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The true value of content is its ability to be easily found, accessed, and shared. Without these traits, web pages and other enterprise content cannot be surfaced to the users that need them most. Click the video to learn about Fishbowl Solutions' Google Search Appliance (GSA) Connector for Oracle Universal Content Management (Oracle UCM). This connector enables organizations to harness the power of the world’s most powerful search engine inside their firewall, providing users with fast, relevant, continuously updated search results for Oracle UCM and UCM powered applications, websites and business systems.

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  • Search: the starting point for navigating the web1. Search is navigation. They are not separate things.2. The goal in the enterprise is to get to the answer and search is about finding answers. 3. One box technology is how real time results are delivered on (see example screenshots on right hand side of screen). Likewise, real time answers are available on the Search Appliance by plugging into any real time systems to which you have access.
  • Google Mini:As anyone who’s worked in a corporate environment knows, a fruitless search for a single missing document can paralyze progress for hours as ongoing operations grind to a halt. Knowledge workers need to search their corporate network to get work done, and solutions must be simple for employees to use and fast for administrators to deploy. Quick access to information is equally important on public websites as consumers have grown accustomed to web search engines that return relevant results instantaneously. This directly impacts your profitability because 80% of visitors will leave a site if they’re dissatisfied with the search experience.Enterprise search solutions have typically been expensive and complicated, but the Google Mini makes search technology affordable and easy for small businesses. It works with more than 220 different file types – including HTML, PDF, Microsoft Office and Adobe Illustrator – and indexes and searches up to 300,000 publicly-posted or internal documents stored on servers, file shares, or shared network drives.
  • User Experience:Self-Learning Scorer Uses advanced statistical regression to analyze and score specific links and user behavior, making results increasingly precise even without admin intervention.Query suggestions The GSA search box suggests query refinements, helping users to type less and navigate quickly.Automatic spellcheck Guide users to accurate results, even with typos or mispellings. GSA automatically suggests corrections, even on company-specific terms and phrases. Works in English (US & UK), French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch.Content & Collaboration:
  • To begin generating the initial index of repository content, the connector manager starts a connector instance, which traverses the repository on a defined schedule. The connector manager formats the content and any associated metadata for a feed to the Google Search Appliance, which then creates an index of the documents. The following diagram shows these events in sequence: 1. The administrator uses the Admin Console to add a connector, define the traversal schedule, and set other parameters.2. The connector manager starts the connector instance on the schedule defined for the instance.3. The connector instance traverses the repository.4. The connector manager formats the documents and data for a feed to the Google Search Appliance.5. The feeds application programming interface (API) processes the document data.6. The Google Search Appliance indexes the documents and metadata.
  • For public content in a repository, searches work the same way as they do with web and file system content. The Google Search Appliance searches its index and returns relevant results to the user without any involvement by the connector. To authorize access to private or protected content from a repository, the Google Search Appliance creates a connector instance at query time. The connector instance forwards authentication credentials to the repository for authorization checking. This diagram shows the event flow at a high level: 1. The end user submits a query to the Google Search Appliance.2. The Google Search Appliance prompts the end user for authentication credentials.3. The end user enters credentials, which are forwarded through the Google Search Appliance and connector manager to the repository. 4. The repository checks the user's credentials.5. The Google Search Appliance searches the index for relevant results. If the search results include protected documents, the connector instance contacts the repository to perform an authorization check.6. The repository performs an authorization check and restricts the result set to the documents to which the end user has access. 7. The end user views a page of the restricted results. The URL displayed depends on the connector instance configuration. Typically, the URL opens a repository summary page for the document.
  • GSA Webinar - June 2, 2011

    1. 1. Harness the Power of Google Search within Oracle UCMFishbowl Solutions Google Search Appliance for Oracle UCM
    2. 2. Agenda The Need for Search Google‟s Philosophy GSA Overview Fishbowl‟s GSA Connector  What‟s Included  Implementation Case Study Demonstration Summary – Q & A
    3. 3. About Fishbowl Solutions Specializes on portals & content management Customers throughout North America & EMEA Enterprise wide consulting services Packaged solutions based on Oracle E2.0 700+ E2.0 & related deployments in last 2 years alone Google Enterprise Partner Officially certified Oracle ECM & WebCenter Specialized Partner North America Public Sector E2.0 Pillar Partner
    4. 4. The Need for Search Can you do without your phone/computer?Productivity 1 GB of data created per user annually 91% use multiple search tools, 86% unhappy K-workers spend 25% time to find informationCost Self-serve customer service is cheaper Fast-fail saves $1B in drug cost 30-40% leaders find it hard to getIntelligence information for company-wide decisions Keep track of industry, competition
    5. 5. ECM Search Frustration Can‟t find the content after check-in Makes users feel like the system doesn‟t work Can‟t remember metadata Decreased Adoption Unhappy Users
    6. 6. Search: The Starting Point for Navigating the Web
    7. 7. Search: Mandatory for Navigating Your Website
    8. 8. Google’s Search Philosophy Highly relevantUser Easy to use and intuitive Fast All informationReach „Real-time‟ answers On the ground ... in the cloud Highly secure architectureSecurity Standards-based Leverage existing security Large corpus searchScale Cross-enterprise management Flexible infrastructure
    9. 9. Organizations Need search on Both Sides of their FirewallPrivate Cloud Public CloudContent Content• Gmail, Calendar • Website• Docs, Speadsheets • Shopping• Sites • Self service• Unstructured Private Content• Structured within the Firewall• Secure
    10. 10. Overview: Google Search ApplianceSecure Universal Search For Your Intranet
    11. 11. Universal Search - Cloud to Ground File Intranets Databases Enterprise Contentshares applications Management
    12. 12. GSA Product Models GB-7007  Supports 500,000 to 10 million documents  Multiple units can be linked together GB-9009  Search up to 30 million documents out of the box  Built-in redundancy and failover Google Mini  Ideal for small businesses  Search up to 300,000 documents  Not open to “connector” development
    13. 13. Relevance• Google’s search experience o Billions of searches “Right out of the box, without any tweaking at all, the Google o 1000s of search engineers Search Appliance was more o Leverage technology effective than the system wed been working on for a year and a half.”• Enterprise ranking – Brad Hochhalter Kaiser Permanente o Numerous relevance factors o More than PageRank o Social signals - self-learning scorer o Language bundles Over 50% of Google customers surveyed switched to Google due to poor relevance from their prior search provider
    14. 14. Dynamic Navigation
    15. 15. Additional GSA Features User Experience  Self-Learning Scorer  Query Suggestions  Automatic Spellcheck  View as HTML Content & Collaboration  220+ Supported File Types  Continuous Crawler Administration & Customization  Real-Time Diagnostics  Advanced Reporting
    16. 16. Connector Manager: Enterprise Integration
    17. 17. The Evolution of Search: Oracle UCM HIGH GSA Connector Verity OracleTextSearch OracleTextSearch • In-context search • Local • Powerful but a lot – 11g experience • Configurable of administrative • Extremely • UCM websites • Millions of items overhead powerful but still and repositories high level of admin USER Secure Enterprise overheadSATISFACTION Search • Restricted use license •Secure crawling, indexing & searching • Improved manageability • Functionality overlap LOW YEAR
    18. 18. GSA Connector for Oracle UCM: Overview Provide alternative to native Oracle UCM database search Integrate websites, intranets, content repositories Features:  Search multiple UCM instances  Search, text, date and integer metadata  Process SiteStudio sites  Include or exclude metadata fields  Custom search result templates and interfaces  UCM 10 and 11g support
    19. 19. Fishbowl’s Packaged Offering SOFTWARE HARDWARE SERVICES + +“Google is pleased to add Fishbowl Solutions to the Google EnterprisePartner program. We’re looking forward to Fishbowl Solutions extendingthe power and reach of the Google Search Appliance by offering contentconnectors for Oracle UCM to customers.”Brent VerWeyst, Search Partner Lead for Google Enterprise
    20. 20. GSA Provided Software & Services GSA Device  GB-7007 & GB-9009  Resell, support GSA + GSA Connector Jumpstart  Install, configure, use, support  40 hours consulting services GSA + GSA Connector + Custom Consulting  Project scoping, statement of work  Connector “tuning”
    21. 21. GSA Connector for UCM: Index-Time ProcessUCM/GSA 1 Add Admin GSA 2 Schedule 5 Process 6 IndexFishbowl FormatConnector 4 Oracle 3 Traverse UCM
    22. 22. GSA Connector for UCM: Query-Time ProcessEnd Users 1 Query 3 Forward 7 Results Search/ GSA 2 Authenticate 5 AuthorizeFishbowlConnector Oracle Authorize/ 4 Check 6 Restrict UCM
    23. 23. Case Study: Enhanced Website Experience Business Problem Component Testing and Sensor  Internet looked “dated” Solution Provider  Complaints regarding web searches  Results  Increased site visits  Site analysis showed high bounce rates and short site  Decreased bounce rate visits  Increased average time on site  Decreased complaints regarding “findability” Fishbowl Solution  GSA Connector for UCM  Website searches facilitated by GSA  Consulting Services  Upgraded UCM 7.5 SiteStudio system to 10gR4
    24. 24. Fishbowl Solutions GSA Connector for Oracle UCMDEMONSTRATION
    25. 25. Summary The Importance of Search  Navigation  Knowledge sharing The Power of Google  GSA delivers inside the firewall  Similar features to Fishbowl‟s GSA Connector  Extending the power of Google Search to UCM  Quick time to value Available today and in production! + +
    26. 26. Why Fishbowl? Single provider  GSA Hardware, Software and Services Deep domain expertise with Oracle ECM  Oracle UCM and WebCenter Value Add Products  Version upgrades  SiteStudio and SSXA expertise End-to-End Consulting Services  Project Scoping, Health Checks, Staff Augmentation, Development
    27. 27. Additional Resources – Q & APresentation recorded and made available: on 1 Demonstration +1.952.465.3426
    28. 28. APPENDIX
    29. 29. Search: Everything and Everywhere
    30. 30. Google Site relevance out-of-the box for public web content
    31. 31. Site Search: Relevant, Ultra-Custom Hosted Search• ranking• Hosted, easy to use and manage• Metadata: Restrict, Sort, Range• Promotions, synonyms, boosting• Customizable themes and rendering• Custom Auto-complete• On-demand indexing• Adobe Community Help (CS5)• Orbitz, Travelocity, UK Parliament, etc.
    32. 32. Self-learning Scorer:Leveraging Social Signals
    33. 33. Language Bundles Chinese Japanese Thai Korean• World-class contextual query expansion and spell-checking dictionaries• Automatically recognize word breaks (even without spaces)• Improves search quality
    34. 34. Social - User Added Results Users can add and modify key results
    35. 35. User Experience - Clustering and Related Search
    36. 36. Cloud Connect and People Search
    37. 37. Social - Query SuggestionsAutomated suggestionsbased on user queriesand enterprise content