thedisease itself. Allopathy is the system of medicine practiced todayby medical doctors (M.D.s) and relies solely on scientificexperimentation.Naturopathy differs from Allopathy insofar as the former practicespreventative medicine and the latter practices curative medicine.Allopathic medicine uses medications and surgery. Naturopathicphysicians employ natural or alternative methods.
  22. 22. Homeopathy is a system of medicine, or method of treating disease, withremedies that produce effects similar to those caused by the diseaseitself. This is where we get systematic inoculations.Osteopathy and Chiropractic systems are methods using manipulation ofthe muscles and skeleton to cure problematic parts of the body.Psychology was born in the mid-1800s too. It used to be calledphilosophy but the desire to make it a “science’ overcame the logic ofwhat it truly is and today it operates under a blanket of respectability thatis unwarranted.Systematic science first proposes a theory and when it cannot bedisproved (falsification) the theory then becomes a law. All of psychologyis based on the mechanism of the mind: belief systems + thought =behavior/conduct. In 1957, a noted psychologist name Leon Festingerproposed the theory of “cognitive dissonance,” which states that actionsare inconsistent with beliefs. This one theory completely contradicts all ofpsychology! In psychology’s almost 150 years of existence, not onetheory has ever been proven or disproven. THERE ARE NO LAWS OFPSYCHOLOGY…not one!
  23. 23. To make matters worse…Most doctors and drug specialists dont even know how or whythe various drugs do what they do. Largely they have opinions,notions, and theories which they parade around as"scientific" facts.As an example, psychiatrists talk about "chemical imbalancesin the brain" as if these actually existed, yet no such imbalancehas ever been found in any of the many medical studies, andno medical test exists for such an imbalance. We’ve neverseen one example in our labs in over 30-years.But this non-existent imbalance, which has never beendetected anywhere at anytime, receives constant attention bydoctors, is discussed casually in medical journals, and is citedto patients as the "reason" for their problems. Its an illusion, ormore to the point, its a delusion. Its something that manypeople believe to exist, yet it actually does not exist at all in anyway whatsoever. And, of course, the drugs they prescribesupposedly "cure" the invisible and never detected chemicalimbalance. It is a hoax. It may not be an intentional hoax, but itis a hoax even if only due to their rampant idiocy.
  24. 24. None of psychology’s methods used today regard the"mind" as influencing the healing process.To better understand the human being as it relates toothers as well as its environment, I need you tothoroughly understand my concept that the"Complete Person" is made up of mind, body, soul,and spirit.The body is made up of 18-chemical elements; these18-elements are the same chemical elements foundin soil. So when the bible says we are made from theearth, it is true. You’re dirt; get over it!Physiologically speaking, the body operates aroundthe central nervous system made up of two sub-systems called the somatic nervous system (this isthe system that gives you volitional control of yourmuscles and skeletal movements) and the autonomicnervous system (this is the system, which regulatesour glands and correlates with our emotions).The central nervous system includes the brain, and
  25. 25. The autonomic nervous system tells the brain, which stimuli have beenreceived; the brain responds based upon how it has been programmed.Since an individual is the sum total of his/her experiences, the brain isprogrammed based on these experiences, as well as perceivedexperience.The brain IS NOT the mind! The mind resides in the brain but they are twoseparate and distinct entities. The best way to describe all of the "parts,"using computer terminology is the autonomic nervous system is thesoftware, the brain is the hardware, and the mind is the hard drive.To begin to understand your body, you must first understand therelationships your body employs as it strives for optimum health. As abehavioral scientist trained in both secular (non-religious) and religiousprotocols, I have noticed that the secular side of the equation tends to viewillness of the body or the mind completely separate from the soul andspirit. Secular psychologists believe that the cause of illness is because ofthe way we choose to feel Using cognitive therapy (having a basis in orreducible to empirical factual knowledge.), they attempt to change apersons feelings (emotional control).
  26. 26. But, we now know that illness is cured not bychanging our feelings, but by changing our beliefsand thoughts (intellectual control).Many people have mental illnesses, which manifeststhemselves in psychosomatic (self-caused) symptomsof depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, drug addiction,insomnia, ulcers etc.The mind truly does affect the body!Think of someone who has wronged you in the past and seehow your body responds. You become anxious and stressed.You begin to think of revenge as your heart races and yourears pound. Adrenaline begins to course through your body.You cannot separate the two entities (body and mind alwaysinteract).In the above example, you react the way you do based on howyour mind has been programmed. This is your character. Achild reared in a family, which uses violence to solve problemsalways uses violence in its own life to solve problems becausethis is how the child has been programmed.
  27. 27. 2. The Mechanism of the Mind
  28. 28. Prior to the fall of man into sin as described in the Garden of Eden, man’sspirit was hooked to God’s infinite spirit. There was no death becauseGod’s spirit is infinite. Man is the only animal on earth that shares theeternality nature of God. The subject of eternal life has been a heated topicof man from the beginning of our existence.In Greek mythology, there’s a story about a mortal youth named Tithonus.Aurora, the goddess of dawn, fell in love with the boy and when Zeus, theking of the gods, promised to grant Aurora any gift she chose for her lover,she asked that Tithonus might live forever. But, in her haste she forgot toask for eternal youth, so when Zeus granted her request, Tithonus wasdoomed to an eternity of perpetual aging as a grouchy old man… forever.In the movie "Highlander," Angus McLeod was born in 1518 as an immortalbeing. He could not die and to me, the best part of the movie was thedepiction of this immortals agony here on earth as he watched everythinghe loved die forcing him to begin his life over and over again. He saw all ofthe ugliness, which man had caused over four centuries. He witnessed theSpanish Inquisition, Waterloo, the atrocities of the Third Reich, and more.He saw the slavery and bigotry of the eighteenth century, the slaughter ofthe Native American tribes after the Civil War. This mans life was a livingHell!
  29. 29. There is a very big difference between the ways our feebleminds picture eternal life versus God’s idea of eternal life.Our understanding comes from Quantum Physics and islimited within the Time-Space Continuum.Life is your spirit, but the soul of man has usurped the spiritsposition and psychology is now forced to define "how" we liveour lives based on the animating force of the soul instead ofthe spirit.As I said previously, the soul has usurped the spirit’s place asour animating force. Lets discuss this now.Body First Person - When the body becomes our life, we liveas animals.Body-Mind In Sync - When the soul becomes our life, we liveas rebels and fugitives in a life of desires, emotions, and will(consuming entities). This is the position of mankind today!Mind First Person - But when we come to live our life in themind/spirit and by the spirit, though we still use our soul’sfaculties just as we do our physical faculties, they are now theservants of the spirit.
  30. 30. If you live as a consuming entity, you will always lose. In other words,to get, you must give - you must sacrifice! Have you ever wonderedwhy you have so many anxieties, phobias, worries and fears? Thereality of this world is evil. So what is reality? I will tell you. This isreality:“Life without war is impossible either in nature or in grace. The basisof physical, mental, moral and spiritual life is antagonism. Health isthe balance between physical life and external nature, and it ismaintained only by sufficient vitality on the inside against things on theoutside.Everything outside my physical life is designed to put me to death.Things, which keep me going when I am alive, disintegrate me when Iam dead. If I have enough fighting power, I produce the balance ofhealth. The same is true of mental life. If I want to maintain a vigorousmental life, I have to fight, and in that way the mental balance calledthought is produced. Morally it is the same. Everything that does notpartake of the nature of virtue is the enemy of virtue in me, and itdepends on what moral caliber I have whether I overcome andproduce virtue (GOOD CHARACTER). Immediately I fight, I am moralin that particular. No man is virtuous because he cannot help it; virtue(character) is acquired.
  31. 31. •Psychology only studies the observableaspects of the mind and discounts theunseen or intangible aspects of the humanmind.•Behavioral science attempts to study theintangible aspects of the human mind…whyyou do the things you do and moreimportantly why you don’t do what youshould do.•There is no such thing as commercialpsychology versus personal psychology.The mind uses the same mechanism toevaluate all types of relationships.•Everything we do revolves aroundrelationships. We relate to our environment,our friends, family, co-workers, other peopleand even our pets. We are social animals.
  32. 32. The Mechanism of the MindConscious Mind Subconscious Mind5-senses: Intellect:SightHearing ExperientialTaste EmpiricalTouchSmell DEW:ESP (women only) Desires, Emotions and Will Belief Systems + Thought = Action/Behavior/Conduct
  33. 33. Gender Differences in the Human PsycheThe female psyche operates on emotional, spiritual,physical and intellectual planesThe male psyche operates only on the intellectual andphysical planes.
  34. 34. You will find this interesting…The female brain is smaller than the malebrain but this has nothing to do withintelligence.One interesting trait that the female brainholds is that the corpus callosum – the whitefibrous mass underneath the brain thatconnects both hemispheres – is 40% larger inthe female brain than in the male brain.This tells us that females use bothhemisphere of their brains while men only useone hemisphere.So, gentlemen, if your spouse or significant-other calls you a half brain idiot, she ispartially correct… but I don’t want to start anytrouble.
  35. 35. We seem to have difficulty in understanding the difference betweenseemingly similar ideas that are not similar at all, when you thinkabout their true meanings. In the following, many have problemstelling the difference between:Faith vs. Hope War vs. ConflictFreedom vs. Liberty Well-being vs. Being wellRules vs. Ethics Cause vs. EffectQuality vs. Quantity Relief vs. CureLove vs. Lust Promise vs. Oath (Vow)Obligation vs. Legalism Discipline vs. PunishmentWealth vs. Money Taste vs. SubstanceWant vs. Need Pain vs. SufferingMachismo vs. Manhood Same vs. EqualFemininity vs. Womanhood Self-Control vs. WillpowerThe meaning of words is not in the words they are in US!
  36. 36. Here is an exercise you might find weird but it demonstrates the power of the human mind.Fi yuo cna raed tihs, yuo hvae a sgtrane mnid tooCna yuo raed tihs? Olny 55 plepoe out of 100 can.I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht Iwas rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid,aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, itdseno’t mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, theolny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be inthe rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you cansitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamnmnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as awlohe. Azanmig huh? Yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpelingwas ipmorantt!You might have found it somewhat unusual that you could probablyread the jumbled mess above. Actually over half the people that seethis exercise can decipher the words at the same speed of reading asif the words were not jumbled.
  37. 37. It is important to note that the human mindthinks in packages… concepts rather thanindividual ideas.Your eyes see each letter but the mindlooks at the whole word instead. As youread, the mind looks at the first and lastletter only.If you were to listen to an orchestra, yourear listens to every note from everyinstrument but a trained ear can actuallypick out individual instruments from thewhole sound as the mind hears the wholesymphony.How does this apply to you? Learning toobserve means going beyond the mind’snatural ability to only read the first and lastletters of a word. It is training the mind tosee all the letters, not just the eye but themind!
  38. 38.  Pain vs. Pleasure – people are more motivated to avoid pain than seek pleasure. A person that is suffering will seek relief before they seek a cure. The human mind cannot tell the difference between fantasy and reality. If there is a conflict between the conscious mind and subconscious mind the subconscious mind always wins…ALWAYS! The human mind gravitates to the desires, emotions and will of its psyche. People grave entertainment so fantasy dominates their existences. The human mind is easily distracted! You can either be the cause of these distractions or other stimuli will be the cause but rest assured people WILL BE distracted because the human mind is gullible.
  39. 39. The human mind responds quickly to these three forms of stimuliSex – Humor - FEARBut the greatest of them all isFEAR!BTW – on the positive side we havefaith, hope, love, but the greatest ofthese is LOVE.Fear usually takes the form of whatis called “Scarcity Thought”You are afraid that someone willhave what you feel belongs to youor that others will have more“stuff” than you.
  40. 40. SEX
  41. 41. HUMOR
  42. 42. FEAR “New Swine Flu Claims Another Child’s Life…you canprotect your children today and prevention is worth more than a pound of cure!” Silver Sol Solution - The New Silver Sol is a very effective, potent, nano-particle solution. It has been tested at 200 times the normal adult dosage, and has been found to be completely non-toxic, unlike many antibiotics and other silver products. It has been tested against some of the deadliest bacteria that exist. In water disinfectant tests, The New Silver Sol was able to kill all the bacteria in raw river water in less than 20 minutes, even after being diluted to 1/200 of the original 10 ppm strength. http://bit.ly/b5qNo8
  43. 43. •The subconscious mind is often referred to as the "heart,"and is the control mechanism the body uses to store ourbeliefs.•These beliefs are stored as pictures in our "hearts"and create frequencies in our bodies.•We know that the optimum human frequency is a littlebelow 7.83 hertz. To drop below this frequency brings onthe onslaught of disease. To rise above it a persondemonstrates psychic abilities.•Harmful beliefs that cause unhealthy frequencies are thesource of almost all problems - physical, mental, emotional.•The subconscious mind creates a belief system, which wecall "pictures of the heart."•These pictures involve either visions, or dreams/fantasies.
  44. 44. Self-Treatment ProtocolsAbandonment-Rejection Emotional Bipolar Obsessive-Abuse Emotional Crisis CompulsiveAcid Reflux Energetic OverwhelmedADD-ADHD Magnetic Frequency PainAddiction Energy Peak PerformanceAllergy Eyesight PhobiaAmouraphobia Fears PreventativeAnger Forgiveness SadnessAnxiety Frustration Shame-GuiltArthritis Genetic Diseases SicknessAutonomic Nervous System Grief-Loss Sleep ProblemsBedwetting Guilt StressBooster Protocol Headache Upset StomachCarpal Tunnel Hearing WeightConfidence High Blood PressureConfusion High CholesterolConstipation ImpotenceDental Irrational ThinkingDepression Jet LagEating Disorder Menstrual
  45. 45. *The subject of all dreams is the dreamer.*Dreams are born in our desires, emotions and will.*Dreamers believe in a belief system, which is fantasy.*A life lived within a fantasy creates a feeling of self-centeredness, hopelessness and despair. In dreamseverything is perfect. TO A DREAMER – SEEING IS BELIEVING!*The subject of a vision is not the visionary but theworld.*Visions are born in the intellect. Visions are pictures ofthe future that have already been experienced in theheart of those who give it birth.*Visionaries sacrifice themselves for the good ofmankind.*Visions have a moral quality that transcends the self-centered nature of dreams.*By its very nature a vision launches a mission, a“cause-that-inspires."*Visions create a sense of belonging. TO A VISIONARY – BELIEVING IS SEEING!
  46. 46. •We act upon visions and/or dreams, using thought.•Thought employs the intellect, in the case of visions, or thedesires, emotions and the will, in the case of dreams.•Intellectual thought relies on wisdom; emotional thoughtrelies on the pursuit of pleasure, comfort and delight.•Dreamers live within a facade; they create a false sense ofworth using imaginary situations.•Visionaries live within reality; they create change, within aframework of restraint, and intellectual thought.•The world is made up of OPPOSITES, which isusually the corrupted version of the original GOOD. Wehave good and evil. We have love and lust!•EVERYTHING YOU DO IS BECAUSE OF LOVEOR LUST.Learn to love because there are no crimes beyondforgiveness.
  47. 47. Love is born in the intellect; lust is born in theDEW!Love is vision; lust is fantasy.Love restrains & sacrifices; lust is selfishLove is being one with someone or somethingLust is being with someone or something.Visionaries love; dreamers lust!Visionaries do what is required; dreamers justdo their best!WHEN THERE IS NO HOPE OF LOVEDO WE ABANDON OURSELVES TO LUST? Yes we do!
  48. 48. Pictures of the heart are your belief system.•We animate these pictures into either fantasies, orvisions.•People do not appear to see the differencebetween the matter part of an organism and the lifepart, which animates it.•We seem to think that the organism itself is life. Inother words, it is not our outward appearance thatis our life, but our inward existence.•Life is what goes into the body. Death is whatcomes out.•A person who lies is not a liar because he tells alie. The lie is the manifested behavior of somesubconscious belief system. The lie onlydemonstrates that the person is a liar…it is theeffect.•Except for love, the power of words inspired by avision or fantasy is the most potent human force.
  49. 49. For a dreamer: “Seeing is believing!”But they only see imaginary things that are not real!!This is why “The Secret” is WRONG!Say it and claim it is WRONG!Blab it and grab it IS WRONG!See it and be it IS WRONG!Dreamers practice companionship – To be with someone or something!VERY IMPORTANT:• Dreamers covet the object of their temptation, BUT they covet the temptation more so than the object itself because the temptation is the idol of their fantasy.14.If there is a conflict between the conscious and subconscious mind, the subconscious mind always wins…ALWAYS!16.All reaction occurs in the conscious mind; all interaction occurs in the subconscious mind. Fear is a “REACTION” to losing control and is a “CONSCIOUS MIND REACTION”.
  50. 50. For a visionary: “Believing is seeing!”There are no SECRETS; there are onlychallenges to be conquered!THIS IS NOT A SECRET: Putting a photo of aFerrari on your refrigerator and seeing yourselfdriving it by employing the so-called law of attractionis pure BUPKES!!! Why? Because this is alloccurring in the conscious mind and beliefs reside inthe subconscious mind. How do you transfersomething from the conscious mind to thesubconscious mind and make it a belief system?It is all about ATTENTION & ACCEPTANCE!!!!! Ihave a $100 bill in my hand and I am willing to give itto you. But if you dont ACCEPT it then it is still inmy hand. BELIEF SYSTEMS ARE CREATED BYATTENTION & ACCEPTANCE!A Ferrari is the object of your temptation but whatyou covet most is the temptation of owning a Ferraribecause the temptation is the idol of your fantasy.
  51. 51. Human things must beknown to be loved; but divine things must be loved to be known.BELIEVING IS SEEING!
  52. 52. Which one of the following goals are good goals?•To want to get married and have awonderful, happy, loving marriage?•To want to have children who arehappy, successful, and loving?•To have a successful, fulfilling andrewarding career?•Is it a good goal to want to have fun,bonded, loving, and meaningfulrelationships with other people?
  53. 53. Which of the listed goals are good goals? None of them!You should never have anything for a goal that is not 100% under yourcontrol, AND each and every goal should be motivated by love.Almost all goals that we have in our life are wrong. Everything that we do,we do because of a goal we have. When we get up in the morning, it’sbecause of some goal that we have; we are hungry for breakfast, or weneed to go to work. If we go to the grocery store, it’s because of some goalwe have. If we are kind to people, it’s because of some goal that we have.Now we don’t always know what they are, because a lot of these aresubconscious goals. The goals we have are the reasons for everything wedo. But, do all of your goals involve only YOU? Of course not! And whenthe other person, or persons, in your goal do not perform, or act the wayyou want them to, then we become anxious and stressed.When our goals get blocked, it creates anger, anxiety, and frustration. If weonly have good goals, we will not experience anger or anxiety. That’s howyou know, if you are living a wrongful goal. If the result is anger andfrustration, because your control was blocked and blocking your goal, thenyou had a wrongful goal. It may have been a fine and noble desire, but awrongful goal.
  54. 54. Intellect is left brain function while Desires, Emotions & Will are right brain functions
  55. 55. Based on what you have now learned, doyou believe that the true sign ofintelligence is not knowledge, butimagination?A debate inspired by an Albert Einstein quote..."Imagination is more important than knowledge.“Imagination can lead to wrongful fantasyBut knowledge can lead to self-determination "We cant solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."
  56. 56. 3. The Central YOU ConceptI have a home in Las Vegas on a half acre of land. My life is real cushy;I have a putting green, a pool and tennis court and my entire backyardis beautifully landscaped. In the morning I arise very early, take my cupof coffee and go and sit on the patio. All of my senses take in what ishappening around me. I can hear the crickets, the air conditioner (evenin the summer the nights are in the 90s); I can even hear the waterripple in the pool as the breeze blows. The cars on the street behindmy house often speed down the street and I can watch an owl as it sitspatiently for its prey.My point in telling you all this is that once I project mysenses outward, away from myself, I can see and heareverything. I am no longer the “center” of myexistence. My mind is not employing any of thesubconscious filters I have accumulated throughout mylife. I am sitting quietly and observing.
  57. 57. Now look at the picture below… An untrained observer will insert themselves in the picture by telling a story. This story is different between genders as well as maturity. But one essential common element of the story will be that it really has nothing to do with the woman; the story you would tell yourself is completely about you. This is called the “Central You” concept. All sensory input coming into your mind through the five senses are filtered and revolve around you. People live their lives with themselves at the center of their universe. My point is simple: to observe completely you must project your senses away from yourself.
  58. 58. Now look at this picture on the right… This is another picture of a woman but this one is not real; it is an animated version. The story you would tell will be completely different or there would be no story at all. But if there were a story; it would also revolve around you because every fantasy you have is perfect where you are perfect too. You are the idol of your fantasy! Okay…how does a person project themselves outward so that complete observation can occur? Is it a matter of free will?
  59. 59. Free WillMuch experimentation has occurred on the subject of free will. Does freewill exist and does it act on the brain via attention?In one of our experiments, subjects were asked to flex their wristswhenever they chose while being monitored by devices on their scalps,which were designed to measure the readiness potential associated withpreparation for movement. On average, the readiness potential wasdetected 550 milliseconds before movement occurred; however, not allreadiness potentials were followed by movement. When subjects wereasked to report when they were conscious of deciding to move, it wasfound that awareness preceded the movement by 100 to 200 milliseconds.Some experts claim that this casts free will into doubt, as the signal tomove came before awareness of the desire tomove.Yes, we have free will butonly the freedom tochoose what is wrong!
  60. 60. I posit that contrary tothis disproving theexistence of free will itis evidence that we areable to block thepreparation processand stop movementfrom occurringaltogether, sinceawareness still comesbefore movement. Putthis way, it would seemas if much of the will weexert is aimed to stopsubconscious urges, aconcept called “freewon’t.”
  61. 61. What is all-important about this theory is attention.Selective focusing of attention filters out distractions andmakes one concentrate on one or a few particular elementspresent in sensory input. Although the data one receives is thesame whether one is paying attention or not, the brain’sresponse to the data is changed. We can decide to someextent what information registers and what does not. Thus, ourperceptions are changed. Or, to put it another way, mentalforce affects the activity of the brain in a perceptible way.Given that we can change brain activity by paying attention tosomething, thus affecting the rate at which corresponding setsof synapses fire, it follows that attention is important forneuroplasticity(Neuroplasticity is the lifelong ability of the brain to reorganizeneural pathways based on new experiences. As we learn, weacquire new knowledge and skills through instruction orexperience. In order to learn or memorize a fact or skill, theremust be persistent functional changes in the brain thatrepresent the new knowledge. The ability of the brain tochange with learning is what is known as neuroplasticity.).
  62. 62. As a certain neural pathway fires more andmore often it becomes stronger and evenmore likely to be activated again. Just assensory input can change cerebral cortexorganization, PET scans have shown thatattention can too (remember this factbecause it is extremely important).Our mental states shape what weperceive more than the originalstimulus does.WOW! Did you understand this lastcomment? Our perceptions shape ourresponses and actions more than thereality or original stimuli!!! Reality versusperception again rears its ugly head! Ourmental states – the life force of focusing –shape what we perceive more than theoriginal stimulus.
  63. 63. In other words, we are what we perceive and realitytakes a back seat!We observe completely when our focus is away fromourselves.This is very similar to “Zen” philosophy but picks upwhere Zen is flawed. Zen’s the observation of "what is."Now, the ‘what is’ is the ‘what is’ below your filters andassumptions.In other words, the goal and point of Zen is to watch yourmind as it meaning-makes, while not attaching to eitherthe process or your assumptions.In this way, the mind sort of slides to the side, and youpeer past the mind-games to the essential ‘emptiness’ ofeverything.I can never prove that what I am observing exists outsideof the constructs of my mind, because the mind filters allthe senses and always creates just as much as itobserves.
  64. 64. Things, habits, and beliefs are LEARNED and can beunlearned just as easily as they were learned in the firstplace; however some things learned are not easy to giveup. We call these addictions. The human mindgravitates toward depravity and all things sensuous andfeeling. And the mind does not give up anythingsensuous! Trained observation is recognizing all stimuliin the conscious mind first and evaluating it in theconscious mind prior to subconscious perception.This evaluation is based on focus, which we will discussin detail very soon. Example: a soldier in a combatsituation in a jungle sees a bug but discards itimmediately because a bug cannot hurt him. He sees atree and focuses on this because an enemy sniper canbe in the tree. A leaf is discarded…a vine is discardedbut a rock and pond is focused upon because both canbe used for concealment. Evaluation using focusprequalifies what we see prior to subconscious thought.The mind strives to think so it is important that weprequalify what it is we think about.
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