Coporate Real Estate Objectives,Strategies & Key Factors

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Quick presentation introducing Corp. Real Estate Objectives, the RE Strategies and the Key factor influencing the employee in the workspace.

Quick presentation introducing Corp. Real Estate Objectives, the RE Strategies and the Key factor influencing the employee in the workspace.

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  • 1. Corporate Real Estate Author: Coralie Clément April 2009 RE Objectives & Strategic Framework Key Factors influencing in the Workplace Conclusion RE Strategies & Approach
  • 2. RE Objectives & Strategic Framework
    • RE Objectives:
    Maximize the wealth of the shareholders
    • Enhance Employee productivity
    • Create flexible environment to allow
    • the employee to work anytime, anywhere
    • Reduce workplace costs
    Revenue Growth
    • Increase Innovation
    • Increase Employee Satisfaction
    • Provide Environment that supports
    • the Sale
    Profitability Growth
  • 3. RE Corporate Objectives & Strategic Framework
    • Corporate Real Estate Management as a Part of the Firm’s Strategic Framework by Lindholm :
    Maximize the wealth of the shareholders Business Strategy Added Value to firm Vision, Mission Operating decision Value adding attributes of CREM Other Functional Strategies Real Estate Strategy Asset Management FM Property Management
  • 4. RE Strategies & Approach
    • RE Strategies:
    • Workplace Strategy Innovations
    • Outsourcing Strategy
    • Competitive Pricing Strategy
    • Development of Employee workplace Services
    • Optimization of the Portfolio / Disposal Strategies
  • 5. RE Strategies & Approach
    • What should you do to adopt the right approach in order to implement your RE strategies:
    • Define comprehensive targets in terms of savings & performance
    • Invest in Technology
    • Adapt your RE team structure
    • Adopt a Marketing Campaign to promote RE changes
    • Ensure that your RE team leads by example
    • Do not minimize cultural barriers,
    • CHANGE MANAGEMENT is a Critical Success Factor
  • 6.
    • Critical Influences that impact behaviour in the Workplace:
    Key Factors influencing in the Workplace Organizational Goals And Expectations Employee Behaviours Vision & Mission Culture Organizational Structure Autonomy & Authority Rewards & Consequences Technology Communications Physical Workplace Core Values Image Compensation Performance Management Knowledge Management Business Process Leadership Behaviour © 2002 Diane Stegmeier.
  • 7.
    • Corporate RE can help their companies respond and prosper in these difficult times.
    • To do so, the RE team must have clear objectives and must establish the Best In Class solutions for the workforce and the portfolio as a whole.
    • A critical success factor is to develop & implement an explicit change-management strategy. Workplace change can be disruptive and threatening to organizations. Consequently, you must adopt a comprehensive
    • set of change-management tactics aimed at
    • garnering business unit acceptance & support .
  • 8. References Innovations in Office Design - ”The critical influence approach to effective Work environments” by Diane Steigmeier 2008 Inside Gartner group this week vol.XVII #7 CoreNet The Leader March/April 2009 “ Measuring the Added Value of Corporate Real Estate Management” by Anna-Liisa Lindholm & Karen M.Gibler 2006