Energy efficiency


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Energy efficiency

  1. 1. TWEED cluster Cluster Technology of PresentationWallonia Energy, Environmentand sustainable Development 1
  2. 2. Energy Efficiency Cluster Technology ofWallonia Energy, Environmentand sustainable Development 2
  3. 3. European energy use
  4. 4. Energy principles…A few concepts as introduction
  5. 5. District heating CHP Power ( Combined Heat Power) or Cogeneration  Production of Heat and Electricity  High Energy Efficiency ( 85- 90%)
  6. 6. District heating
  7. 7. District heating It supplies: o Energy system efficiency and heating and warm tap water o 64 million customers o 550 TWh (2 EJ) o 10 % of total heat o 16 % of residential heat o 18-19 billion € turnover
  8. 8. District heating It provides fuel flexibility Swedish district heating
  9. 9. District heating in Wallonia More than 35 district heatings in WalloniaSource: Réseaux de chaleur enWallonie (TWEED Mai 2011)
  10. 10. District heating in Wallonia Statistics : • 63 % of DH have a length of less than 1 km • 66 % of DH have a power of less than 1 MW • More than 55 % of the projects are from the public sector(municipalities) • The average size of DH are 400 kWth • 70 % of the DH use heat from biomass (biomass boilers, CHP, biogas plant, principally units of small power) • 5 DH’s of greater power (more than 5 MW) use gas, heat recovery, geothermal energy w/o oil-fired heating as back-upSource: Réseaux de chaleur enWallonie (TWEED Mai 2011)
  11. 11. District heating companiesHydrogazInstallation of pipelines, district heating, etc.www.hydrogaz.beFabricomFabricom is a reference in terms of innovative technical installations and services forthe industry, energy, tertiary and infrastructure markets. Its expertise covers a wideand varied range of technical disciplines, includingElectrical, Instrumentation, Mechanical, Industrial Piping, Automation, andMaintenance, as well as specialist applications.www.fabricom-gdfsuez.comCofelyDesign and operate local, renewable energy production and distribution facilities- Installations/Maintenance of technical equipments; District heating and coolingnetworks; Cogeneration plants; Industrial site utility power plants; Renewable andrecovered energy production: biomass, biogas, geothermal, photovoltaic, wind, 11
  12. 12. Heat Recovery companies CMI designs and manufactures heat recovery systems Horizontal or vertical HRSGs serve all type of applications * Combined cycle and cogeneration power plants * Behind gas turbines from 25 MW ISO up to 250MW and over * Behind any turbine : Siemens, Alstom, GE, MHI and others * Base load and heavy cycling operation modes * Repowering and greenfield projects * Heat recovery for district heating 12
  13. 13. Heat Recovery companiesHamon designs and manufactures heat exchangers (& coolingtowers)It supplies custom designed gas-to-gas and gas-to-liquid heatexchangers to accommodate a broad spectrum of temperature andpressure 13
  14. 14. District heating companiesGreen-investInvestment in residential district 14
  15. 15. Energy efficiency (products)MicroniserAir conditioning /air humidification for industriesThe Microniser atomizer, manufactured in Wallonia by the VangeelElectrical company, offers a ENERGY-EFFICIENT solution to theproblem of humidification in air processing units.This rotary atomizer (which comprises a high-speed rotary cylindricalcage) disperses the water in very fine droplets measuring roughly 20microns in diameter by means of centrifugal force.Unlike many other fine spray systems, the Microniser operates withoutcompressed air or pressurized water and is resistant to blockage. Withthe Microniser atomizer, it is at last possible to achieve: - Optimization of the water supply in the air according toneeds and environment to be conditioned.Significant water and energy savings ( 3 times less energy ! )
  16. 16. Energy efficiency (products)ACV ManufacturingCondensing boilers manufacturer (higher efficiency, from 98 to105%)ACV has the solution for every heating and hot water application.Thanks to its exclusive Tank-in-Tank technology, ACV offerssolutions that are reliable , effective, economical andenvironmentally sound.ACV is represented the world over by its 15 subsidiaries and alarge network of specialized distributors.Residential / professional applicationsWater heatersCombined water heaters – gas / fuel oilBoilers – fuel oilBoilers – gasCombined boilers and water heaters – fuel oilCombined boilers and water heaters – gasElectric boilersCombined electric boilers and water heaters The HeatMaster® TC combines the unique ACVFloor standing combined condensing boilers Tank-in-Tank concept with a dual primary circuitCombined boilers and water heaters – gas / fuel oil resulting in exceptional performance from a totally condensing combination boiler.Wall-hung condensing boilers
  17. 17. Smart Grid / Energy MonitoringA first: the smart grid in practice, Volt-AIR ProjectTo demonstrate the advantages of the smart gridinpractice, Siemens Belgium-Luxembourg has launched twoprojects:• Installation of a mini smart grid (a “micro grid”) at their sitein Huizingen. This grid, which is fed by almost 10,000 m2 ofsolar panels, will enable ten electric cars to charge up theirbatteries via ten charging poles in Anderlecht and Huizingen.If the demand for energy rises, the vehicles feed energy backinto the micro grid. The cars are used by Siemens employeesfor business journeys.• Two e-cars are also involved in a joint project betweenSiemens and SNCB Holding: this is a unique trial in which thepartners plan to examine the impact of electric cars onindividual mobility. Train stations in Ghent, Liège andBrussels are to be equipped with Siemens charging polesand employees can use the electric cars in combination withthe train for travel between home and work.
  18. 18. Smart Grid / Energy Monitoring DAPESCO is a consulting firm specializing in Energy Optimisation. Energy Management System - Permanent or temporary monitoring of energy consumption - Specific audits or optimisation analysis - Expertise to move towards Green and renewable energy sources  EnerBox, a monitoring tool to collect data locally and transfer them remotely  software packages EMIS and EMISweb to monitor energy consumption (based upon meters and invoices)
  19. 19. Smart Grid / Energy MonitoringSYREGSyreg is a company specialized in the most recent microprocessortechnologies. It develops solutions for heat and electricity management andenergy telemonitoring. www.syreg.comPCO Distributed Energy SystemsPCO is active in the smart grids arena; committed to designing anddelivering components of the smart grid ICT landscape that is referred as"Distributed Energy Systems" - or "DES". www.pco-des.comMeterbuy www.meterbuy.comMeterBuy is a belgian company specialized in energy and water accounting.Products / Services: Load profile assessment, Surveillance of energetic systems,Sales of water meters, Sales of heat meters, Sales of electrical meters, Sales of gasmeters, Design and sales of automatic meter reading (AMR) systems
  20. 20. Energy MonitoringSummit EnergySummit Energy provides energy management and sustainability services toorganizations in a wide range of industriesEnergy Management and Sustainability SolutionsData ManagementMaking well-informed, relevant energy and sustainability decisions requires organized and dependabledata.Strategic SourcingIn a deregulated market, purchasing energy at the best price can be a complex endeavor.. To get thehighest value for your energy dollar, it pays to take a more strategic approach to energy management.Rate AnalysisMost organizations consider rate analysis to be the only tool for controlling cost in a regulated energymarketBudget DevelopmentSummit Energy can create energy budgets that allow you to more accurately allocate funds for futureEnergy costs.Risk ManagementImplementing an energy risk management program can protect your company from the negativefinancialand operational impacts of exposure to the energy markets.
  21. 21. Carbon Analysis/Reduction/CompensationClimactwww.climact.comFactor Xwww.theccgroup.euCO2logic