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00.fnc forensics overview new


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00.fnc forensics overview new

  1. 1. Forensics Overview
  2. 2.  Bush Vannevar Bush: wanted to use technology to create an automated library system that he described as “memex” Norbert Wiener: invented the field of cybernetics which would inspire advances in the use of technology to advance human lives Marshall McLuhan: had the idea to make a global village interconnected by and Weiner electronic nervous system  McLuhan
  3. 3.  Began with launch of Sputnik in USSR President Eisenhower wanted to bring US back to arms race lead created the Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPA) Second head: Lawrence Robert • Wanted to build network system • Used idea of packet switching developed by Paul Baran at RAND • 1969: Created a special computer called the Interface Message Processor which could used the ARPANET (first internet)
  4. 4.  First ARPANET protocol was Network Control Program • Later Replaced by Internet Protocol (IP) When ARPANET retired in 1990, it was transferred to the National Science Foundations NSFNET • Connected with research facilities in Europe • Established what is today’s internet
  5. 5.  Most common used through the World Wide Web (WWW) • A Database in the form of WebPages that can be search through web browsers Contain URL’s or Uniform Resource Locators used to located different WebPages on the WWW Uses Hypertext in order to quickly navigate from on WebPage to another • A hypertext is a link to another Webpage • Term was coined by Ted Nelson in his book “Literary Machines”
  6. 6.  The World Wide Web is made public through Internet Service Providers (ISP) • Company that provides internet services (web browsers) • Ex: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox ISP use IP Addresses to locate and transmit information located on the Internet
  7. 7. A code that defines where a certain piece of information is located on the internet when using an ISP • Usually four sets of numbers separated by a “.” • Numbers can range from 0- 255 an example of an IP address would be
  8. 8.  Domains are ways to locate IP addresses without needing to know the IP address itself This is done by giving a name to a specific Webpage in order to locate it • Ex: Make browsing the internet a lot more convenient and quicker Domains are split into 3 levels
  9. 9.  Top-level includes the end of the web address • There are many top-level domains in a web address • .com- for commercial purpose • .edu- from educational institutions • .gov- provided by the government • .org- provided by a nonprofit organization
  10. 10.  The second level of a domain includes the middle portion along with the end portion of the web address • The third level of a domain includes the who web address •
  11. 11.  A software program that searches the internet for information though the use of key words Popular Search engines include • • Search engines can be used to learn more about the different fields of forensic science
  12. 12.  Currently the most popular service on the internet Works similar to conventional mail except a lot faster An email is transmitted using an email address • An email address includes a name, word, or phrase that identifies who the email is being sent to followed by an “@” along with the internet webpage address that provides the email service • Ex: name/word/ Makes forensic scientist communicate and exchange information a lot faster
  13. 13.  The analysis of events on the internet that can be used to solve a crime Analyze recent activity on the internet even if the internet history has been deleted This is done through Windows Sap Files • Data created while on the internet and deleted when getting offline • Deleted data is stored in an erased file on the computer
  14. 14.  Forensic Scientist locate and analyze the deleted data on the internet from these files Also look at recent emails and bookmarks for possible evidence for the crime
  15. 15.  Hacking is the unauthorized intrusion of computers and the internet It is considered to be a felony in the United States Hackers are able to do what ever they please on the internet as long as the computer they hack remains online Forensic Scientists track hackers by finding their IP addresses
  16. 16.  Today you can’t go on the internet without a hacker trying to enter your computer Special software be used to prevent Hacking • Firewalls • Antivirus Firewalls follow you where ever you go on the internet • A firewall is a program that separates secure and un secure areas on the internet to prevent hackers from intruding your computer while on the internet
  17. 17.  Antivirus • Prevent virus’ that hackers attempt to spread from reaching your computer • A computer virus is a program that can multiply itself in another computer and cause damage to the computer’s memory and other data
  18. 18. Network Security AuditEnsure that your network conforms to industry best practices. Anetwork security audit will identify holes and vulnerabilities, and provideremedy against exploitation. A network security audit includesassessment and remedy for:Network InfrastructurePublic FootprintPerimeter Devices and PoliciesRemote AccessWireless ConnectivityServers, Workstations & Mobile DevicesDomain Policies and Data PoliciesAudit MeasuresBackupEmergency Response & Disaster RecoveryInformation Handling
  19. 19. Corporate Forensics•HR & Employee Relations Investigations•Incident Reporting Software•Compliance Investigations•Insurance Fraud Investigations•Corporate Security Investigations•Ethics Investigations•Privacy Investigations
  20. 20.  US v. Miller • 45 year old man named Mark Wayne Miller • Chatted with underage girls through the internet under an assumed name and photo of a random young male • Convinced many of these girls to allow him to engage in sexually explicit content while he recorded through a webcam • He then sold the footage • Girl sends love note to address he had used during chats • Address was from old job that knew where Miller was living • Investigators inspect the content of Millers internet visits on his computer and discover his actions • Arrested and sentences to 35 years to life in prison
  21. 21.  US v. Heckenkamp • Discovered for hacking and damaging the computers of several high-tech companies by Jerome T. Heckenkamp • Had gain unauthorized access to EBay, Qualcomm, Exodus Communications, Juniper Networks, Lycos, and Cygnus Solutions computers • Investigated by FBI Computer Intrusion Squad and Computer Hacking and Intellectual Property Unit in US Attorney Office in Northern District of California • Led a warranted search of Heckenkamp’s computer taking a copy of his hard drive • Discovered recent activities and hackings that he had done on the internet • Sentenced to 8 months in prison and 8 months of electronic monitoring
  22. 22.  US v. Iffih • Hacked several computers including those controlled by NASA • Investigators found a full trail of all his hackings when inspecting his computer • Charged for three counts  Intercepting login names and passwords of a NASA computer and gaining control of the computer  Hacked into an interstate and foreign commerce website owned by Zebra Marketing Online Services  Purposely caused an interference in the US Government communication system causing messages to be transmitted very slowly • Was sentences to 10yrs in prison along with a $250,000 fine
  23. 23. FNC ProductsFNC Bushwhacker ProgramHave you ever been hacked? Have you been a victim of IdentityTheft? Has your computer ever been infected with a virus, malware,or spyware? Do you know who is reading your personal information,spying on your cell phone conversations and text messages? TheInternet is a fantastic tool that we all have come to rely on for a vastvariety of needs but the Internet is a cesspool of cyber-crime andhackers bent on evil intent. From child predators that prey on kids inchat rooms to corporate espionage where corporate secrets arepilfered and sold for sizeable profits, cyber-crime is real and thecyber-criminals are very good at what they do. How good are you atpreventing them from practicing their evil trade? The FNCBushwhacker Program teaches you how to become the hunterinstead of the prey. It also teaches you how to block cyber-criminalsfrom accessing your personal information, protect your children, andcatch the bad guys when they attempt to make you a victim.Everyone should become a student of the FNC Bushwhackerprogram. It is that important! FNC Bushwhacker Program comes intwo parts. The second part is called the FNC Bushwhacker PLUSProgram is an in depth course that makes you literally bulletproof tocyber-crime of all types. It provides all of the resources you need tobecome an “amateur internet sleuth” and this is a must instructionalexperience.
  24. 24. FNC Products-contFNC Corporate ProtectFrom denial-of-service and web page defacements, to information theft that cancost your company millions of dollars, the motives and scope of attack mayvary but the solution is the same. Understand the threat and implementappropriate countermeasures. FNC Corporate Protect is a 1-day workshopdesigned to create security awareness and give business owners the uniqueskills required to protect the information assets of their organization. In thisworkshop you will learn what hackers know. You will learn what they can do,how they do it, and most importantly, how you can minimize or eliminate yourvulnerabilities to these threats and attacks. The premise of the FNC CorporateProtect is simple: you need to understand the threats to your business; youneed to know what you can do to eliminate your vulnerabilities. As each exploittechnique is taught, you will perform the task individually and then you willimplement and test an appropriate countermeasure.
  25. 25. FNC Products-contCorporate Protect – contAreas covered in FNC Corporate Protect include: • Network footprinting, port scanning, and enumeration techniques • Specific operating system vulnerabilities • Web server vulnerabilities • Application level exploits, worms, viruses and Trojans • Network vulnerabilities, sniffing, wireless sniffing, IP spoofing, andPPTP/VPN breakingTwo other critical areas presented in FNC Corporate Protect are IntrusionDetection and Incident Response. As the names imply, these two areasaddress the tools techniques designed to give you the advantage of beingprepared to deal with hacks if and when they occur. Being able to detect a hackand having a response plan in place will greatly improve your securityawareness and further reduce your vulnerability. This course is delivered byForensicsNation’s senior practicing security consultants, who bring real worldexperience to the classroom.
  26. 26. FNC Products-contPersonal ProtectWorkshop Contents•Antirootkit•Antivirus Scans•Antivirus Programs•Backup Utilities•Cloud-Enhanced Whitelisting (Cloud-Powered Reputation)•Disk Encryption•Gamer Mode•Host-Based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS)•Internet Browsers•Internet Security Training•Password Managers•Removable Media Control•Secure hard Drive Wiping•Software Firewalls•Spyware Detection and Removal•Spyware Prevention•System Optimization and Privacy Cleaning Tools•Virtualization Techniques•Vulnerability Scanners•Vulnerability and Protection Techniques for Microsoft Office , PC Technician, Networking,Security, Web Design, Graphic Design, Data Management, Programming and Accounting
  27. 27. FNC Products-contPersonal Protect - contFNC Personal Protect is for families and individuals that want to secure theirpersonal computers from hackers and intrusions of all kinds.It also teaches you how to protect your cell phone from spyware and secure allof your personal and financial information.Social Networking on sites such as Facebook and twitter open upvulnerabilities for hackers to access personal information.FNC Personal Protect teaches how to secure these networks and protectyourself from hackers.FNC Personal Protect provides you with a free online encrypted chat room thathackers cannot access. Now you can chat online feeling secure and safe.FNC Corporate Protect is a 1-day workshop designed to create personalcomputer security awareness.
  28. 28. FNC Products-contPinpoint Protect Child WatchOur children are our most valuable asset and yet very little are done to protectthem from cyber-predators and criminal elements. Not a day goes by thatForensicsNation is not working on a child predator investigation and the trendingtells us it is getting worse.Cyber-predators truly believe that they can remain invisible as they prey on kidsand this is where they are very WRONG! ForensicsNation has caught some ofthe most notorious child predators. Read “The Confessions of a Child Predator: Protect Child Watch combines GPS technology along with theprevention techniques of ForensicsNation and acts as an electronic babysitter.
  29. 29. FNC Products-contPinpoint Protect GuardianA good many people have jobs and professions that posecertain risks. From workers that work alone in remoteenvironments to professions dealing in money andvaluables such as jewelry, etc; ForensicsNation’ PinpointProtect Guardian Program provides protection where andwhen you need it most.But we take it another step further…for individuals thathunt in remote wilderness locations, travelers to remote ordangerous areas of the world, college students away fromhome for the first time; ForensicsNation’s Pinpoint ProtectGuardian Program provides protection and much more.
  30. 30. Corporate Mailing Address:546 South Main StreetLock Box 304Cedar City, Utah 84720435-249-5600435-867-1988 Faxsupport@neternatives.com