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The british isles


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The british isles

  1. 1. The BRITISH ISLES is a geographically term which includes two largeislands, Great Britain and Ireland, and 5,000 small islands, most notably theIsle of Man.The largest island is Great Britain ( England, Wales and Scotland)
  2. 2. The BRITISH ISLES are occupied by two nations: 1. United Kingdom A union of Scotland, England,, Wales and Northern Ireland. 2. Republic of Ireland SCOTLANDNORTHERN IRELAND ENGLAND WALES The blue part is the United Kingdom. The white part is the Rupublic of Ireland. REPUBLIC OF IRELAND
  5. 5. The official language in these countries is English. The currency is the Sterling Pound in the United Kingdom and the euro in the Republic of Ireland. The economy is based on farming, energy and services. London is a very important financial centre.
  6. 6. The food is traditionally based on beef, lamb, pork, chicken and fish andgenerally served with potatoes and vegetables.Typical foods are sandwiches, fish and chips, pies, puddings and cakes.Typical drinks are tea and beer.
  7. 7. WalesUnited Kingdom Ireland England Scotland Northern Ireland
  8. 8. Northern Ireland England Wales The hand The rose The leek and daffodil Scotland Ireland The thistle The shamrock