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Sales Training Companies

  1. 1. Sales Training Companies 1 call +44 (0) 1628 400226
  2. 2. Sales Training Companies: 3 Questions To Ask Your Sales Training ProviderSales training companies abound in every city across the world and yet many are not as successful asthey had hoped. The truth is that sales training is such a vital part of the success of a company’s growththat mistakes can be costly.With the economy in such a state, more now than ever a successful sales team will make or break therecovery or growth of your company in the market sector you operate in. Even though Joe Smith downthe road is a good guy, can he give you the support and help that you need. Before you rush in andmake a hasty decision, consider the following three questions for which you will need an answer. 1. How Big Are TheyThis may or not affect you and yet if you are a large organisation with offices across the globe you mayneed a bigger team. Many sales training companies would struggle to deliver a programme to morethan one location at a time. If you need a bi lingual team can they accommodate this for you? Theseare all important questions to ask if you are an organisation that wants a consistent approach in all yourdivisions and geographical locations. How many trainers do they have and what are their qualifications,both in results and feedback from clients? 2. Can Your Sales Training Company Design a Bespoke Course Or Is It One Size Fits AllThe cynics would say that selling is selling is selling. Not so. Different industries require different stylesand approach. For instance are your sales team selling to the end user? Is your product technical? Areyou selling B2B or B2C or a mixture of both?You will soon spot the calibre of the sales training companies you approach when they don’t flinch aboutdesigning a course specifically to meet your needs. An added bonus is when they also have a team ofspecialist trainers who they can match to your different needs and style. 3. What Results Are They Getting Ad With WhoIt is OK for a sales training company to glow about their results for a client with a sales team of twowho have doubled their company’s turnover. How about a training company that can demonstratemeasurable ROI or a company that can show you testimonials from a large corporate company thatthey have worked with for years.These are just a selection of things to consider when you are in the market for a sales trainingcompany. There are obviously more such as, do they have their own models, are they known in aspecific market sector, do they follow up with delegates. What are their materials and work books like.All important questions that often go unasked. The key is to decide what it is you need your salestraining company to achieve and then measure each company against that. 2 call +44 (0) 1628 400226
  3. 3. Sales Training: Why Sales Training Does Not Work Any MoreSales training is a popular search term on Google and not surprising with a global recession stillimpacting the profitability of many companies.A classic thought is that many businesses can sell themselves out of a recession which is partly true.However to be successful in the new economy, sales training needs to change.The truth is Sales training is more than just a process to deliver results that sales managers and salesdirectors need, it has to form part of a selling system for the new millennium.The reality is that customers are much more aware of the products and services that they buy. The factis that research is so much easy to carry out. All your potential clients need to do is head over to theirlaptop and search around to see what people are saying about the company you plan to do businesswith. Let me ask you a question; are your sales team flexible enough to deal with this?If they only know how to stick to an outdated process with no flexibility, their results will suffer. Goneare the days of telling and selling and sticking to your sales objective no matter what.The way forward is the flexibility to adapt to both the customer and the environment you are selling in.Have you ever noticed that there are certain people in your sales team that always seem to do well andyet they don’t really follow the process. This gives a huge clue that it is time to make changes.Many traditional sales training programmes have a list of things to “do” to the customer. These aremeant to be carried out in a specific sequence that is then supposed to deliver the desired result.Today’s savvy customer is so wise to this, and predictably know that the sales rep will introducethemselves, ask a few questions and then most likely ignore what was said and launch straight intopitching the product or service they are promoting.How about something different that actually works for everyone. That is the customer on the receivingend of the sales person, and the sales representative that is rewarded with the sales and increasedrevenue for the company that employs them. One of the vital keys to this is to switch around the waywe think. The task at hand is to focus on outcomes rather than objectives. A subtle distinction and yetvital all the same.Outcomes revolve around the end result where objectives traditionally focus on a set goal. So when youthink of outcomes think results. Generally this is music to most sales manager’s ears.With that in mind, sales training starts to change as the focus moves into getting a tangible result. Nowthe sales person has more engagement with the process and accountability for the end result. 3 call +44 (0) 1628 400226
  4. 4. Selling Skills To Engage Customers Why Your Sales Team Are Not Getting ResultsSelling skills to engage customers are what every sales manager dreams their sales team have.Unfortunately as the cold light of day breaks most managers realise thatmany of their team are sadly lacking in this department.The selling environment has changed drastically in the last few years. Customers are becoming morediscerning and dare I say, picky with the majority of service providers.Though it is not all doom and gloom. If you can develop your sales team in a way that they actuallypossess the selling skills to engage customers, your profits will soar.The majority of customers when a sales representative is in front of them are dis engaged. After thepleasantries are over the customer is waiting for some interaction that demonstrates that the salesrepresentative knows and understands their issues and problems. If there is anything that will engage acustomer it is this. Customers need to feel and believe that you can help them solve their problem.Providing you are selling a reliable product, that meets a need there is no reason that you can’t.So why is it that many sales people, experienced and rookie alike fall down at this hurdle? The answeris simple, they are not focused on one of the initial stages of the sales process. This is to discover thecommon agenda that both parties are working towards. Once this is established the sales conversationcan move into higher gear. Trust has been established and the client or prospect is much more willing tobe honest and open and say what is going on for them.One common challenge for sales representatives is that they are using an out of date selling process.This is often prescriptive in how it must be used. There is nothing wrong with having a basic frameworkto follow; the issues arise when the sales representative is encouraged to go through each stepmethodically. Usually without using their brain or checking in with what is actually happening for theircustomer.A much more effective way is to know and understand what each part of the process is there for. Whatwe mean by that is the outcome of each process. Going back to our original statement this would thenallow the sales representative to use their selling skills to engage customers in such a way as to createa result for everyone.The Customer actually feels listened to and understood. The sales representative has a sporting chanceof either selling something or moving the customer onto the next stage of the buying process.Focus on these two areas and your sales team will engage customers on a regular basis that will impactyour bottom line. 4 call +44 (0) 1628 400226
  5. 5. Outcome Selling: How To Increase Your Sales ResultsOutcome selling is a relatively new phrase in the sales training world. For so many years now salestraining and selling skills in general have been going through a slow evolution.It started with the classic selling scenario of, tell them what you have got, then tell them again andclose. Relatively successful in an era where competition was low.Fast forward to a little more enlightenment and we move into need benefit selling. Here we actuallystarted to engage the customer and ask them a few well-placed questions. This did produce betterresults and came about as a consequence of supply and demand. Now there was more supply as wellas availability of product X and Y so companies actually had to put some thought into what they weredoing.In today’s new economy selling skills are again ready for an upgrade. As our customers and clientschange, so must we in how we sell to them. Especially if we want to be successful and increase ourprofits and shareholder value.Running rough shod over a customer will not work. Instead trust and rapport is the name of the gameand vital steps in the overall process. Remember it is likely that your potential new customer knowsmore about you than ever before.The dictionary definition of outcomes centres on results. The key end result of any selling system. Salestraining will still need to help sales trainees understand the steps they need to take. However this timewe need to encourage them to use their brain and think about what each step in the process willachieve for them.Let’s think about Outcome selling and one of its key starting points. For any selling to take place thetwo parties need to have a conversation and connect. Logical I know and yet not always the case. Askany frustrated sales manager. This is a subtle and yet powerful difference to the sales representativeintroducing themselves as a prequel to a barrage of questions.This first stage of conversation and connection is much more results focused. In the outcome sellingmodel not only is rapport at a personal level built, in addition we are also able to agree if the twoparties want the same thing.Having a shared agenda can saves hours or even months of wasted effort.Applying the concepts of outcome selling just to this first stage in the selling process can make asignificant difference to the overall outcome. There is a saying that goes something along the lines of,start off well and the rest all follows. This could be easily applied to the selling Skills process. 5 call +44 (0) 1628 400226
  6. 6. About Excel EnterpriseYou might want to increase sales results, raise sales force motivation, create bespoke sales training ordevelop selling skills to engage customers? If so, and you want top sales training companies to help,start with Excel Enterprise.Excel Enterprise delivers world class training solutions for sales professionals; diagnosing, designing anddelivering tailored in-house learning events including coaching, workshops and developmentprogrammes for salespeople and their managers.Excel Enterprise is the sales centre of excellence within Excel Communications, one of Europe’s leadingtraining and development organisations since 1985. Working globally across twelve business sectors weare headquartered near London with a full time dedicated Client Services Team and expertAccount Managers keen to help you. More than thirty world class trainers live across Europe, bringingyou training in eight languages and each with a wealth of senior commercial experience plustraining and coaching qualifications.We give you our experience and expertise, we know what works and we understand why traditionalsales training often doesn’t and we would love to share those insights with you.When we asked our clients what they thought of us 98% of them said we were their #1 choice oftraining partner. They love our engaging, inspirational and flexible training style, they love our customerservice and most of all they love our trainers. They even say our lack of PowerPoint is refreshing!Just contact Excel Enterprise and tell us about the results you need. 6 call +44 (0) 1628 400226