Presentation Jacques Vandermeiren at Trends Lunch


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General presentation about Elia given by CEO Jacques Vandermeiren at Trends Lunch on 18th April 2013.

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Presentation Jacques Vandermeiren at Trends Lunch

  1. 1. Trends Lunch18-04-2013Elia Group:Powering a World in Progress
  2. 2. Agenda21. Elia Group: A European Transmission SystemOperator active in Belgium and in Germany3. Major projects 20132. Renewables: a game changer
  3. 3. Agenda31. Elia Group: A European Transmission SystemOperator active in Belgium and in Germany3. Major projects 20132. Renewables: a game changer
  4. 4. International exportsElectricity generationInternational importsSmall industry & domestic clientsLarge & medium clients380-220kV(50Hertz + Elia)150/110/70/30kV(Elia)<30kVElia operates, maintains and develops a network consisting of lines, underground cables,transformers and substations linking producers and consumers of electricityElia’s central role as a de factomonopoly4Source : Company website
  5. 5. 5Overview of ActivitiesSystemOperation• Capacity allocation• Network operation• Balancing generation and demandInfrastructureManagementRelatedActivities• Ownership• Maintenance• Development• Market facilitator• Services & technical expertise• Telecom services• HGRT / Powernext / Belpex• EU Integration (CASC-CWE, Coreso)• Activities for third parties (consulting)Elia at a GlanceEUR million 2012Revenues 1,306.6EBITDA 455.5EBIT 305.4Net Income 155.0Equity 2,108.5Net financial debt2,910.8Regulated Asset Base 5,3002012 key financialsSource : Company website
  6. 6. Corporate structure andshareholder’s structureElia & 50Hertz Transmission6Free float152.26%Publipart2.52%Publi-T45.22%Elia System Operator SAElia Asset SA99.99%EliaEngineering100%Elia Re100%CASC8.33%HGRT24.50%Coreso22.49%APX29.02%EurogridInternational SCRL60.00%EurogridGmbH100%Gridlab GmbH100%E offshore ALLC100%50HertzTransmission100%Coreso10.00%EMCC20.00%50HertzOffshore100%CAO12.50%Atlantic GridInvestment AInc. - 100%Atlantic Grid AInterm.Holdco10.00%Atlantic Grid AOperationalHoldco1Free float contains 5.41% held by Belfius Insurance
  7. 7. First HVDC offshore-grid in theworld• Up to 6000 MW wind production• 2000 MW interconnector for 4 states• Participation: Eurogrid International (10%)• Partners: Google, Marubeni, Bregal Energyand Atlantic Grid Developers• Investment: € 2,7m till PJM ISO approval+Consultancy contract for Elia GroupBuilding on Elia & 50Hertz strengths7Source : Company website, www:
  8. 8. 8OwnershipElia• 100% of 380-150kV network• 94% of high voltage network (70-30kV)50Hertz• 100% of 380-220kV network 34% of the German 380kV network 19% owner of the German 220kV networkAge of networksElia• Less than 15 years for 50% of underground cables• Less than 25 years for 50% of lines & substations50Hertz• Around 10 years for 90% of the network (refurbishedafter German reunification in 1989)Elia Group: reliable and resilientnetworksSource : Company websiteTenneTGmbH
  9. 9. Elia-TSO : € 150.0 m• Main drivers are replacements and internalconsumption• Reliability: 99.999%Elia Group: Investments 2012950Hertz : € 253.4 m(of which 60% for Elia)• Onshore : € 143.5 m• Offshore : € 109.9 m• Mainly for RES integration• Reliability: 1.2 incidents per 100km47%28%Renewables& new plants9%Nonelectrical16%ReplacementsInternalconsumption4%2%90% 4%Non electricalReplacementsInternalconsumptionRenewables& new plantsSource : Company website
  10. 10. Agenda101. Elia Group: A European Transmission SystemOperator active in Belgium and in Germany3. Major projects 20132. Renewables: a game changer
  11. 11. • Fast increasing share of Renewable Energy Sources• Need to achieve (quickly)• Investments in flexible Generation and Demand• Adequate Transmission capacity• Highly liquid day-ahead and Intraday markets• Facing the power system reality…Key Challenges
  12. 12. RES : the Game Changer
  13. 13. .. RES = Flexibility05.00010.00015.00020.00025.00004.02.2011,00:0005.02.2011,00:0006.02.2011,00:0007.02.2011,00:0008.02.2011,00:0009.02.2011,00:0010.02.2011,00:00MW Actual production Forecasted productionWind generation… should Germany be an E-island …Let us assume:Use of 400 MW Flexible CCGTwith fast ramping of ~150 MW Flexibility = ~ 33 CCGT unitswith a usage factor of 2000-3000 h/yr Who will invest ?Source: EEX, Elia analysisSolar generationMax – min generation : 23 GWForecast – actual: 5 GW02.0004.0006.0008.00010.00012.00014.00002.09.2011,00:0003.09.2011,00:0004.09.2011,00:0005.09.2011,00:0006.09.2011,00:0007.09.2011,00:0008.09.2011,00:00MW50Hertz Amprion TenneT EnBW Actual productionForecast – actual : 2 GWDelta peak in 1week: 9 GW2012 peak = 22GWReserves needed for Wind forecast : ~ 5 GWGermany today
  14. 14. .. RES = Grid Capacity within Member States010.00020.00030.00040.00050.00060.00070.00080.00028.03.2012,00:0028.03.2012,08:0028.03.2012,16:0029.03.2012,00:0029.03.2012,08:0029.03.2012,16:00MWConventional Wind SolarGeneration mix in GermanyWind + solar: 40% of peak demand2012 wind power, redispatch, curtailment (50Hz area)2009 wind power, redispatch, curtailment (50Hz area)01.0002.0003.0004.0005.0006.0007.0008.0009.00010.00001.01.2009 08.01.2009 16.01.2009 24.01.2009 31.01.2009MWWind power Redispatch Curtailment01.0002.0003.0004.0005.0006.0007.0008.0009.00010.00001.01.2012 08.01.2012 16.01.2012 24.01.2012 31.01.2012MWWind power Redispatch Curtailment
  15. 15. Capacity[MW]0 20.000 40.000 60.000 80.000202020152010ConsumptionGenerationConsumptionGenerationConsumptionGeneration.. RES = Grid Capacity between Member StatesDemand centersRenewablesCurrent projectsThe necessary network expansion is slower than the increase of renewable energies.Conventional power plants (install.)1RES (install.)2Heavy load (estimate)3Export capacity (estimate)3≈ 30 GW ≈ 25 GW1 Application situation according to the German ordinance governing network access for power plants (KraftNAV) of 28/02/20112 2010: Actual values according to ISET and EEG-DB; 2015/2020: own EEG forecast 20103 Estimate of the maximum load in the control area in 2009 and information on the network expansion planning report 2010
  16. 16. Agenda161. Elia Group: A European Transmission SystemOperator active in Belgium and in Germany3. Major projects 20132. Renewables: a game changer
  17. 17. Elia-TSO : €200mMain drivers• Replacements• Internal demand• First offshore investments in the NorthSea1750Hertz : €415m(of which 60% for Elia)• Onshore : €267 m• Offshore : €148 mMain drivers• RES integration4%3%86%7%Non electricalReplacementsInternalconsumptionRenewables &new generation41%33%Offshore6%Renewables& newgeneration8%Nonelectrical12%ReplacementsInternalconsumptionElia Group: InvestmentsOutlook 2013Source: Company forecasts
  18. 18. Elia TSO – Investments 2013 – 202218ReinforcementNorth borderAdditional PST,second circuitGramme-VanEyckDecentralisedproduction Meer,Rijkevorsel,MerksplasProject Brabo inport of AntwerpReinforcementBaekeland-Mercator-DoelReinforcement“East loop”onshore windReinforcementSouth borderProject Stevin forshorereinforcementOnshore: Major projects Offshore• Investment around € 2.0 billion over the coming 10 years in the onshore grid• Offshore grid is not yet included in the business plan. Investment amounts potentially up to € 1.0billion, first investments foreseen in 2013Source: Company forecasts
  19. 19. 1950Hertz – Investments 2013 – 2022Onshore Offshore – Baltic Sea• Investment around € 4.0 billion in the grid over the coming 10 years, spread over onshore (+/-55%) and offshore (45%) projects• Offshore projects are mainly Baltic 2, Wikinger, Arkona-Becken SudostSource: Company forecasts
  20. 20. 20A true challenge for the Elia Group!