Densie Cochran Quebec Project French 1


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Densie Cochran Quebec Project French 1

  1. 1. By: Denise
  2. 2. This is Quebec Province Flag Quebec is located in  The capital city if Canada. Quebec is Quebec Quebec was founded in City, Quebec. 1608 by Samuel de  The largest city in Champlain. Quebec is Montréal. Quebec is the largest  Quebec has a population Canadian province. of about 8,033,686.
  3. 3.  Quebec is located in eastern Canada. Quebec is bordered by Ontario and Hudson Bay to the west. Quebec is made up of 3 regions: St Lawrence River valley, the Canadian Shield and the Appalachian region. The providence of Quebec
  4. 4. St Lawrence RiverThis is the St Lawrence River withQuebec City in the Background. Valley  most fertile  Most populated  Most developed region in Quebec
  5. 5. The Canadian Shield  many lakes  lots forested area  composed of igneous rock.  deposits of nickel, gold, silver, aSmall part of the Canadian nd copper.Shield of Quebec
  6. 6. Appalachian Region  very old mountain chain  runs along the east coast of the North America.  Many people in Quebec enjoy hiking hereAppalachian region of Quebec
  7. 7.  Life in Quebec is just like life in America. They work, play and eat just like we do. They have some of the same jobs we. In rural areas you will see miners, farmers, and forestry service. In the cities you have jobs such as bankers, businessmen, engineers, do ctors, and teachers. One thing people in Quebec love to do is to be out in the sun. They also do many of the same things we do! They ski, take vacations, golf, swim, hike, fish, and many other things. Since Quebec is a French culture they make French foods. Quebec is known for meat pies and maple sugar desserts. Some other dishes they make are Pâté chinois, Pâté au saumon, and Sucre à la crème.
  8. 8.  Quebec government is Liberal. The word Liberal comes from Liberalism which means the belief in the importance of liberty and equal rights. Liberal party leader is Jean Charest who is also the Premier. The Premier of Québec is the government leader and the Chair of Cabinet. Jean was appointed Premier June 6, 2003. Jean has been Premier for 7 or 8 years now. The National Assembly of Quebec is the legislative body of Quebec. There are 125 members of The National Assembly of Quebec. The President of the National Assembly is Liberal Jacques Chagnon. The job of The National Assembly of Quebec is to pass legislation. Jean Charest
  9. 9. Chateau FrontenacQuebec most famous National Assembly ofhotel. Quebec