Diabetic Friendly Meals


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Are you searching for diabetes-friendly recipes? CTMC's dietary and nutrition team shares recipes the whole family can enjoy.

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Diabetic Friendly Meals

  1. 1. Stephanie Lozano Burns RD,LDClinical Dietitian
  2. 2. Diabetic Friendly Meals for theWhole FamilyOutline• What is a diabetic friendlymeal?• What foods are in season?• Important tips for everyone• Healthy diabetic friendlymeal ideas for Mother’s Day
  3. 3. What is a diabetic friendly meal?– Balanced– Healthy for everyone– Centered around leanprotein, whole grains,vegetables/fruits, andlow-fat dairy (if able totolerate)– 3-4 carbohydratechoices (15 grams perchoice)
  4. 4. What it’s not:• It’s not– Severely restrictingcarbohydrates or– A “low carb” diet– Temporary– Severely limiting– Only for diabetics– Intended for dramaticweight loss
  5. 5. What’s in season for May?• Blueberries, blackberries• Cabbage• Cantaloupe, honeydew• Carrots• Cucumbers• Grapefruit• Green onions, onions, sweet onions• Herbs• Lettuce• Mushrooms• Peas• Peaches• Sweet peppers, hot peppers• Potatoes, sweet potatoes• Squash, zucchini• Tomatoes• Turnips• Watermelonswww.gotexan.org• Why eat in season?– Cheaper, moreaffordable– Fresher– Healthy– Better Selection
  6. 6. Hibiscus Infused waterIngredients• ¼ cup dried hibiscus leaves• 1 small bunch fresh mint (about10 -20 leaves)• 1 lemon or lime, sliced• 1 gallon waterDirections, Serves 161. Place all ingredients in infuserball or closed cheesecloth2. Let sit for 1 hour or more (evenovernight) to let flavors infuse3. Add ice and enjoy!
  7. 7. Hibiscus Infused Water• Nutritional Facts, Serving Size: 8oz.– Calories: 1kcal– Fat: 0g– Sodium: 7mg– Carbohydrate: 0.4g– Protein: 0.1g– Fiber: 0g
  8. 8. Tilapia with cucumber sauceIngredients• 2 Tbs. olive oil• 4 tilapia filets• 1 cup plain yogurt• 1 cucumber, peeled and sliced• 4 cloves garlic• Juice of ½ lemon• Garnish: dill, lemon slices• Salt and pepper to tasteDirections , Serves 41. Heat olive oil in large sauté pan.2. Season tilapia as desired. Place tilapia inpan and cook for about 2-3 minutes oneach side or until it flakes easily with afork.3. Combine yogurt, cucumber, lemon juiceand dill; add salt and pepper as desired4. Serve cucumber sauce on top of tilapia.
  9. 9. Tilapia with cucumber sauce• Nutritional Facts, Serving Size: 1 tilapia filletwith ½ cup cucumber sauce– Calories: 217– Fat: 8.9g– Sodium: 85mg– Carbohydrate: 9.4g– Protein: 25.3g– Fiber: 0.8g
  10. 10. Quick QuinoaIngredients• 1 cup quinoa, rinsed• 2 cups low-sodium broth• Salt and Pepper to taste• Optional:– Garnish with lime juice andcilantroDirections, Serves 41. Add broth and quinoa to pot2. Bring to boil3. Lower to simmer for 15 minutes4. Fluff with fork, garnish and serve
  11. 11. Quick Quinoa• Nutritional Facts, Serving Size: ½ cup– Calories: 155– Fat: 2.4g– Sodium: 37mg– Carbohydrate: 26.2g– Fiber: 2.8g– Protein: 6.7g
  12. 12. Zucchini and Mushrooms withParmesanIngredients• 1 tsp olive oil• 1 clove garlic, minced• 2 zucchini, sliced• ½ pound mushrooms, sliced• 1 oz parmesan, shaved• Salt and pepper to tasteDirections, Serves 41. Heat olive oil in pan2. Add garlic, heat until fragrant3. Add mushrooms and zucchini4. Cook for about 10 minutes, or untiltender5. Remove from heat, add parmesan
  13. 13. Zucchini and Mushrooms withParmesan• Nutritional Facts, Serving Size: 1 cup– Calories: 62– Fat: 3.4g– Sodium: 117mg– Carbohydrate: 4.0g– Fiber: 1.1g– Protein: 5.2g
  14. 14. About how many carbohydrateservings are in this entire meal?–Approx 3 servings– 0.4g (water) + 9.4g (tilapia w/ sauce) + 26.2g(quinoa) + 4.0g (zucchini) = 40g carbohydrate /15g= 2.7 servings– Can also estimate:• Cucumber sauce: about 1 serving• Quinoa: 2 servings
  15. 15. Questions?Contact Info:Stephanie Lozano Burns RD, LDStephanie.burns2@ahss.org512.753.3511Stay tuned for raffle!!!
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