Peter Martin – How to Double Your Internet Closing Ratio in 90 Days


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In this 45-minute presentation, Peter “webdoc” Martin will go over the important processes for increasing sales, from handling internet leads, to successfully delivering email marketing campaigns and engagement of customers. He will introduce newly developed tactics to avoiding the feared spam filter so you can increase engagement with customers. Martin also instructs you on creating personalized emails that ensure customer engagement and increased traffic to your site. He will go into detail on the key processes every dealership needs to implement to ensure the relationship of trust is established with the customer as soon as they walk in the door. Viewing this presentation will instantly improve the quality of your entire sales process and increase

your sales in 90 days or less.

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Peter Martin – How to Double Your Internet Closing Ratio in 90 Days

  1. 1. What is your current closing ratio?
  2. 2. Cyber Shopping • When was the last time you shopped your dealership? • If you were treated like that would you buy?
  3. 3. I am Sorry
  4. 4. Actual Results Reviewed 62 dealerships front page to make sure they had: • Quote form • Credit Application • Trade in Tool • Local or 800#
  5. 5. Actual Results Page 2 Scanned their Dealership for online presence and reputation: • Over 80% had 100+ mistakes that are negatively impacting SEO Requested a quote: • 38 replied to quote request • 24 of you did not respond
  6. 6. Website Issues • Is your site user friendly? • How can people find what they want? • Men will give you 7 seconds • Woman will give you 11 seconds If they cant find what they are looking for they will go to your competition.
  9. 9. Website Mistakes
  10. 10. Get a Quick Quote
  11. 11. This is a “Quick Quote”
  12. 12. Page 2
  13. 13. Page 3
  14. 14. Page 4
  15. 15. Do not use 800#’s
  16. 16. Online Credit Applications • Consumers want to get Pre Approved • Over 60% of people will leave the application when asked for their social security number. Are you currently buying credit leads?
  17. 17. v
  18. 18. Cyber Shopping Results We shopped 62 of the dealers in the room • 38 Replied • 24 did not Over 50% of you completely missed a sales opportunity
  19. 19. Good Follow Up
  20. 20. Great Job • Elise Kephart of Sunset Honda – Included video – Special service offer – Personalized – Referrals • Video
  21. 21. Why buy from “me”
  22. 22. Reply Responses Issues • One dealer sent a 13 page eMail • One dealer sent 4 emails in the first 60 seconds – 3 were identical – 1 was slightly different
  23. 23. Auto responders • Get rid of them –OEM requires them –Need to use them you need to personalize the email.
  24. 24. Actual Response After submitting a request for a quote I received... • 1. Auto response email- very generic • 2. Second email to tell me someone is working on quote • 3. Third email to ask me to reach out if I do not receive quote (I also noticed the third email came from Josh (as the first 2 did) but the contact info was for a Shane ? All emails came w/ 5 minutes from the first. 3 generic emails with no info on the requested vehicle? Not sure I would open a 4th.
  25. 25. Duplicate eMails • Several of the dealers we cyber shopped sent us duplicate emails • Several sent us multiple emails within a 15 minute time span. • One dealer sent an email from the GM and then one from the Service Manager
  26. 26. Preview Window
  27. 27. Dealer or Brand Logo Conversational Copy New Car Search Links to Website Personalization Call Tracking Number Professional Email Templates
  28. 28. Make sure your emails are Mobile-Enabled
  29. 29. Read Anyways View on Computer Unsubscribe Delete it 7.60% 17.70% 18% 69.70% If you get a mobile email that doesn’t look good, what do you do?
  30. 30. • Email reformats (adapts) for smaller screens using media queries • Buttons are sized for Apple interface guidelines to accommodate finger gestures • Phone numbers are click-activated • Text is resized to be readable without pinch and zoom 70% of consumers delete an email if it looks bad on a mobile device
  31. 31. Gmail is now fingerprinting suspected SPAM • Sending email address • Domain Name • Company name • Phone number • Address 3 8
  32. 32. 50% to 70% of your customer and prospect database is comprised of: 3 9
  33. 33. 4 0 • Yahoo will be taking dormant accounts and reclaiming them. • Need to purge inactive email accounts. • No activity for over a year.
  34. 34. • 25 percent of all leads are never contacted by the dealership • Use email in addition to phone calls to reach leads • Monitor email to ensure delivery – (Gmail and Yahoo are problematic)
  35. 35. 41% of Leads 33% of Leads
  36. 36. •Put in place a plan to follow up with all leads for 120 days •Use marketing automation •Use email and phone calls to reach out to them •Offer a service special in every email
  37. 37. Clean the prospect database Remove all spam traps Bad email addresses Invalid email addresses WARNING: Do NOT attempt to send out an email blast to your old database without cleaning it
  38. 38. Jan Feb Mar Apr 14 23 1 New Year’s Special: Free Detail Valentine’s : Leasing Offer
  39. 39. Internet leads have typically never been marketed to for service. • Cheaper & Faster • Local Prospects • More profitable • Keeps them in your family of customers Advantages:
  40. 40. Jun Jul Aug Sep Oil Change Battery Test Tire Rotation 5 3 16 A Service- Cycle Offering E-mail Coupons are Cost-effective and Trackable
  41. 41. Don’t forget to include ALL makes and models in your service coupons • Bring in additional customers • Reactivate dormant leads • More profitable • Keeps them in your family of customers
  42. 42. • Phone Ups • Internet Leads • Unsold Traffic • Owner Retention • Database Mining • Referral and Lead Generation The success behind a BDC is the combination of people, process and execution ultimately leading to increased traffic:
  43. 43. Reports tell you which customers clicked through from the email to your website and shows you what they looked at.
  44. 44. Peter “webdoc” Martin 941.756.1932 office 954.205.7716 cell