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Sales training companies 3 questions to ask your sales training provider


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Sales training companies 3 questions to ask your sales training provider

  1. 1. Excel EnterpriseSales Training Companies : 3 Questions to Ask Your Sales Training Provider Nick Hallett
  2. 2. Sales Training Companies 3 Questions to Ask Your Sales Training Provider• Sales Training companies abound in every city across the world• Yet many are not as successful as they hoped• Sales Training is vital to a companies success and mistakes can be costly
  3. 3. Make or Break• In the current economy, a successful sales team will make or break the recovery or growth of a business• Before you rush and make a hasty decision about Sales Training consider the following 3 points
  4. 4. 1.How Big Are They.... • Are you a large sales• Is your sales team organisation with based in 1 city or global offices? country? • Do you need bi lingual• Do they all speak the trainers? same language? • Do you need to deliver• How big is your team? training on multiple sites on the same day?
  5. 5. 1.How Big Are They....These are all valid questions especially if you need aconsistent training approach, cross different divisionsof your business and in different geographicallocations.
  6. 6. 2. One Size Fits All vs Bespoke• Cynics might say, selling is selling is selling ....not so.• Are your sales team selling: -to the end user -B2B, B2C or both -a technical product
  7. 7. You’ll soon spot the calibre of a sales trainingcompany when they don’t flinch about designing a course to meet your needs Bespoke 3D Training Design Deliver Follow Up Diagnose
  8. 8. 3.What Results Are They Getting And Who With?• It’s OK for a Sales Or How about; Training Company • A company that can to glow about ... demonstrate measureable ROI, Doubling the sales of a sales team of 3.. • Testimonials from large corporate companies • Or both over many years
  9. 9. What results can you expect with Excel Enterprise? £18 million 3 new major Pitch won after Contracts, afterPitching for Business Sales Training Course +23% Outcome Selling Engaged a reluctantafter Versatile Selling Course Sales Force
  10. 10. What Do You Want YourCustomers to Experience? orWho do you want to train your sales team?
  11. 11. Excel Enterprise Workshops for Sales Professionals• Outcome Selling• Group Selling Skills• Versatile Sales Strategies• Selling Skills for Reluctant Sales Professionals• Coaching & Managing Sales Performance• Pitching for Business• Challenging Performance
  12. 12. World Class Training & Development Training solutions for sales professionals • Delivering success for over 25 years • Over 120 Clients • Across 24 countries – in 8 languages • Average satisfaction rating of 93% in last 3 months