FishbowlToGo Mobile App Webinar - June 2013


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Get Oracle WebCenter Content on your iPhone or Android with FishbowlToGo

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  • Fishbowl only focuses on software and services for Oracle WebCenter Content and Portal. Fishbowl is not a Microsoft partner.Most referencable partner in the world.
  • Fishbowl has unique expertise in bringing WebCenter content to mobile device, WebCenter Portal and Spaces user experience design, integrating WebCenter with SharePoint and today’s topic – Google Search Integration and Enterprise Search.
  • When we talk about managing or interacting with content from mobile devices one of the most important aspects is how you find and organize important content – documents, pictures, videos, etc. The goal is to give users the easiest user experience and provide efficient avenues for finding the documents they need to do their jobs.
  • In their email – maybe from a customer, vendor, or another business unit – it needs to get checked in so others can access/approve, etc.
  • Customer – quotes,
  • Add from Address BookType in AddressesSend to MultipleBadge IndicatorSecure Temporary Download SiteAssuming an asset has the taxonomy that permits distribution via email, an item can be added to a cart for distribution on a download server. The user can long press “Email Document” in either online, local, or folder view assets and add them to a cart. An indicator will identify how many assets are currently in the cart.The user can manually enter recipients or use the tablet’s native contact list to identify who should be sent a download notification link for the assets selected. The download server will confirm the requester has security permission to view the document before they can allow others to download the file. After sending the request, all users and items will clear from the email cart.
  • Navigation and Search are the initial ways that users can locate content. Folders allow users to set up their own folders and organize content in a way that is most useful for them.This can be as simple as adding docs to the favorites folder that comes with the app or as complex as creating nested folders for sales calls by territory and customer.Sales reps for customer visitsCommonly used policies. SubcategoriesUser-defined structure / heirarchyAuto synced with updates, deletes, etc.Automatically offline – unless specifically not offline access.The application includes a local folder structure. By default a favorites folder is included with the application. Users may create as many additional folders and subfolders as desired. Folders can contain any content that is available from the app and items can be added to multiple folders. Item can be added to folders from either the Online or Local view. When a user long-presses the item, a “Store to Folder” option will appear and the user can select the folder to add to. The folder view uses the same left nav as the Local and Online content libraries, but in this case, each node represents the content of a local folder. Content items are displayed in the document grid view and any child folders are displayed below the parent folder. Users can create or delete local their folder structure. An “Add Folder” button is present at the bottom of the left nav from the Folder view. Touching that button from the Folder View Landing Page prompts the user to enter a folder name and creates a new top-level folder. Touching the “Add Folder” button from any other location creates the new folder as a child of the active folder. Any items contained in folders will automatically be included in the local content library and will be available offline. These items will be updated each time the app syncs. Users can also remove items from folders by long-pressing the item from the folder view.
  • Customer – quotes,
  • Secured Content Sign in with WebCenter credentialsUsers only see items they have access toConfigurable login time cachingMetadata-Based SecurityNormal – Save local & EmailRestricted email deliveryRestricted viewing with 3rd party applicationOn-Line Viewing only
  • FishbowlToGo Mobile App Webinar - June 2013

    1. 1. FishbowlToGo Mobile Appfor Oracle WebCenter ContentWebcast Presented by Fishbowl Solutions6.6.2013
    2. 2. www.fishbowlsolutions.comAgenda+ Who is Fishbowl Solutions+ Mobility Trends & Business Drivers+ FishbowlToGo Mobile App Overview+ Demo+ Use Cases+ Deployment & Technical Details+ Questions
    3. 3. www.fishbowlsolutions.comAbout Fishbowl Solutions+ 100+ deployments in last 2 years+ Focused on portals & content management since 1999+ Solutions offerings & value-add components forOracle WebCenter+ Oracle Specialized Gold Partner for WebCenterContent & WebCenter Portal
    4. 4. www.fishbowlsolutions.comFishbowl Innovation & ExpertiseWebCenter Mobile WebCenter Intranets & PortalsGoogle Search Integration Upgrades & Migrations
    5. 5. www.fishbowlsolutions.comRetrospective: Mobile ECM at Fishbowl2010Fishbowl wins the business from large medical devicemanufacturer to create mobile sales enablement applicationfor Apple iPads2011Medical device manufacturer deploys Fishbowl’s mobile tabletapplication for WebCenter to 6,500 sales reps globallyFishbowl wins Forrester Groundswell award Medical devicemanufacturer wins Oracle Fusion Innovation award2012Fishbowl releases Collaborate mobile applicationBanner Engineering deploys Fishbowl’s mobile tablet applicationfor WebCenter to 3,000+ sales reps and distributorsFishbowl releases ECM iPad app on the Apple App Store2013Fishbowl releases Android app for WebCenter on Google PlayFishbowl releases FishbowlToGo phone app for OracleWebCenter on iTunes and Google Play
    6. 6. www.fishbowlsolutions.comBusiness’ PerspectiveBetter management, organization &presentation of materials
    7. 7. www.fishbowlsolutions.comMobile Options from Fishbowl• Virtual Binder for Content Consumption• Guided Navigation + Search• Custom User-Created Content Folders• Online / Offline File Sync• External Content Sharing• Custom applications• Tailored Use Case• Oracle WebCenter integrations• Leverages Fishbowl API• Enabling Mobile Access to Web Sites• Single Template, Multiple Experiences• Mobile WebCenter Content Access• Search & Favorites• Workflow Review• Content Check-InCustom Mobile ApplicationsFishbowlToGo Phone App (iOS & Android)Mobile Library Tablet App (iOS & Android) Responsive Design for WebCenter
    8. 8. www.fishbowlsolutions.comWhat is FishbowlToGo?+ Native App for iPhoneor Android+ Access WebCenterContent items+ Free Download oniTunes and GooglePlay
    9. 9. www.fishbowlsolutions.comWhy FishbowlToGo?1. Enable mobile access to crucial information– Documents– Reports– Presentations– Images– Audio and video files
    10. 10. www.fishbowlsolutions.comWhy FishbowlToGo?2. Reduce business process bottlenecks– Waiting on contract approval– “I’ll check it in when I’m back in the office…”– “I couldn’t remember the process, so...”
    11. 11. www.fishbowlsolutions.comWhy FishbowlToGo?3. Make content management convenient– Quick Access to Common Items– Workflow Review, Approve, & Reject– Content Check-In
    12. 12. www.fishbowlsolutions.comWhy FishbowlToGo?4. Discourage ad-hoc work-arounds– Consumer solutions with no IT control– Going from memory / going without– Referencing outdated paper copies
    13. 13. www.fishbowlsolutions.comWhy FishbowlToGo?5. Make unproductive time productive– Waiting… in line… for kids… for colleagues…– Cab ride, subway, or airport– Arrive early for meeting
    14. 14. www.fishbowlsolutions.comFishbowlToGo Features Overview+ Search for Content+ View Documents+ Create Favorites+ Check-In New Items+ Review Workflow Assignments
    15. 15. www.fishbowlsolutions.comDemo
    16. 16. www.fishbowlsolutions.comApplications & Use Cases
    17. 17. www.fishbowlsolutions.comInvoice Check-in from Email
    18. 18. www.fishbowlsolutions.comInvoice Check-in from Email
    19. 19. www.fishbowlsolutions.comCheck-In Setup+ Mobile Check-inProfiles+ Default valuesapplied on check-in+ Editable valuespresented to users
    20. 20. www.fishbowlsolutions.comCustomer Check-In Profile
    21. 21. www.fishbowlsolutions.comBenefits of Mobile Check-In+ Expediting process– Get invoices in faster– Take advantage of discount period– Make content available to others+ Kick off workflow+ Get approval faster– Contracts– Customer information
    22. 22. www.fishbowlsolutions.comWorkflow Review from Email
    23. 23. www.fishbowlsolutions.comBenefits of Mobile Workflow Review+ Items move through workflow more quickly+ Speeds up business processes:– Invoice or Purchase Order approval– Contract Reviews+ Content is released for consumption sooner:– Sales / marketing brochures materials– Company announcements or news releases+ Better Customer Responsiveness– Release content to customers more quickly
    24. 24. www.fishbowlsolutions.comFinding & Accessing Content: “Open-In”
    25. 25. www.fishbowlsolutions.comFinding & Accessing Content: Favorites
    26. 26. www.fishbowlsolutions.comBenefits of Mobile Access & Favorites+ Quick access to docs most critical to your work– Project plans– Schedules– Product Info+ Eliminate paper copies and binders– Bulky to carry– Can be outdated
    27. 27. www.fishbowlsolutions.comWebCenter Access: App vs. WebWith App+ Simple+ Quick+ Native Integrations– Camera– Other Apps+ Workflow– 5 taps, no scrolling, notyping+ Check-In Image– 7 taps, 1 metadata fieldOn Web+ Login form+ Longer load times+ Not sized for mobile– Hard to read the menus– Lots of scrolling around+ Workflow– 14 taps, plus scrolling,zooming, and typing+ Check-In Image– 10 taps, 6 metadata fields
    28. 28. www.fishbowlsolutions.comMaintain WebCenter Security+ Secured Content– Sign in with WebCentercredentials– Users only see items theyhave access to+ Maintain IT Control/Infrastructure– Can be inside firewall– Access control+ Give users a way to useWebCenter on-the-go sothey don’t set up their own
    29. 29. www.fishbowlsolutions.comFree vs. Premium VersionsFree PremiumContent Search X XFavorites X XBasic Document Info X XOpen-In Other Apps X XEmail Files X XWorkflow Queue List X XMobile-Optimized Full Document Info XPhoto & Video Check-In XCheck-In from Other Apps (Open-In) XMobile-Optimized Search XWorkflow Info & Comments XWorkflow Approve & Reject XNative File Access X
    30. 30. www.fishbowlsolutions.comDeployment ProcessFree Version1. Download free app fromiTunes or Google Play2. Type in server addressPremium Version1. Enterprise buysFishbowlToGo license2. Component installed onWebCenter Content server3. Premium featuresautomatically activatefor users with free app
    31. 31. www.fishbowlsolutions.comQuestions?
    32. 32. www.fishbowlsolutions.comWhat’s Next+ Try it on iTunes & Google Play+ Meet with a WebCenter Mobile Expert+ Schedule a Demo– 952.465.3400– sales@fishbowlsolutions.comContact salesby the end of June forspecial introductorypricing
    33. 33. www.fishbowlsolutions.comtwitter: @FishbowlE20facebook: join our groups webcenter content & webcenter portalweb: email: info@fishbowlsolutions.comphone: +1.952.465.3400 blog: cfour.fishbowlsolutions.comContact Us