Modern Music Presentation


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Presentation done by : Sam, Meri and Noha.
For the Oral Expression Class :)

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Modern Music Presentation

  1. 1. Are You excited !!
  2. 2. xD
  3. 3. 2nd Year – Group 4
  4. 4. Simple Presentation about :
  5. 5. ModernMUSIC
  6. 6. A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicianspaint their pictures on silence. - Leopold Stokowski
  7. 7. MUSIC
  8. 8. The problem with answering the question « what is music » is understanding what would constitute a proper answer.> Music arises from Humain behaviour …
  9. 9. The good answer willsay something aboutdetailed mechanics ofmusic; Instruments,notes, scales, rythm,temp, chords,harmony, bass andmelody.
  10. 10. A simple answer is that Music enjoyable it makesus « feel good » we could expand on this a bitand say that music creates emotions, or ineractswith the emotions we always feel, andsometimes it makes us want to dance.
  11. 11. Music Styles
  12. 12. Heavy Metala genre of rock music thatdeveloped in the late1960s and early 1970s, With roots in blues rock andlargely in the midlands of psychedelic rock, and the bands thatthe UK and the USA. created heavy metal developed and thick, massive sound, charactrized by highly amplified distortion, extended guitar solos, emphatic beats, and overall loudness. Heavy Metal lyrics and performance styles are generally associated with masculiity and achism.
  13. 13. Some bands of Heavy Metal
  14. 14. Guns N Roses (sometimesabbreviated as G N R) is anAmerican band, formed in LosAngeles, California, in 1985. Theclassic lineup, as signed to GeffenRecords in 1986, consisted ofvocalist Axl Rose, leadguitarist Slash, rhythmguitarist Izzy Stradlin, bassistDuffMcKagan, and drummer StevenAdler.
  15. 15. Evanescence is anAmerican rock bandfounded in little rock,Arkansas in 1995 bysinger/pianist Amy Leeand guitarist Ben Moody
  16. 16. RAPRap music is a musicalgenre consisting of astylized rhythmic music It developed as part of hip hop culture,that commonly a subculture defined by four keyaccompanies rapping, a stylisticrhythmic and rhyming elements: rapping, scratching, dancing,speech that is chanted. andgraffiti writing. Other elements include sampling, and beatboxing.
  17. 17. Some Rappers :
  18. 18. Eminem is one of the mostsuccessful rappers in theworld. He gained popularitymostly for his first threealbums. 2 have gone diamondand sold over 10000000copies.
  19. 19. Aubrey Drake Graham, whorecords under the mononymDrake, is a Canadian recordingartist and actor. He originallybecame known for playingcharacter Jimmy Brooks on thetelevision series Degrassi: TheNext Generation.
  20. 20. Trance MusicTrance is a major genre of electronicdance music.
  21. 21. Some Composers of Trance Music
  22. 22. Armin van Buuren has beennamed number one in theprestigious DJ MAG Top 100 pollfour times in a row, as the first DJin the history of the DJ Magazineand an indication of his prolificoutput over the more than 14years he’s been dj’ing andproducing. Being the officialWorld’s Most Popular DJ is justone of his many achievements,but the driving force behind hissuccess is an overridingpassion for dance music.
  23. 23. A unique vision of trance music thathas conquered the world. Toppingthe DJ list for three years, playing theopening ceremonies of the Olympicgames, and selling out stadiums,Tiesto live is an amazing experience.At the Mansion in Miami, Tiëstorocked the crowd for a non-stop setthat has already become the stuff oflegend. Magnetic visuals, creativeperformance artists and a stunningvocal performance by Jes completedthe scene for a magical evening.
  24. 24. Advantages of Music
  25. 25. Advantages of Music :some professional medical practitioners have linked music to or well-being and general health. a recent study conclude that listening to musichas positive health effects on people of all ages.
  26. 26. Thanks for your attention 