Quality Energy Investment Opportunities 100mw letonia


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Quality Energy Investment Opportunities 100mw letonia

  1. 1. 100 MW “Turnkey Ready” Wind Farm Building Project March - 2012
  2. 2. [email_address] Marzo - 2012 Company Who are we?. 100 MW “Turnkey Ready” Wind Farm Building Project QE   is pledged to ensuring a sustainable future   Our company is fully committed to using natural resources to deliver non-polluting energy systems Here at QE we are aware of the signs that the planet is becoming exhausted. The vast majority of industrialised countries depend on energy sources that lie outside their frontiers, and hence from both the environmental and strategic perspectives it is crucial that we all take on board the idea that energy generation and saving are the key factors in ensuring an efficient and secure future We are on hand to advise our customers at all times, and we provide a comprehensive turnkey service for bringing their equipment into operation that goes from initial design and dealing with licenses and subsidies right up to installation and maintenance. Innovation, research and development and continuous improvement are some of our fundamental principles. Our commitment to the environment and society is evidenced by our sustainable and cost-effective equipment, our sports and cultural sponsorship and our partnerships with NGOs. It is a challenge which we meet every day.
  3. 3. [email_address] Marzo - 2012 100 Mw Latvia The Project 100 MW “Turnkey Ready” Wind Farm Building Project
  4. 4. [email_address] Marzo - 2012 100 Mw Latvia The Project . 100 MW “Turnkey Ready” Wind Farm Building Project To purpose of this document is to convey a business opportunity to investors who desire to acquire a wind energy electric facility that provides an important source of renewable energy to the electrical system in the area near Riga (Latvia). The company, has developed the 100 MW “turnkey ready” wind project next to the town of Riga, Latvia (see Figure 1) based on the sale of electricity, from energy produced by its wind turbines Figure 1: Project Geographic Location.
  5. 5. [email_address] Marzo - 2012 100 Mw Latvia Project Description 100 MW “Turnkey Ready” Wind Farm Building Project This project proposes the development of a wind generated facility with 50 turbines at 2 MW of potential power each for a total potential power of 100 MW. Aside from the wind turbines, the project has a historical reading of wind resources through a permanent weather station tower installed in 2008, a gravel access road system, an underground electrical tracking system, an operations and maintenance center, and a collector substation or point of interconnection from substation transformers. Some of the advantages of wind energy are: Wind energy is financially competitive (like coal and the rise in gas prices). Wind turbines do not consume water (in contrast with fossil fuel plants and nuclear energy). Wind energy is a local source, energy that is locally harvested that contributes to national security Wind energy is inexhaustible and infinitely renewable (in contrast with conventional fossil fuels). Wind energy is a clean energy that does not produce CO2 emissions. Wind energy can be used in a variety of ways basic needs services. The wind farm is basically made up of: Wind turbines. Wind turbine foundations. Roads. High voltage line (wind turbine-substation). Substation. Interconnection line, high voltage (substation-electrical system). Communication and remote control system.
  6. 6. [email_address] Marzo - 2012 100 Mw Latvia Project Description 100 MW “Turnkey Ready” Wind Farm Building Project For the calculation of wind resources for the WIND FARM 100 MW project measurements were taken between 1-6-2008 through 1-6-2010, an average wind speed of 6,2 m/s was obtained at a height of 50 m (P 50). The total estimated losses for wind resource production is considered to be approx. 8 %. Therefore, the wind farm will have a gross production of 260.85 GWh and a net production of 240.00 GWh, its equivalent net hours are 2,400 . For comparison we can offer the average wind speed of other European countries: In Germany – 3.5 - 6 m/s In Austria – 3.5 - 4.5 m/s In Great Britain – 4.5 - >6 m/s In Scandinavian Countries - 4.5 - >6 m/s In Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia – 4 - >6 m/s
  7. 7. [email_address] Marzo - 2012 100 Mw Latvia Project Description   WORK RESULTS   FASE 0. Project Start. Step achieved. Location of the site. 1. Found and evaluated suitable site for installation OBTAINED Study the rules of Spain. 2. First evaluation of documented and favorable OBTAINED OBTAINED Contact for evacuation of electricity to the grid. business.     3. Retrieved grid connection preconditions.   FASE 1. Previous Confirmation of positive energy resource Determining the real power of the wind farm. Application networking Wind Farm. Preliminary design of the wind farm. 1. Confirmation of suitable location for the installation OBTAINED Engineering - Resource and optimal energy resource to develop the project. OBTAINED OBTAINED Assessment. Step 2. Retrieved networking conditions   achieved. 3. Retrieved grid connection preconditions.   FASE 2. Administrative Details basic projects (wind turbines, substation, 1. Building permits and blueprints required for OBTAINED and Other Authorizations connection to high voltage line, ...). licensing. OBTAINED - Detailed Engineering. Environmental impact study. 2. Network Connection Agreement highest obtained. OBTAINED Step achieved. Management agreement line connection to the electric 3. Energy sales contract (PPA) OBTAINED   CIA 4. Environmental study approved. OBTAINED   Management - Meeting with environmentalists in the area. 5. Transfers of favorable step. OBTAINED   Licensing municipal planning (fees paid). 6. Favorable environmental efforts. OBTAINED   Studies incompatibildad (other projects, agriculture, 7. Incompatibility efforts favorable. OBTAINED   airports, etc 8. And prices for subprojects. OBTAINED   Management of assignments of step. 9. Plan Business-Economic Survey updated. OBTAINED   Request for Proposals equipment and material (wind       turbines, substation, high voltage line connection ...).       Management of infrastructure and logistics.       Updating the economic study.       Determining the price of energy (Grind Conection)     FASE 3. Project stage Finding investors for sale of wind farm under their ACTUAL STAGES PENDING WIND FARM 100 MW.ACTUAL STAGES "turnkey".   Draft prepared for physical implementation. FASE 4. Building of the wind farm. Final negotiation and contracting of outsourced projects   PENDING (wind turbines, substation connection line AT,...). Implementation and project closure.
  8. 8. [email_address] Marzo - 2012 100 Mw Latvia Market Study 1100 MW “Turnkey Ready” Wind Farm Building Project In terms of renewable energy, Latvia is a virgin market. The potential for wind energy in Latvia is considered one of the highest in northwest Europe (Baltic Sea Region). Through its progressive legislation, the government is creating one of the most welcoming environments in Europe for developers of renewable energy and is encouraging future investments in the wind sector. Latvia has made a commitment to the EU (Directive 2009/28CE) that by 2020 20% of energy consumption will come from renewable energy. Latvia law is clear and concise in project development and subsequent legalization. The free market sale of energy in Latvia is very mature. All laws governing the sale of wind energy have been ratified by the Latvia government and follow the guidelines of the EU The success is due mainly to strong regulatory framework, which is also the sector after 2020. Wind energy will not only contribute substantially to the European commitment to reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, but strongly accelerate the exchange model based on expensive fossil fuels, create jobs, will make Europe more competitive and provide energy production safe and renewable.  
  9. 9. [email_address] Marzo - 2012 100 Mw Latvia Market Study 100 MW “Turnkey Ready” Wind Farm Building Project It is expected that wind energy production to increase from the 182 TWh, which accounted for 5.5% of total European demand in   2010 to 581 TWh, 15.7% in 2020. Then, wind power will cover the total consumption of households in France, Germany, Poland, Spain and United Kingdom together. The "Pure Power" also shows that wind power will grow differently   in the 27 Member States by 2020. The following table is assignd to the factor by multiplying the installed capacity and the percentage will then wind on the total electricity demand in each country.   Latvian law subvention wind power generation with a grant of 60 € / MWh. This law is approved and ratified by the Latvian government and binding. The remuneration system is similar tothe one made in Italy, France and Spain.   Country Increment Wind energy VS Total energy Germany 1,8 17% Austria 3,5 10% Belgium 4,3 10% Bulgaria 8 18% Slovakia 3 5% Slovenia 0 to 50 MW 6% Spain 1,9 27% Estonia 3,4 11% Finland 9,6 5% Grecee 5,4 23% Hungary 3 4% Ireland 4,2 52% Latvia 6,4 5% Lithuania 6,5 18% Luxembourg 7,1 7% Malta 0 to 100 MW 8% Poland Portugal 1,9 14% Czech Republic 7,4 4% Romania 6,5 10%
  10. 10. [email_address] Marzo - 2012 100 Mw Latvia Market Study 100 MW “Turnkey Ready” Wind Farm Building Project Income levels are attached in the table below, with an estimated income for the wind farm. The price of energy produced is conservatively estimated at 100 €/MWh for the first 20 years (40 € /MWh_Free market + 60 €/MWh_Subvention). We estimate that the price component of free market energy will average 40 €/MWh. This value is based on tracking the free market over the last few years in Latvia ( www.nordpoolspot.com ). At the same time, , subención law mandates a additional incentive for wind energy production from 60 € / MWh. Therefore the final price is 100 € MWh / WWH, studied from a conservative viewpoint. In summary, the estimate of energy prices (€/MWh) has been made conservatively for the WIND FARM 100 MW wind farm project
  11. 11. CONTACT INFORMATION Antoni Guardia [email_address] Office: +34 93 4081938 Mobile: +34 669 76 65 72 Skype: toni.guardia Javier Dopazo [email_address] Office: +34 93 4081938 Mobile: +34 649 30 28 06 Qualityenergies.com Londres num 2 , 1º4 Barcelona Office: +34 93 4081938 Fax: +34 93 4087131