Honduras Medical Mission Trip May 2013


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Honduras Medical Mission Trip May 2013

  1. 1. Honduras Mission 2013This mother and her two children were among 1,402 people who received medical careduring a recent CTMC-sponsored medical mission trip to the Pena Blanca region inHonduras from May 20-26. CTMC-ers who went on the trip were Drs. Dewey andGretchen Whisenant, Dr. Sue Ann Harrison, Nurse Practitioner Mia Painter, TashaCostley, Michael Koehler, Peggy McLamore, Sue Crump, Fili Nunez, Hiram Perez,Rosie DuBose and Karen Morris.
  2. 2. Honduras Mission 2013In this photo, Dr. Sue Ann Harrison (left) and CTMC Nuclear Medicine TechnologistHiram Perez provide medical assistance to Honduran citizens on the thirdDay of the most recent medical mission trip to the region.
  3. 3. Honduras Mission 2013Rosie DuBose, RN, speaks to a patient on the second day of clinic.
  4. 4. Honduras Mission 2013Peggy McLamore collects information from a patient during theintake process on the first day of clinic in Honduras.
  5. 5. Honduras Mission 2013Teams from CTMC have takenmedical mission trips to Hondurassince 2007. The May 2013 trip wasthe 10th trip the hospital hassponsored. More than 12,000people have received medical carethrough CTMC’s presence inthe region.
  6. 6. Honduras Mission 2013
  7. 7. CTMC’s Medical Mission tripsto Honduras have providedLasting HopeWhile in Honduras, the CTMC team had a chance to catch up with Angela, thewoman who was brought to CTMC by the team last year for thyroid cancertreatment. She had a successful surgery at the hospital and is doing well. Read moreof her story here: http://bit.ly/1aq8gP3
  8. 8. CTMC’s Medical Mission tripsto Honduras have providedLasting Hope• In May 2012, funds were contributed to construct a home for a disabledwidow, replacing her wood shack with dirt floors and no doors or windows with ahumble structure containing concrete floors, wooden shutters and an outdoorwood burning stove.• In Oct. 2012, the mission team provided enough funds to build a four-roomschool in a community where students have to walk along a busy 2-mile stretchof highway to get to school. Through the years, several children had been hit byvehicles, with one 6-year-old girl being killed.• In 2011, CTMC CEO/President Sam Huenergardt and San Marcos Mayor DanielGuerrero were among volunteers who visited the Pena Blanca community. Whilethere, they noticed the community dump was close to the river, causing pollutionand health concerns. Upon returning to Texas, Guerrero reached out to citymanager Jim Nuse, who helped locate a garbage truck that was going to auction.The truck was owned by Central Texas Refuge, who insisted on donating thevehicle to the Pena Blanca village after learning of their need.