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SharePoint 2016 Is Coming! Are You Ready?


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Join Richard Harbridge for this fast paced in depth view of what’s coming in SharePoint Server 2016 and why those new features matter for IT Pros and what you can do to get ready for SharePoint Server 2016.

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SharePoint 2016 Is Coming! Are You Ready?

  2. 2. RICHARD HARBRIDGE My twitter is @RHarbridge, my blog is at, and I work at SPEAKER| AUTHOR| SUPERFRIENDLY
  3. 3. @RHARBRIDGE WARNING: IT MAY BE HARD TO KEEP UP Slides are on {It’s okay!}
  4. 4. “Good, bad or indifferent, if you are not investing in new technology, you are going to be left behind..” - Philip Green THE PREPARED ORGANIZATION
  5. 5. ARE YOU READY FOR TODAY’S DEMANDS? What about tomorrows demands? Are you ready for those?
  6. 6. DON’T FALL BEHIND… It is more challenging to meet expectations on legacy technology.
  7. 7. CONSIDER SHAREPOINT ONLINE… An excellent way to provide easier sharing & anywhere, anytime access.
  8. 8. CONSIDER UPGRADING TO SHAREPOINT 2016 (OR AT LEAST 2013)… TAP Program Now - Beta Q4 2015, RTM Q2 of 2016.
  9. 9. GETTING READY FOR SHAREPOINT 2016… In 2012 Microsoft referenced that SharePoint brings in an adjusted $2 Billion a year. (Pre- SharePoint 2013). Now 38% of SharePoint licenses are in the Cloud today. Let’s talk about on-premises.
  10. 10. SharePoint as a skillset has been validated and is important, but will change. SHAREPOINT SKILL LANDSCAPE TODAY…
  11. 11. SHAREPOINT 2016 IS COMING! Timeline: TAP Active, Beta Q4 2015 & RTM Q2 of 2016. Final Feature Set Can Change Before Release
  12. 12. Cloud-down codebase based on SharePoint Online… Backported capabilities for on-premises differentiators… DevMain SPORel O15 GUx GUy CONVERGED CODE BASE…
  13. 13. HOW DO WE GET TO SHAREPOINT 2016? I want it! What do I do to get ready or get to SharePoint 2016 on-premises?
  14. 14. Scenario Deployment type and scale Processor RAM Hard disk Database server running a single SQL instance Development or evaluation installation with the minimum recommended services 64-bit, 4 cores 12-16 GB 80 GB for system drive 100 GB for second drive Database server running a single SQL instance Pilot, user acceptance test running all available services 64-bit, 4 cores 16-24 GB 80 GB for system drive 100 GB for second drive and additional drives Web server or application server in a three-tier farm Development or evaluation installation with the minimum number of services 64-bit, 4 cores 8-12 GB 80 GB for system drive 80 GB for second drive Web server or application server in a three-tier farm Pilot, user acceptance test running all available services 64-bit, 4 cores 12-16 GB 80 GB for system drive 80 GB for second drive and additional drives HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS Disk space and number of drives depends on the amount of content and the method chosen to distribute data for a SharePoint environment.
  15. 15. Windows Server 2012 R2 Windows Server 10 Provides support for Windows PowerShell 3.0 Provides support for information protection .NET Framework 4.5.2 Enables the creation & consumption of OData services Provides in memory distributed caching PREREQUISITES SharePoint 2016 prerequisites are similar to those required to install SharePoint 2013 and can be installed manually or w/ the Prerequisite Installer Windows Management Framework 3.0 Application Server Role Web Server (IIS) Role Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 Update for the .NET Framework 4 (KB2898850) Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Native Client Microsoft Identity Extensions Microsoft Sync Framework Runtime v1.0 SP1 (x64) Windows Server AppFabric 1.1 Windows Identity Foundation v1.1 Microsoft Information Protection and Control Client Microsoft WCF Data Services
  16. 16. SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS… SharePoint Server 2016 requires SQL Server 2014 for its databases. Database Servers NOTE SharePoint Server 2016 does not support standalone installation which automatically installed SQL Server Express Edition and configured the farm on a single computer.
  17. 17. DEPLOYMENT SCENARIOS… Deployment scenarios are the same for 2013 as they are for 2016. Unsupported Developer Unsupported Unsupported Unsupported Unsupported Developer Unsupported Unsupported Unsupported
  18. 18. Migration Process PreparationAssessmentMigration Testing/ Validation PostMigration For Office 365 Migrations Analyze Existing Content (Location, Quantity, Solutions) Determine Migration Priority Create New Site(s) In Office 365 Validate Content Based On Content Map/Schedule Launch New Site (w/ Training) Assess Office 365 Environment Identify Source Content To Be Migrated Determine Ownership Of Content Clean Up Content/ Content Refresh Prepare Office 365 Environment Define Content Map Owner Review Of Content (Training Opportunity) Migrate Content Based On Map/ Schedule Define Migration Schedule Approved Delete Source Content That Has Been Migrated Set Source Content To Read Only Review Feedback Resolve Issues Plan Launch Efforts HOW DO I GET TO SP 2016? Upgrade “2010 Mode” Sites to “2013 Mode” and Content DB 2013 to 2016.
  19. 19. WHAT DO WE GET WITH 2016? Starting with the management improvements…
  20. 20. MANAGEMENT, PERFORMANCE & RELIABILITY IMPROVEMENTS “The improvements coming in SharePoint Server 2016 bring even greater scale, performance and reliability to customers.”
  21. 21. […..] Distributed Cache and Request Management Distributed Cache, Request Management, SharePoint Foundation Web Application […..] Web Servers Access Services, Business Data Connectivity, Central Administration, Managed Metadata, SharePoint Foundation Web Application, Secure Store Service, State, Subscription Settings, User Code, User Profile, Visio Graphics […..] Batch Processing Crawl Target, Machine Translation, SharePoint Foundation Web Application, PowerPoint Conversion, User Profile Synchronization, Word Automation, Work Management, Workflow Timer Service […..] Specialized Workloads Excel Calculation, PerformancePoint, Project, Search, SharePoint Foundation Web Application User services Robot services Caching services MinRole SharePoint logic consolidated into one single machine reducing the number of discrete roles timer jobs search caching provisioning sync client onenote page rendering user profile excel services sandbox code project subscription settings User Services, Robot Services or Caching Services (MinRoles)
  22. 22. Services end user requests. Servers assigned to this role are optimized for low latency. Services backend jobs or the requests triggered by backend jobs. Servers assigned to this role are optimized for high throughput. Reserved for services that needed to be isolated from other services. 3rd party applications, etc. Serves distributed cache for the farm. Servers assigned to this role can load balance end user requests among the web front ends. CLOUD INSPIRED NEW 2016 SERVER ROLES… User Services, Robot Services or Caching Services (MinRoles) Old School
  23. 23. HEALTH ANALYZER WORKS EVEN BETTER... User Services, Robot Services or Caching Services (MinRoles) SharePoint Health Analyzer for MinRole enforcement Health rule will scan each server in the farm daily Scans all roles except for SpecialLoad Compares Service Instances on server to expected configuration
  24. 24. PERFORMANCE AND RELIABILITY IMPROVEMENTS… From 37+18 Per LangPack MSIs/MSPs to 4 MSI/MSPs +1 Per LangPack. Smaller update footprint  Reduced number of MSI and MSP  In-place, online, installation MSI MSP
  25. 25. 1 Windows identity over SAML claims Normalizes on OAuth and JWT/SAML with WSFED Important resources 2 IdP 3 5 4 AUTH N-Z Few minor changes – SAML first class citizen. BI scenarios impacted positively. Moving away from domain based auth and more toward cloud based auth.
  26. 26. SMTP CONNECTION ENCRYPTION Alerts etc were unencrypted – now can support encrypted comms. Connection Encryption Provides improved messaging security Supports sending mail to SMTP servers using STARTTLS connection encryption No fallback support for unencrypted connections SMTP can use non-default ports
  27. 27. PERFORMANCE AND RELIABILITY IMPROVEMENTS… Now with Distributed Cache can move to 4x 9’s (NTLM Problem Resolution) speed @ Cache Cluster {Transform} SharePoint How?
  28. 28. Increased List Threshold >5000 List Threshold Content database sizing into TB’s Content Database Size MaxFile Size 10GB and removed character restrictions MaxFile Size 100,000 site collections per content database Site Collections per Content Database 2x increase in Search scale to 500 million items Indexed Items WHAT DO I GET WITH SHAREPOINT 2016? Boundaries and limits have been improved!
  29. 29. ODF IN DOCUMENT LIBRARIES… Allows creating new files in Doc Libraries and saving as ODF Can edit new file with program of choice You can set an Open Document Format (ODF) file as the default file template for a document library. This way, when someone creates a new file in the library, the file opens and saves as an ODF file. People can use a program of their choice to edit the new file.
  30. 30. Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) Protocol Support Download  Byte-range HTTP GETs Upload  BITS specific block-based upload protocol Data Application Data Presentation Data Session Segments Transport Packets Network Frames Data Link Bits Physical HOSTLAYERSMEDIALAYERS FILE TRANSFER IMPROVEMENTS… In 2010 we had a number of reads and writes just to update a file. Cobalt = High IO/Load. In 2013 we introduced shredded storage. This reduced impact on the server side (Delta). Background Intelligent Transfer service is a new method. Go beyond SOAP over HTTP.
  31. 31. FASTER SITE CREATION… New logic improves site collection creation performance. Copies Site Collections using SPSite.Copy at Content Database level Implements master copies of Site Collections Mitigates Feature Activation overhead New Logic Improves site collection creation performance
  32. 32. TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT Still not committed for 2016: Improves reliability to allow 4x9’s availability. Platform Resiliency New endpoint running on web servers Establishes affinity between web servers and load balancers (Big IP/NLB) Isolates requests and provides intelligent routing based on variables (health, servicing, etc.) Provable health remotely verifies health, can initialize remediation, and provides services for conditional access scenarios (think read only scenarios) Intelligent rules that sit inside of SharePoint that verify service health and servicing before responding to it.
  33. 33. USER PROFILE SERVICE… 2 Options: Unidirectional Direct Connect (2007) or MIM (MSFT Ident Manager) Improved bidirectional synchronization Removed built-in FIM Service Supports external FIM Service Unidirectional synchronization provided through native AD synchronization
  34. 34. PROJECT SERVER DB CONSOLIDATED … Integrated Project Server: Controlled through server/user licensing. SharePointServer PWA Project Server Project Database Content Database Configuration Database WCF Services Project Server Interface (PSI) Business Objects Project Calculation Service Project Server Workflow System ProjectServerEventing System LocalEventHandlers ProjectServerQueuing System Content (+Project) Database
  35. 35. DURABLE LINKS… Durable Links: Resource ID Based URLs (Remains intact w/ rename and move). User clicks docID-based durable URL … Redirect manager: based on this docID, provide the right way to get a doc Cobalt endpoint for getting file for client URL with SiteID & DocID to WOPI GuestAccess.asp x URL for WOPI This resolves many issues around document links today… • Limited URL Length (255 characters). • Naming conventions (drag and drop filename w/ ‘&’ in it.) • File relocation breaks saved links.
  36. 36. WHAT DO I GET WITH SHAREPOINT 2016? Real Time Telemetry – provide insights around users. Services Actions Usage Engagement Diagnostics
  37. 37. REAL TIME TELEMETRY… Based on tools used within SharePoint Online – provide insights around users.
  38. 38. REAL TIME TELEMETRY… Based on tools used within SharePoint Online – provide insights around users.
  39. 39. WHAT ELSE DO WE GET? Beyond management, performance and reliability improvements…
  40. 40. HYBRID WITH SHAREPOINT 2016… “I’m a hybrid.” - Tommy Chong
  41. 41. Search Service Application for Cloud Storage  Unifies on-premises and cloud indexes  Provides support for Office Graph/Delve experiences on-premises  Supports Search as a Service / reduces search crawl footprint Audio text And search indexpropertiessignalsmetadata extraction and processing CLOUD SEARCH SERVICE APPLICATION… Support Using Office Graph/Delve On-Premises – Available End Of Year (2015)
  42. 42. WHAT DOES THIS LOOK LIKE FOR SEARCH? Support Using Office Graph/Delve On-Premises – Available End Of Year (2015)
  43. 43. WHAT DOES THIS LOOK LIKE FOR DELVE? Support Using Office Graph/Delve On-Premises – Available End Of Year (2015)
  44. 44. SEARCH SERVICE APPLICATION… Contoso has 2 SharePoint Server deployments (2013 and 2010), plus content in fileshares. Support forum SupportSales & Marketing Knowledge Articles Hardware requirements: 14 application servers 4 content + 10 search On-premises HYBRID SEARCH BENEFITS…
  45. 45. They roll out OneDrive for Business to their users, and start migrating sites to Office 365. Hardware required after migration: 13 application servers 3 content + 10 search site migration On-premises Office 365 SupportSales & Marketing Knowledge Articles NEW! OneDrive Support forum HYBRID SEARCH BENEFITS…
  46. 46. Contoso learned that they can index their on-premises sites in the search index in Office 365, without upgrading their existing deployments. Current hardware requirements: 5 application servers 3 content + 2 search HYBRID SEARCH BENEFITS… SupportSales & Marketing Knowledge Articles OneDrive Support forum On-premises Office 365 SP 2013 SSA
  47. 47. COMPLIANCE ACROSS CLOUD AND ON- PREMISES… Compliance Center (Hybrid), RMS Online, DLP, eDiscovery and Hold for Both
  48. 48. SHAREPOINT 2016 & OFFICE 365 DISTRIBUTED SITES… Following (Sites, Documents, People), Managed Metadata, Promoted Sites…
  49. 49. NEW HYBRID AUTOMATION… Hybrid deployment automation (scenario selection, config of pre-req & core)
  50. 50. NEW HYBRID EXTRANET SCENARIO… Site Publishing for Internal to Internet (w/ 365 Identity Federation Services)
  51. 51. CONSIDER SHAREPOINT 2016… Features available on SharePoint Online – If they can be backported = in 2016.
  52. 52. ADDITIONAL CONSIDERATIONS… “Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand.”
  53. 53. Continue using InfoPath Designer 2013 where appropriate; Begin transitioning users towards InfoPath forms services. INFOPATH SUPPORT
  54. 54. There are many third party solutions/alternatives to InfoPath. INFOPATH SUPPORT
  55. 55. SHAREPOINT FOUNDATION 2016 SharePoint Foundation will not be shipped with SharePoint Server 2016.
  56. 56. SHAREPOINT DESIGNER You can use SharePoint Designer 2013 with SharePoint 2016.
  57. 57. PERFORMANCEPOINT PerformancePoint Services will be back ported into SharePoint 2016.
  58. 58. OFFICE 2016 PREVIEW Office 2016 Preview wipes SharePoint & InfoPath Designer 2013.
  59. 59. “Everyone pays for technology based on the promise of value. To realize that value users need to use and adopt the technology.” - Richard Harbridge ADOPTION IS STILL CRITICAL!
  60. 60. SHAREPOINT 2016 IS GREAT… BUT HYBRID IS THE REAL WINNER… Be sure to understand how Office 365 can enhance your on-premises story.
  61. 61. GETTING MORE PEOPLE TO USE THE TECHNOLOGY IS IMPORTANT… Often getting people to use more of the technology is just as important. Let’s Go Over 4 Key Ways To Improve This Picture
  62. 62. Scenarios Methodology Communities Resources 1.BUILDAN ADOPTION PLAN…
  63. 63. 2. REAL WORLD ADOPTION ACTIVITIES & MORE… Find great ideas for driving adoption in our latest book
  64. 64. Scenarios Finding Someone With A Certain Expertise ◔ ● ● ◕ ◔ ◔ Ask Something, Don’t Know Whom To Ask ○ ● ◕ ◔ ◕ Do A Brainstorming Activity With My Team ◑ ● ● ◑ ◔ ● Where Should Meeting Notes Be Captured, Stored & Shared? ◕ ◕ ● ● ◔ ● Where Should I Share Video? ○ ◑ ◔ ◔ ◔ ○ ◔ ● Where Should I Share Photos? ○ ● ◕ ◑ ○ ◔ Have A Real Time Chat With A Colleague ● ◑ ○ ◑ Where Should I Put & Share Documents? ◔ ◕ ● ● ◔ ● Have A Question Related To A Document? ◔ ● ◑ ◑ ◑ ◔ ◑ Invite A Colleague To Lunch ◕ ◔ ● Provide A Note Of Congratulations/Praise ◔ ● ◔ ◑ ◕ Make An Organizational Announcement ◔ ● ◔ ◕ ◕ Remind The Team Of An Important Deadline ◑ ◔ ● ● ● That is designed for your organization and your enterprise technology strategy. 3.PROVIDE SCENARIO GUIDANCE…
  65. 65. 4. DOWNLOAD THE WHEN TO USE WHAT IN OFFICE 365 ENTERPRISE USER GUIDANCE WHITEPAPER! It goes into much greater depth and can be found at
  66. 66. 1. Being Prepared Is Difficult With Legacy Technology 2. Get To SharePoint 2016 Via Upgrade Or Migration 3. Cloud Innovation On-Premises - Management, Performance & Reliability Improvements 4. Significant Hybrid Improvements 5. SharePoint Foundation, Designer & InfoPath Answers 6. Plan For & Improve Adoption SHAREPOINT 2016 IS COMING – ARE YOU READY?
  67. 67. Thank You! Organizers,SponsorsandYouformakingthispossible. 100+SharepointPresentationsAt.. Slideshare.Net/RHarbridge WhenToUseWhatWhitepaper.. ImproveItBook.. ImproveIT.How/Book Office365SuccessCenter.. Success.Office.Com Message Me On LinkedIn or Email SPEAKER| AUTHOR| SUPERFRIENDLY My twitter is @RHarbridge, my blog is at, and I work at
  68. 68. WATCH BILL’S PRESENTATION ON CHANNEL 9… If you want to see the Microsoft presentation I highly recommend it…