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Investing in our natural capital- Richard Powell


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Investing in our natural capital- Richard Powell

  1. 1. Investing in ourNatural CapitalRichard Powell OBE,Regional Director, NationalTrust
  2. 2. Our starting point:What is a Green Economy? “A green economy is not a sub-set of the economy at large – our whole economy needs to be green. A green economy will maximise value and growth across the whole economy, while managing natural assets sustainably. It will help UK businesses take advantage of new markets for environmental goods and services, and to demonstrate the strong stance the UK is taking internationally to reduce carbon and tackle climate change.”
  3. 3. Our Objectives• Reinforce Norfolk and Suffolk’s ‘USP’ as the government’s choice for the GEP.• Deliver a ‘routemap’ for transition to a sustainable green economy that will help boost growth, create jobs, develop skills, increase resource security and better position the UK in the competitive global marketplace.• Deliver substance through ideas and case studies that put low carbon at the heart of business opportunity and success.• Establish New Anglia as a green economy capital.
  4. 4. Internationalopportunity - £116billion UK shareNationalLeadershipLocal potential
  5. 5. Key Partners include: Academics Business leaders, strategists, entrepreneurs Academia Local authorities
  6. 6. Making the ConnectionsNorfolk & Suffolk Local Nature Partnership Business and BiodiversityNew Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership
  7. 7. Vision & MissionOur vision is to lead the transition towards a greeneconomy, delivering benefits across our region andnationally.Our mission is for Norfolk & Suffolk to:•grow sustainably and for the long term•use natural resources efficiently•be more resilient•build on current experience and exploit comparative advantages
  8. 8. Inclusive Green Growth
  9. 9. GDP+
  10. 10. “The natural capital of Norfolk and Suffolk is a key asset for our economy, and the sustainable gilts or bonds for the region; the ‘family silver’ if you like. We must make sure we continue to invest in these reserves, and grow them; the dividend or surplus they generate must be reinvested in our natural capital. Losing our equivalent to ‘triple-A rating’ for the natural environment isn’t an option if we want a sustainable green economy to flourish.” Richard Powell OBE National Trust
  11. 11. Bank of Natural Capital - Assets Bank of Natural Capital - Assets Bank of Natural “The natural capital ‘bank’ of Norfolk and Bank ofgood. Our natural capital assets Suffolk is Natural Capital - Assetsprovide food, homes and amenities for people Capital - Assets and wildlife, communities and businesses – delivering productive agricultural land, thehighest density of important sites for wildlife in England.”
  12. 12. Bank of Natural Capital – Performance• Employment- 118,000 people employed in food & farming• Tourism- Broads - over 7 million visitors per year• Income- £437m income to the Broads- £3.4bn – value of tourism sector• Health- Saving £2.1bn – UK Health Budget
  13. 13. Yellowstone Effect will......• establish the full attractiveness and value of the natural environment• raise awareness in the business community of how environment can play an important role in business• be beneficial to the economy of the area by linking landscape, farming, tourism, wildlife, recreation, heritage and local food.
  14. 14. Green infrastructure 1800 1600 1400 1200Number of cyclists 1000 Burwell Fen SB Lode Bridge 800 600 400 200 0 May-11 Jun-11 Jul-11 Aug-11 Sep-11 Oct-11 Nov-11 Dec-11 Jan-12 Feb-12 Mar-12 Apr-12 Month
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  17. 17. Wicken Fen Vision area
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